Entitlement Manager for SAP

Entitlement Manager for SAP



NextLabs Entitlement Manager for SAP is an SAP-Endorsed Information Risk Management solution.

NextLabs Entitlement Manager for SAP is an SAP-Endorsed Information Risk Management solution.



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    Entitlement Manager for SAP Entitlement Manager for SAP Document Transcript

    • Entitlement Manager for SAPNextLabs Entitlement Manager for SAP is an SAP-Endorsed Information Risk Management solutionChallenge Key BenefitsOrganizations use SAP to seamlessly collaborate withpartners and better manage their global operations. Protect critical dataIn a highly collaborative global environment, how can Protect and prevent loss of critical data andorganizations enable secure access to data? How can intellectual property through context awareorganizations safeguard vital information and meet policy based access controls.various regulatory requirements?Challenges faced by organizations in managing Automate compliance and auditinformation risk are categorized as follows: Enforce and manage access controls through automated business authorizations. AutomateLoss of critical SAP data auditing to demonstrate compliance toTo enable seamless processes and mobile access to auditors, regulators and customers using theinformation, businesses provide broader access to data Entitlement Manager for SAP.regardless of its criticality. This increases the risk ofcritical SAP data being accessed by unauthorized users Enable secure global collaborationand loss of intellectual property. Enable secure collaboration between users, partners and customers through fine grainedNoncompliance with regulations policies. Simplify access and usage controls forTo enforce ever-changing export and industry data inside and outside the SAP systems usingregulations, organizations create gate-keeping Integrated Rights Management.processes. Managing these changing requirementsthrough static processes often fail, resulting innoncompliance. Streamline business processes Streamline business process globally byRestricted partner collaboration eliminating decentralized and inconsitentTo avoid export violations and protect proprietary control procedures. Automate country-specificdata, organizations are forced to restrict access to and business specific regulatory requirementspartners. This impedes business collaboration. using externalized policy enforcement.Inconsistent business processesTo accommodate business and country-specific Reduce security management costsrequirements, different business units implement Reduce the security costs by avoiding tediousbusiness-specific access controls. These inconsistent SAP customizations necessary to meetcontrols create suboptimal business processes. compliance requirements. Consolidate SAP landscape to better manage costs and the ITUnmanageable SAP infrastructure infrastructure.To avoid unauthorized access to data, businessescreate multiple logical and physical SAP instances anda complex hierarchy of user profiles. This results in acomplex, unmanageable SAP infrastructure.
    • SAP ECC SAP PLM SAP SCM SAP CRM Z Txn Entitlement Manager for SAP Security Attribute Based Integrated Rights Audit Classification Access Control Management Control Center Policy Management Administration The Entitlement Manager for SAP ComponentsThe Entitlement Manager for SAP FeaturesThe Entitlement Manager for SAP is an out-of-the- Security Classificationbox solution for data-level access control, based on aflexible XACML-based policy system. The solution can To drive proper data-level access control rules it is criticalbe enforced through different SAP interfaces from SAP that data can be easily classified. Entitlement ManagerGUI, Web Portals to mobile devices. for SAP includes Security Classification, a module for managing data classifications that allows organizationsIt extends SAP’s role-based authorization to enforce to easily address data level compliance concerns. SAPattribute-based access to SAP business data. It allows data can be classified at a granular level, enabling fine-organizations to classify SAP data, control user access, grained enforcement. Moreover, integration with SAPprotect data leaving SAP and audit access across GTS enables organizations to utilize data classificationsystems. in GTS to enforce technical data access controls across the IT infrastructure. Security classifications can bePre-Built SAP Integration easily configured, extended, and managed using batch,Entitlement Packs for SAP interactive, or programmatic interfaces.Entitlement Packs for SAP are pre-built modules for Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)different SAP solutions that can be instantly integratedinto any SAP environment. Organizations can choose ABAC allows organizations to control data access at aEntitlement Packs specific to their business needs. The finer grained level