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Slides from group D

Slides from group D

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  • 1.  
  • 2. NEWPAC
  • 3.
    • Why?
    • A new way of life
    • Supporting the information needs/demands of today
    • Relevant information at the right time at the right place
    • Presentation of the digital resources in the physical libraries.
    • Support the creativity of the users
    • Stay current
    • Make the customers and our life easier
  • 4. What the managers want Value for users Usefulness for different usergroups The library to be branded
  • 5. What the staff want Usefulness for different usergroups Easy to use Added value to the library services
  • 6. What the users want ” I need information about opening hours” ” It would be nice to find information about music, movies and more” ” I would like to see information about upcoming events, tips about new books, find something good to read” ” I want recommandations, reviews and comments” ” Yes – I would like to be in mobile dialogue with the library”
  • 7. Today
  • 8. Tomorrow Newpac
  • 9. How? Open Access Set the data free for anyone to use, thus making it work harder Open Source The open source model of operation and decision making allows many people to develop software at the same time. Open Mind A positive attitude towards trying different approaches in software development
  • 10. Possibilities … .. and more
  • 11.
    • Mobile in your pocket
    • Notifications
    • Renew loans
    • Suggestions
    • Happenings
    • Pay Bills
    • Would you like to be in dialog with your library using your mobile?
  • 12. Examples
  • 13. Examples
  • 14. Thank you! Alice Taina Heikki Jori Urpo Antti Bo [The Mashup Library]