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Newton webinar presentation esr integrated background checks

Newton webinar presentation esr integrated background checks



With Newton's most recent release, we’ve productized and systematized background checks. As such, we’ve built a sophisticated, real-time, audit and exception management tool inside of Newton to ...

With Newton's most recent release, we’ve productized and systematized background checks. As such, we’ve built a sophisticated, real-time, audit and exception management tool inside of Newton to promote safe hiring. Simply put, we developed this feature to keep you safe and to help you be more efficient.

Join our us for a Webinar to learn more about the Newton's newest feature and meet Les Rosen, the most recognized expert in background screening and the CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a preferred partner of Newton's

View the presentation here. And, learn more about our popular applicant tracking software at www.newtonsoftware.com



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    Newton webinar presentation esr integrated background checks Newton webinar presentation esr integrated background checks Presentation Transcript

    • ABOUT THE SPEAKERLester S. Rosen is an attorney at law and founder and CEO of Employment ScreeningResources, (ESR) a national employment screening firm accredited by the NAPBS. Mr. Rosen, a former prosecutor and defense attorney, has qualified and testified as an expert witness in court cases, and has testified before the California Legislature on laws relating to background checks. He is the author of “The Safe Hiring Manual,” the first comprehensive book on background screening and hiring. He is a frequent speaker nationwide on the topics of background screening and due diligence. He was the chair of the steering committee that founded the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (www.napbs.com), and served as the first co-chair.
    • Industry Leading Integrated – Totally Paperless Background Screening SolutionsNewton Software and Employment Screening Resources (ESR), have joinedforces to provide a seamlessly integrated background screening solution.Completely paperless and seamlessly integrated into the Newton GUI.Orders are placed from the Newton system with one-click convenience.Real-time Statuses and linking to the final report are online at Newton.No Paper/No Delays – when you click “Background Check,” your applicantreceives an email taking them to a secured site, where ESR collectsconfidential data (DOB and SSN), provides all required notices and obtainsconsent from the applicant via electronic “mouse” signature.
    • The ESR AdvantageAccredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners –applies to less than 2% of all screening firms.All work performed in the USA – while some CRA’s process work in India and thePhilippines putting personally identifiable information at risk with no recourse.Exclusive use of up to date primary sources of information, no aggregated 3rd partydatabases or sources that are not courthouse equivalent.State of the art software and security – PCI Security Council Compliant.ESR keeps clients informed on changes in law and legal requirements through itsdaily blog and regular newsletters.Legal compliance unequalled in the industry – ESR Assured Compliance systemprovides automated real-time Federal and State law compliance functionality.Initial and ongoing customized training and consultation provided without charge.
    • ESR is an Accredited Background Screening Agency and Safe Hiring AuthorityESR has successfully passed a rigorous onsite audit, conducted by an independent auditingfirm and has earned accreditation issued by the NAPBS Background Screening CredentialingCouncil (BSCC). ESR has demonstrated competency and compliance related to policies andprocedures in the following areas. Consumer Protection ESR literarily wrote the book on Legal Compliance background screening – considered by Client Education many professionals as the definitive text Product Standards on the subject. Service Standards General Business Practices *Less than 2% of screening firms have earned this certification.
    • ESR Applicant Generated Reports (AGR) Employment Screening Resources Paperless Applicant Generated Report (AGR) SystemEliminates time consuming and error prone data entry by staff or the inconvenience ofcreating cover pages and faxing orders to your screening background screening providerNo need to chase down and manage multiple paper consent formsEliminates concerns about collecting dates of birth or social security numbers pre-hireApplicant receives an e-mail with instructions to go online and initiate the screeningprocess Applicant electronically signs (E-signs) consent and authorization for background screening Applicant supplies sensitive data directly to ESR – Employer does not see it pre-hire Applicant provides all the information necessary for the selected level of screeningAccess status and reports 24/7 from the ESR Enterprise systemState of the art security, data protection and redundancy
    • ESR Assured ComplianceWith ESR Assured Compliance SM you will never have to worry whether formsbeing used in the disclosure and consent process are current and up to date. Allrequired changes happen automatically.There is no action required on your part in the compliance process other thansimply associating a state specific permitted purpose when a credit report isassociated with the “AGR Alert”. If you don’t order credit reports, you havenothing to do.ESR Assured Compliance sm is continuously updated to support all notices andacknowledgements required by federal and state laws.
    • All FCRA required elements must be conveyed to your applicantThe AGR System does this for you automatically with any changes updated into the system as they occur
    • SIMPLE ORDERING AND REPORT RETRIEVAL1 Initiate Order via Newton ATS System2 Applicant Receives Email with Easy to Follow Instructions3 Applicant Supplies All Information and Signs Consent in AGR System4 ESR Processes Background Check -- Newton ATS Shows Current Status5 Pick up Completed Report by Clicking on Secure Link from Newton ATS
    • From the Newton ATS you “Request a Background Check”, choose the “Package Type”and Submit the Request. Your work if finished. 1 Initiate Order via Newton ATS System
    • After you initiate the background check through the Newton Software system, the applicantreceives an email with instructions on how to proceed and a URL to hireconfidence.netwebsite. The gateway to the AGR System. 2 Applicant Receives Email with Easy to Follow Instructions
    • After the applicant clicks on the URL it takes them to hireconfidence.net website. Once theyarrive the steps are intuitive and they are taken through the process one step at a time. 3 Applicant Supplies All Information and Signs Consent in AGR System