and enables seamless and secureEntitlement Packs enable the Entitlement Manager collaboration with partners. ABAC uses identity,for SAP to enforce policies in transactions specific to content and context attributes to provide finer graineddifferent SAP solutions. access control to SAP data. For identity attributes, the Entitlement Manager extends SAP AuthorizationExtensible to Custom Programs Concepts beyond roles to identify a user or an application accessing the data based on dynamic attributes, suchThe Entitlement Manager provides configuration tools as nationality and location. The context defines theto easily extend the NextLabs’ solution to support mode of access, such as view, change, download orcustom SAP programs and transactions. print and further refines usage of data. The content
    • defines the data on which the access controls needsto be implemented. Classifying confidential or exportregulated data, for instance, can allow finer grainedaccess to data.Integrated Rights ManagementIntegrated Rights Management (IRM) helps protect SAPdata outside of SAP. With IRM, rights protection is appliedto sensitive data leaving the SAP landscape or beingshared with external partners. Organizations can applyrights automatically, using attributes, such as contentand classification, and protect data as it is created in SAP.Protection persists when data is downloaded or sharedthrough various communication channels preventing Powerful Policy Management - Policy Studiounwanted data leakage outside SAP.Audit Centralized ReportingData access and authorization decisions are captured in The reporting dashboard provides an end-to-end loga central Activity Journal with customizable reporting of data access activities in all SAP systems. Reportsand compliance dashboards. The reports allow the generated can be used for providing centralizedorganizations not only to demonstrate their compliance visibility into information use, policy compliance, andcapabilities, but also identify gaps and educate users on for identifying training gaps for users on policies andthe access control requirements. business processes.Control CenterThe NextLabs Control Center allows organizations toauthor and manage policies, distribute policy evaluationand, report control activities across systems.Policy ManagementCentralized policy management tools enableorganizations to easily manage policies for changingregulatory requirements. Policies can be developed andmanaged by business or compliance owners using PolicyStudio , an easy-to-use graphical interface. Lifecyclemanagement provides delegated administration,versioning, approval workflow, and full audit trail. Pre-built policy sets allow businesses to deploy commonbusiness and export control solutions instantly. Offline,distributed policy evaluation and enforcement withinmilliseconds is achieved using the Policy Controller. Centralized Audit and Reporting - Reporter
    • Administrator Policy Controller Reporter SAP CUA/LDAP/ Entitlement Manager for AD/HRMS SAP Policy Studio Policy SAP GTS Server Adapter CONTROL CENTER SWITCH SAP ECC Policy Controller SAP PLM SAP DMS Web GUI .NET SAP SCM Mobile J2EE SAP GUI Entitlement Manager System TopologyAbout NextLabsNextLabs®, Inc. is the leading provider of policy-driven information risk management (IRM) software for large enterprises. Our soft-ware offers a cohesive solution for improving compliance and mitigating information risk by helping companies achieve safer andmore secure internal and external collaboration, prevent data loss, and ensure proper authorization to applications and data.Our flagship data protection and entitlement management products, Enterprise Data Protection and Compliant Enterprise®,combine with the Control Center XACML-based policy management platform with integrated content aware and identity-drivenenforcement technology to offer the most comprehensive information risk management (IRM) solution. Our products preserveconfidentiality, prevent data loss, and ensure compliance across more channels and more points, within a single unified solutionwith the unmatched user acceptance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).NextLabs’ partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, HCL Axon, Adobe, HP, PTC, and Siemens bring to marketindustry-focused information risk management (IRM) solutions that combine industry best practices with turnkey applications, tomeet customers’ governance, risk, and compliance requirements. Visit NextLabs on the web at www.nextlabs.com.© 2006-2012 NextLabs, Inc. All Rights reserved. NextLabs, the NextLabs Logo, ACPL, Compliant Enterprise, the Compliant Enterprise Logo, and Enterprise DLP aretrademarks or registered trademarks of NextLabs, Inc. in the United States. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.8-08 2 Waters Park Drive, Suite 250n San Mateo, CA n 94403 USA n t: 650-577-9101 n f: 650-577-9102 n www.nextlabs.com