Spstc2011 Getting the Most from SharePoint's User Profiles

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Overview of SharePoint's Social Feature Architecture and a guide to planning for effective use of the User Profiles.

Overview of SharePoint's Social Feature Architecture and a guide to planning for effective use of the User Profiles.

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  • http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee721054.aspx


  • 1. Getting the Most from SharePoint’s User Profiles(Fri-S3A-105)Architecture Track – 300
    Mike Oryszak (@next_connect)
    Aug 12, 2011
    Welcome to SharePoint Saturday—The Conference
  • 2. Welcome to SharePoint Saturday—The Conference
    Thank you for being a part of the first SharePoint Saturday conference
    Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.
    If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.
    Open wireless access is available at SSID: SPSTC2011
    Feel free to “tweet and blog” during the session
    Thanks to our Diamond and Platinum Sponsors:
  • 3. About Me
    Practice Manager with Intellinet
    Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP
    Dev and Architect with MS stack since 1996
    Working with SharePoint since 2002
    Raleigh-Durham, NC Area since 1998
  • 4. Outline & Agenda
    Architecture and Feature Overview
    Planning for Deployment
    Planning for User Profiles
    Approaches to Governance
  • 5. Architecture and Feature Overview
    Getting the Most from the User Profiles
  • 6. Two sections
    Shared MySite Host
    Personal Site Collection
    Shared Host Includes
    User Profile Pages
    Personal Site Collection
    “My Content”
    Can Include Targeted Links
    Architecture and Feature Overview
  • 7. Architecture and Feature Overview
    Aggregated List of Events
    Profile Changes
    Blog Posts
    Tagged Items
    Status Messages
    Settings Personalized
    Subscribe to Events
  • 8. Bio Info
    Organization Browser
    Extended Profile
    Content Authored
    Note Board
    Colleague List
    Architecture and Feature Overview
    User Profiles
  • 9. Personal Site Collection
    Personal & Shared Content
    User is the Owner
    Can Create Sub-Sites
    Great “home base”
    Architecture and Feature Overview
    My Content Site
  • 10. Planning for Deployment
    Getting the Most from the User Profiles
  • 11. Always Deploy MySite Host
    My Site Host Site needed to support User Profiles
    Set User Permissions to:
    Allow Personalized Features
    Allow Provisioning of My Content site
    Allow Social Features
    Without MySite Host
    Cannot view User Profiles
    Social Features only partially functional
    Planning for Deployment
    MySite Host Configuration
  • 12. Decide Where to Configure MySite Host
    Dedicated Web Application
    Segment Personal from Intranet and Collaboration Sites
    Provides better scalability
    Dedicated Content Database(s), can be restored separately
    Apply different Policies
    Within Existing Web Application
    Very small number of users (under 25 users)
    User Profiles only, limited or no My Content sites
    With Custom Auth to prevent additional Auth request
    Recommendation: Plan ahead and separate unless requirements dictate it is on the Shared Web App.
    Planning for Deployment
    MySite Host Location
  • 13. My Content Sites - Minimize Customizations
    Maintaining customizations difficult across n site collections
    Use Feature Stapling if needed, avoid Custom Site Defs
    User Profiles
    Easier to customize since shared by all users
    Turning some features off can be difficult (ex. User Status)
    Privacy Policies Pre-Set
    Planning for Deployment
    MySite Customization
  • 14. Share Services Between Farms
    Can centralize User Profiles in Multi-Farm Global Deployment
    Can specify multiple MySite Host Locations with targeting
    Segment User Profiles
    Can provision additional User Profile Service Applications
    Internal versus External users
    Segment by organizational boundaries
    Planning for Deployment - Advanced
    Multiple Farms or Groups of Users
  • 15. Planning for User Profiles
    Getting the Most from the User Profiles
  • 16. Attributes
    @60 Out of the box attributes
    Can define custom attributes for your organization
    Makes finding people easier
    Highly Configurable
    User Editable
    Show on Profile
    Show on Edit Form
    Show in Newsfeed
    Privacy Policy
    Planning for User Profiles
    Attributes Overview
  • 17. Map out the existing attributes and any new attributes
    Determine how and where it will be used
    Determine sync source/destination if applicable
    Planning for User Profiles
    Attribute Planning
  • 18. Privacy Controls
    Defines who can see what;
    Default Global Policies
    User Override
    Standard Levels (not customizable)
    Only Me
    My Manager
    My Team
    My Colleagues
    Recommendation: Be mindful of sensitive data (pay grades) but as open and transparent as possible.
    Planning for User Profiles
    Privacy Policies
  • 19. Planning for User Profiles
    Profile Synchronization
    Leverage Existing Systems
    Create a comprehensive profile with attributes from each system
    Continue to manage attributes in the Source Systems
    Import Options
    Active Directory
    BCS calling Custom DB or Line of Business System
    HRIS System
    Learning Management System
    Export Options
    Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    Sun Java System Directory Server
    Novell eDirectory
    IBM Tivoli
    Avoid “Multi-Master” Situations if Possible
    (Import + Export)
  • 20. Planning for User Profiles
    Profile Synchronization
    Import Active Directory for core attributes
    Import HR System for Position and Education Info
    Import Learning Mgt System for Training and Certifications
    Export Profiles to another Content Management System
  • 21. Planning for User Profiles
    People Search
    Consider how and where users will search for people
    Search output can be customized
  • 22. Planning for User Profiles
    Consider other ways to leverage User Profile Content such as within Collaboration Sites, Department Sites, etc.
  • 23. Can Provide Be Leveraged in Workflow Processes
    Centrally maintained, not process dependent
    Key attributes like:
    Approval Budget
    Fully accessible via the API and Web Services for use in other systems
    Planning for User Profiles
    Support Business Processes
  • 24. Approaches to governance
    Getting the Most from the User Profiles
  • 25. Leverage or Reference other Appropriate Use Policies
    Information, Email and Internet Use Policies
    Match to organization’s maturity
    Harassment incidents, IM or Social Networking abuse?
    Strike balance appropriate balance to build teams and support collaboration
    Make the policy accessible
    Approaches to Governance
    Appropriate Use Policies
  • 26. Provide a mechanism to report violations
    Allow the community to self-police as much as possible
    Take action for any valid incidents and reinforce expectations
    Approaches to Governance
  • 27. Focus on Business…
    New Products, Industry News and Reports
    Keep employees informed and connected
    Support Social Interactions
    New Baby, promotion, softball league
    Strong social ties enhances collaboration and engagement
    Allow Creativity
    Support creativity and expressiveness within reason
    Some employees are clowns or jesters
    Employees Already Using Social Tools
    Already using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    These other tools cannot be fully monitored
    Approaches to Governance
    Setting the Tone
  • 28. Wrap-up
    Getting the Most from the User Profiles
  • 29. Understand the Capabilities
    Define Custom User Attributes
    Understand how Attributes will be Used
    Synchronize Profiles with Existing Systems
    Utilize User Profiles to Support Biz Processes
    Governance, Governance, Governance
    Keys to Getting the Most…
  • 30. TechNet – User Profile Service Overview
    User Profiles – Creating Custom Properties
    User Profiles – Driving Business Process
    User Profile Posts
    Additional Resources
  • 31. Questions?
  • 32. Contact Info
    Blog - http://www.mikeoryszak.com
    Twitter - @Next_Connect
    Email – nextconnect@live.com
    LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeloryszak
  • 33. Thanks to Our Other Sponsors!
    Thanks to our Sponsors
  • 34. Session Evaluation
    Please complete and turn in your Session Evaluation Form so we can improve future events. Survey can be filled out at:
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