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NextLabs Control Center is an Information Control Platform that turns business policy into automated information controls for data access, use and sharing across server, client, and cloud ...

NextLabs Control Center is an Information Control Platform that turns business policy into automated information controls for data access, use and sharing across server, client, and cloud applications.



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    Control Center - Brochure Control Center - Brochure Document Transcript

    • Control CenterNextLabs Control Center is an Information Control Platform that turns business policy into automated information controls for dataaccess, use and sharing across server, client, and cloud applications.The Challenge Key BenefitsEmployees, partners, and contractors are required tohandle sensitive corporate information consistent withlegal, regulatory, and corporate policy. Enforcing these Streamline Compliancepolicies is generally manual and often ineffective, putting Easily turn regulatory, legal, andyour company’s information at risk. With global business corporate security policy intorequiring greater speed, agility and information sharing, how automated information controls.can IT improve information control and streamline securitymanagement at the same time? End-to-End Information ControlCompanies have traditionally implemented independent Apply security directly to information onidentity management, data authorization, and data security the server, endpoint, and cloud.silos. These silos forced companies to use a jumble of manualIT and end-user procedures to meet compliance, legal, orcorporate policy requirements. Using the Control Center Enterprise Information ControlInformation Control Platform (ICP), companies can now Manage, enforce, and audit consistentcoordinate across these silos to align security controls with information control policy across applica-policy requirements. tions and systems enterprise-wide.Control Center Overview Lower Security Management CostsThe NextLabs Control Center is an ICP, that integrates identity Leverage XACML and Dynamic Access Control tomanagement, data classification, and security controls into eliminate role and permission explosion.unified Information Control Policies. Information ControlPolicies work across systems and applications to eliminatesecurity silos. government authorizations or corporate intended-use policy.Using Control Center, enterprises can digitally manage policies Control Center allows a company to transform humanto govern data classification, access, sharing, and use, automate readable policy documents into machine readablesecurity and compliance procedures to streamline business information controls.processes, and improve information control at the same time. Easy to Use Policy StudioBased on the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language(XACML) standard from Oasis, Control Center easily integrates Policy Studio provides graphical policy development andwith IT infrastructure and applications to increase the value of management tools that make it easy for non-technical usersexisting identity management, information management, and to define, test, deploy, and review policies using point-and-security management systems. click tools.Information Control Policy Management Policy Component ModelInformation Control Policies are digital renditions of your Information Control Policy is built on a flexible Policyorganizations’ compliance, legal, and security policies. Component Model, that allows policy developers to defineExamples include Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), re-usable components that can be leveraged by Business
    • Users to translate regulatory and legal requirements into digital control policy to enable truly dynamic controls. Attributespolicy. can be enrolled with the Control Center integration dictionary from a variety of out-of-the box and custom sources includingRobust Policy Lifecycle Management identity infrastructure, SAML, AD Claims, SharePoint, HR management, and CRM applications.All policies and components are managed across theirlifecycle, from draft to deployment to deactivation. Lifecycle Security Control Automationmanagement provides delegated administration, versioning,approval workflow, and full audit trail. Control Center supports a comprehensive set of policy en- forcement points (PEPs), integrated with common informa- tion management and endpoint platforms, available from NextLabs and third-party vendors to automate security controls covering: • Dynamic Access Authorization including Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute-Based Access Con- trol (ABAC). • Rights Management including document access con- trol, usage control, and visual markings. • Data Protection including application, removable de- vice and network control. • Communication Control including email, instant mes- saging, VoIP, and web meetings. • Custom Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) via PEP SDKs Point and Click Policy Management and policy language extensibility. Data Classification ServicesFastest and Most Scalable Policy Evaluation Classification is important for identifying data and applying appropriate control. Control Center includes data classifica-Information Control Policies can be evaluated across platforms tion services to automate data classification tasks includingand applications by the Policy Controller, the industry’s data tagging and content analysis.fastest and most scalable Policy Decision Point (PDP). Usinga distributed architecture with patented Smart Deployment Information Control and Activity Audittechnology, the Policy Controller can make decisions inmilliseconds with zero network round-trips, completely offline, Control Center Report Server aggregates information con-in server, client, and cloud platforms. trol and activity audit data, analysis and reporting across enterprise applications, providing centralized visibility intoDynamic Access Control Bridge information use and policy compliance.Control Center provides direct integration into MicrosoftWindows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control allowingcustomers to either deploy policies from Control Center toActive Directory Central Access Policy or leverage Central AccessPolicy across other applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint2010.Identity IntegrationControl Center integrates with existing identity infrastructure,including common authentication and identity managementsystems.Flexible Attribute Enrollment Manager Control Center Product ComponentsIdentity attributes or claims can leveraged within information
    • Control Center EditionsControl Center is available in Enterprise and Dynamic Access Control editions. Enterprise Edition is appropriate for customerslooking for an enterprise Information Control solution. Dynamic Access Control Edition is designed for customers who wish toadd policy lifecycle management to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control and extend DAC to SharePoint 2010. Dynamic Access Category Feature Enterprise Edition Control Edition Delegated Administration   Version History   Policy Lifecycle Management Approval Workflow   Audit Trail   Deployment   Graphical Editors   Policy Authoring Policy Component Model   Dynamic Access Authorization   Integrated Rights Management  Communication Control  Pre-Built Information Controls Application Control  Device Control  Network Control  Distributed Policy Controller   Policy Evaluation Dynamic Access Control Bridge*   Document Tagging  Data Classification Services Content Analysis Service  Information Control Audit   Audit and Reporting Information Control Activity Reporting   Active Directory   LDAP  SharePoint  SAP  Pre-Built Identity Integration Tivoli Identity Manager  Oracle Identity Manager  LDIF File  SAML*  AD Claims*   Custom Information Controls  Policy Enforcement Point SDK  Custom Obligations  Platform Extensibility Policy Language Extensions  Identity Enrollment Adapter SDK  Deployment Plug-In SDK  Activity Journal SDK 
    • NextLabs Information Risk Management SuiteNextLabs Entitlement Management, Rights Management, and Data Protection products are all built on the Control Center ICP,providing customers with pre-built enforcement for common enterprise applications, collaboration systems, and endpointplatforms. NextLabs Information Risk Management SuiteAbout NextLabsNextLabs®, Inc. is the leading provider of policy-driven information risk management (IRM) software for large enterprises. Our soft-ware offers a cohesive solution for improving compliance and mitigating information risk by helping companies achieve safer andmore secure internal and external collaboration, prevent data loss, and ensure proper authorization to applications and data.Our flagship data protection and entitlement management products, Enterprise Data Protection and Compliant Enterprise®,combine with the Control Center XACML-based policy management platform with integrated content aware and identity-drivenenforcement technology to offer the most comprehensive information risk management (IRM) solution. Our products preserveconfidentiality, prevent data loss, and ensure compliance across more channels and more points, within a single unified solutionwith the unmatched user acceptance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).NextLabs’ partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, HCL Axon, Adobe, HP, PTC, and Siemens bring to marketindustry-focused information risk management (IRM) solutions that combine industry best practices with turnkey applications, tomeet customers’ governance, risk, and compliance requirements. Visit NextLabs on the web at© 2006-2012 NextLabs, Inc. All Rights reserved. NextLabs, the NextLabs Logo, ACPL, Compliant Enterprise, the Compliant Enterprise Logo, and Enterprise DLP are trade-marks or registered trademarks of NextLabs, Inc. in the United States. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 8-08 2 Waters Park Drive, #250 n San Mateo, CA n 94403 USA n t: 650-577-9101 n f: 650-577-9102 n