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Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
Wireless Infrastructure in India
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Wireless Infrastructure in India


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Wireless Infrastructure in India
    Prateek Pashine
    VP – Planning
  • 2. Population 1.1 billion
    Mobile Connections
    200 million
    Urban Population
    300 million
    Cable Connections
    60 million
    45 million
    Internet User
    40 million
    Broadband Connections
    3.1 million
    Internet Connections
    8 million
    Indian Addressable Market – Huge Potential
    The wide opportunity available to be tapped
    Total Population
    Addressable population
    People with Phone (Wireline/ Wireless) connections
    Cable/ Internet/ Broadband Connections
    Provisioning of service through wireless technology would enable conversion of addressable market into subscribers
    Source: Industry sources
  • 3. Market Forecast
    • Our 2010 forecast of subscribers as a % to other durables owning households is very conservative
    • 4. 3% of Mobile subscribers
    • 5. 17% of CTV households
    • 6. 19% of Motorcycle owning households
    • 7. 24% of Refrigerator owning households
    • 8. 60% of Car owning households
  • Context of Wireless in India
    Wireline Market
    Wired last mile dominated by govt. incumbents & Local Cable Operators (LCO’s)
    Cost and roll out challenges have ensured a negative growth of Wireline services in India
    Lack of government and incumbent support on unbundling of local loop
    High costs for Greenfield deployments of wired access, hence limited Greenfield rollout
    Costs closer to USD 1000 per sub in Metro cities – 120 months ARPU (voice or BB)
    Cable Networks not capable of delivering two way services
    Fragmented industry
    100,000 cable operators each with about 600 customers per network
    Infrastructure not organised both in terms of city layouts as well as sharing policies
    No clear policy incentives in place for promoting wireline
    No policies on express approvals
    No relief on rev share to Govt on wireline and hence on the same ARPU it substantially makes sense to look at Wireless
  • 9. Context of Wireless in India
    Customer preference on application rather than mode
    Customers willing to take FWPs and not wanting to wait for a wire to be pulled in
    Clear agnostic behaviour towards type of connectivity
    VoIP allowed only for CUG and international calling currently for ISPs; unless by universal access service license holders
    Vonage like services currently not permissible
    Experimentation with content services – beyond entertainment, lower bandwidth – high utility
    BB Price points have already reduced to levels of dial up costs
    Roughly 10 hrs of dial up usage per month = BB per month commitments; $6 p.m.
  • 10. Wireless Broadband Enablers :: India Market
    • Contiguous and large spectrum bands
    • 11. Globally recognised bands – freeing up of DoS, DoD spectrum
    • 12. National footprint
    • 13. Backhaul infrastructure
    • 14. Standardised CPE availability in various form factors
    • 15. CPE @ 2-4 months ARPU
    • 16. Content availability @ higher compression formats
    • 17. Infrastructure Sharing
    • Content / utility to fuel demand, not just PC growth
    • 18. Basket of Services rather than One :: Killer Cocktail
    Local Travel time ever increasing….those traffic jams!!!
    Business travel on an all time high
  • 19. Wireless Technologies
    Spectral Efficiency on the rise
    It is defined as how much through-put can be delivered on 1Hz of spectrum – bps/Hz
    Data-centric Wireless technologies maturing
  • 20. Wireless - Opportunities
    Applications – a whole new set of applications become available with wireless
    While they would be ‘bandwidth’ intensive in some cases, in most cases, Convenience is the overall rider
    Anytime Anywhere ARPU possibilities come into play
  • 21. IEEE has proved what has been a century old suspicion in the world scientific community that the pioneer of wireless communication was Prof. Jagdish Bose (Indian Scientist)and not Marconi.
  • 22. In Summary :: Wireless in India
    Broadband poised for take-off in India with 4 times Subscriber base in 3 years
    PC alone not the entry barrier for Internet adoption, Utility very important
    Wireless initially to be used pre-dominantly for Fixed Broadband applications
    Investment in Content & Network ahead of adoption a pre-requisite
    No Killer App but Killer Cocktail
    • India could well be only a Wireless Broadband country, with almost negligible Wired Broadband, in the next 10 years
    • 23. WiMAX poised to contribute a Lion’s share in this Growth Engine
  • Lets seize the moment!!
  • 24.