SQL/PLSQL Programming Commands-Oracle Fundamentals - Overview


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PL/SQL is Very Usefully Language and Tools of Oracle to Manipulate, Control, Validate, and Restricted the Unauthorized Access of Data From the Database.

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SQL/PLSQL Programming Commands-Oracle Fundamentals - Overview

  1. 1. Oracle SQL/PL SQL Online Training Program at NEWYORKSYS.com
  2. 2.   Procedural Language – SQL  PL/SQL and Java are both supported as internal host languages within Oracle products. An extension to SQL with design features of programming languages (procedural and object oriented)
  3. 3.  It was developed by Oracle Corporation in the late 1980s as procedural extension language for SQL and the Oracle relational database. Following are notable facts about PL/SQL:  PL/SQL is a completely portable, highperformancetransaction-processing language.  PL/SQL provides a built-in interpreted and OSindependent programming environment.
  4. 4.      Acts as host language for stored procedures and triggers. Provides the ability to add middle tier business logic to client/server applications. Provides Portability of code from one environment to another Improves performance of multi-query transactions. Provides error handling
  5. 5.        PL/SQL is tightly integrated with SQL. It offers extensive error checking. It offers numerous data types. It offers a variety of programming structures. It supports structured programming through functions and procedures. It supports object oriented programming. It supports developing web applications and server pages.
  6. 6.  PL/SQL Block Types Function Anonymous Procedure FUNCTION <name> RETURN <datatype>DECLARE PROCEDURE <name> ISBEGIN IS BEGIN -statements BEGIN statementsEXCEPTION -statements EXCEPTIONEND; EXCEPTION END; END;
  7. 7.  DECLARE (optional) - variable declarations  BEGIN (mandatory) - SQL statements - PL/SQL statements or sub- blocks  EXCEPTION (optional) - actions to perform when errors occur  END; (mandatory)
  8. 8. A delimiter is a symbol with a special meaning. Following is the list of delimiters in PL/SQL: Delimiter +, -, *, / % ‘ . (,) : ‘ Description Addition, subtraction/negation, multiplication, division Attribute indicator Character string delimiter Component selector Expression or list delimiter Host variable indicator Item separator
  9. 9. PL/SQL (Programming Language SQL) is a easy to understand But, it can allows you to practice what you learn using the PL/SQL. PL/SQL is Specially Designed for Database Oriented Activities.
  10. 10. * PL/SQL is Very Usefully Language and Tools of Oracle to Manipulate, Control, Validate, and Restricted the Unauthorized Access of Data From the Database. * PL/SQL can improve the Performance of an Application and It is dealing with Error and return User Friendly Error Message. * We can easily show Multiple Records of the Multiple Table on s the Same Time. * PL/SQL Sends an entire Block of Statements execute to the oracle engine at One Time.
  11. 11. * * * * * * Procedural Language Supported Reduces Network Traffic Error Handling Declare Variable Intermediate Calculation Portable Application
  12. 12. PLSQL Importance SQL statements are defined in term of constraints we wish to fix on the result of a query. Such a language is commonly referred to as declarative. This contrasts with the so called procedural languages where a program specifies a list of operations to be performed sequentially to achieve the desired result. PL/SQL is most useful to write triggers and stored procedures. Stored procedures are units of procedural code stored in a compiled form within the database. www.newyorksys.com enquiry@newyorksys.us 718-313-0499
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