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Welcome to the Midtown Manhattan dental practice of Dr. Elliott Ostro. Call Dr. Ostro's office near Central Park at (646) 862-7077, make an appointment today.
(646) 862-7077

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Oral Surgery Manhattan | New York City Oral Surgery | TMJ Surgeon 10019

  1. 1. Manhattan NYC Oral SurgeryWelcome to the Midtown Manhattan practice of Dr. Elliott Ostro. Dr. Ostro is a board certifiedOral Surgeon and his practice is limited to oral and maxillofacial surgery and implant dentistry.Dr. Ostro is dedicated to delivering the most comfortable and successful results and providingthe professional care that you deserve. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed tounderstanding and meeting all of our patients needs, using treatments that are both pain-free andanxiety-free. We will take the time to discuss your treatment options and answer all of yourquestions.
  2. 2. Oral Surgery in ManhattanWhether you need a simple tooth extraction or an advanced oral surgical procedure, our teamwill use the most up-to-date and clinically proven techniques in order to ensure your safety,minimize discomfort and guarantee a successful outcome. Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthysmile. In addition to offering the best treatment experience and finest results, we also educate ourpatients on how to make more informed decisions regarding their oral health. We prideourselves on the personal care and compassion that we show to each of our patients. For yourconvenience, our staff members are fluent in Spanish and French. We also have an office inSheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, which is located at 2626 East 14th Street, Suite 206, Brooklyn,NY 11235.
  3. 3. Dr Elliott Ostro, DMDNew York City Oral SurgeryDr. Elliot Ostro attended Dental School at Washington University in St. Louis and was awardedhis DMD degree in 1983. He completed his oral surgery residency and was granted acertification from Boston University in 1986. Dr. Ostro has been practicing as a well respectedoral surgeon for more than a quarter of a century. He continues to provide the highest qualitycare in the New York City area.Dr. Ostro has been ALCS certified since 1986 and when not practicing, he enjoys playinghockey.
  4. 4. NYC Oral Surgeon OfficeTo Schedule an AppointmentTo make an appointment, you can either call us at the number listed above or fill out the form onour Make an Appointment page. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do nothesitate to contact us.Payment OptionsWe accept personal checks. We also participate with Delta Dental insurance.Convenient LocationWe are located at 30 Central Park South, Suite 12B, NY, NY 10019. We are convenientlylocated near the N, R, W and F trains. Please click here for directions to our office.
  5. 5. Oral Surgery New York CityAs an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Ostro manages and treats a wide variety ofproblems related to the entire oral cavity. His treatments include, but are not limited to, surgicalextractions, wisdom tooth removal, uncovering impacted, unerupted teeth, apicoectomies, bonegrafting, sinus lifts, soft tissue surgeries, periodontal surgery and implant placement.Tooth Extractions ManhattanWhen tooth removal is necessary, we can perform simple and surgical extractions using localanesthesia or IV sedationImplant Dentistry New York CityWe can create an implant for a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or to replace aremovable appliance.Periodontal SurgeryIf the disease has progressed to a more advanced stage, where the infection has caused bone lossand diseased pockets have formed, your treatment options may include periodontal surgery. Dr.Ostro is fully equipped to perform this type of surgery and this procedure has saved thousands ofquestionable teeth with poor prognosis for many years.Bone GraftingBefore dental implant surgery, bone grafting is sometimes necessary to supplement the bonemass of the patients jaw so that the implants can be anchored firmly. The graft not only replacesmissing bone, but also helps your body to regenerate its own bone.
  6. 6. Contact UsWe encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about any of thedental procedures or services that we offer. To make an appointment or to get more informationabout our services, please either call our office or fill out the form below and a member of ourstaff will contact you.Elliott Ostro DMD30 Central Park South, Suite 12BNew York, NY 10019Elliott Ostro DMD2626 East 14th Street, Suite 206Brooklyn, NY 11235(646) 862-7077