    • On this screen our technology tests the users system and browser to assure it is up to dateand will properly function with the AGR system. Additional instructions are also provided.
    • On the login screen the applicant enters the “one time use” credentials they received inthe email invitation. The following slides looks at the process from start to finish.
    • State laws regarding credit reports are driven by two elements. The “alert” that you send tothe applicant calling for a credit check and where the subject lives and will be working.
    • Based on the information about where the applicant lives and will be working,appropriate notices and acknowledgments are populated in the form. In the followingexample, the two California based requirements are included based on the subject’sselection of CA at the top of the form.
    • The various state and federal notices that must be supplied to the subject of the reportare all populated in the AGR system allowing the subject to view and/or print a copy forhis or her records.
    • Once a notice is selected for viewing, it displays in a new window that provides forscrolled viewing and archival printing.
    • The subject of the report electronically signs in a number of places. This procedure hasnot changed. Information referring to the E-sign process are for your reference and arenot impacted by the new state based regulations discussed earlier in the presentation.
    • If the subject fails to make a required acknowledgement, the subject receives a specificreminder of what was omitted as displayed below.
    • In addition to the Electronic Signature, the subject also applies a physical signatureto the form by simply using a mouse. A physical signature is almost alwaysnecessary when a signed form is required by a prior employer, school or licensingagency. AGR makes this easy for everyone involved.
    • Once the applicant supplies the required information and e-Signs the consent, youcan follow the background checks progress from with Newton ATS. 4 ESR Processes Background Check -- Newton ATS Shows Current Status
    • Once the background check is complete you will be provided a secure link in the Newton ATS allowing you to retrieve, save and print the report.5 Pick up Completed Report by Clicking on Secure Link from Newton ATS
    • SUMMARY1 Initiate Order via Newton ATS System2 Applicant Receives Email with Easy to Follow Instructions3 Applicant Supplies All Information and Signs Consent in AGR System4 ESR Processes Background Check -- Newton ATS Shows Current Status5 Pick up Completed Report by Clicking on Secure Link from Newton ATS
    • Why Proper “Due Diligence” is Mission CriticalEmployees are typically a firm’s greatest investment and largest costEach hire also represents a large potential riskEvery employer has the obligation to exercise “Due Diligence” inHiringAn employer that hires someone it either knew or should haveknown was dangerous, unfit or unqualified for the work can be suedfor negligent hiring
    • The Parade of HorriblesStatistical certainty that a firm that does not do screening willhire someone with unsuitable criminal record or falsecredentialWorkplace violenceTime wasted in recruiting, hiring and trainingTermination ExposureFraudulent credentials: Up to 40% of resumes contain materiallies or omissions about education, past jobs or qualificationsTurnover costs – 2 to 3 times their salary Brand destruction – “just one bad apple”Lost customers and workplace disruption
    • Negligent Hiring Lawsuits Are on the RisePer California survey, employers lose 60 percent of negligenthiring cases with verdicts averaging about $3 millionAverage settlement is $500,000 plus attorney feesCases will normally have some sort of serious harm (death,assault, rape, sodomy, child molestation, theft, embezzlement,identity theft)Employers have the ability, duty and resources to prevent harmthrough due diligenceJurors are often employees themselvesUnless employer has a compelling reason why injury not itsfault, employers often lose
    • Other Reasons for Safe HiringWhat is the one question everyone will ask you if there is a bad hire?How much time do you have in addition to everything else you aredoing to be involved in litigation?Certain industries have legal requirements.Strong evidence to suggest that if a person lied their way into a job,they will be dishonest on the job.
    • Basics of ScreeningS – Sources of information are public and private recordsC – Consent in writing under Fair Credit Reporting Act and state lawsR – Rationale (discourages applicants with something to hide, encourageshonesty, demonstrates due diligence, and helps to hire based upon factsand not just instinct)E – Even-handed (similarly situated people treated similarly)E – Effectiveness – No single tool can be relied upon but need series ofoverlapping toolsN – Not an FBI check or Big Brother watching but a valuable due diligenceemployment tool
    • No National Criminal or Credentials DatabasesBeware – cheap databases are no substitute for due diligenceContrary to popular belief, there is no national database availableto private employers to check criminal records or false credentialsFingerprint checks from FBI are only available when mandated bylaw are far from perfectPrivate databases are NOT official government databases butlarge private “data dumps”Beware of “false positives” and “false negatives”Primary method for obtaining criminal records is to physically lookat each relevant courthouse!
    • Questions You Should AskChoose your screening provider with the same level of care that you use in selecting anyprofessional service — knowing up front that all screening companies are not the same. Evaluateand choose the most qualified provider just as you do with your CPA firm and attorneys.ESR suggests you ask three important questions of your current or prospective provider.1. Are they accredited, and if not, why not. A seemingly inexpensive background check improperly performed may turn into an expensive lawsuit down the road.2. Do they exclusively rely upon “primary source” or “primary source equivalent” information versus searches made against sketchy third party databases or incomplete online sources.3. Do they send any domestic work offshore or use at home operators putting sensitive personally identifiable information of your background check subjects at needless risk.1. ESR is accredited. 2. ESR uses only primary source or equivalent information. 3. ESR doesnot offshore any domestic work nor does it use home operators.
    • THANK YOU! Thank you for taking your valuable time to attend todays webinar. We hope that you found it informative. For more information about the ESR / Newton Software Seamless – Totally Paperless Integration, click on the ESR link on the Newton Software Partners Page, or contact an ESR Solution Specialist toll-free at 888.999.4474Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is The Firm That Wrote the Book on Background Screening: The Safe HiringManual - The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Terrorist and Impostors Out of Your Workplace 32