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There are plenty of things that differentiate Newton from other applicant tracking systems. But, by far the one that we’re most proud of is our record setting user adoption rate.

According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, user adoption is the most critical factor for software success and return-on-investment

Software functionality came in at a surprising 1%. That is, you can buy software with every feature imaginable but this only increases the chance that it’s going to be confusing and ultimately that people won’t use it.

Let’s talk about some Newton facts real quick

On average there are 250 hiring managers added to Newton every month.

Newton’s adoption rate amongst hiring managers alone is over 90%. That is 9 out of 10 hiring managers that are given a log in to Newton become frequent users of the system.

Training for hiring managers typically take less than 5 minutes. Green is a Go! Red is a no!

It’s free to add as many hiring managers to Newton as you like. That goes for interviewers and executive too. We call these “general users and they’re always free”

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  • Number 2. AutomationWe focus on automating critical steps and events in the recruiting process. We want to eliminate those iterative tasks that people do over and over again so they can focus on the strategic elements of recruiting…. Whether it’s simple things like automating Thank You Letters or capturing a reason for non-selection for every applicant we focus on eliminating manual tasks that waste time-
  • Ahh the home stretch. In order to finish strong, here are some real facts that differentiate Newton.SWIM.BIKE.RUN 48 hours. 48 hours is the amount of time, on average, that it take us to fully deploy a customer. From soup to nuts. Fully branded careers site, user activation, user training, the whole enchilada. And, We never deploy a blank application for example, every one of the templates in Newton comes with suggested text and ideas that our customers can simply edit to make their own. LOCK IN30 days30 days is the length of the commitment that we require our customers to commit to Newton. That is, we don’t require long term contracts. Our month to month contracts force us to constantly innovate, ship new enhancements and provide fast friendly, helpful service to everyone. We’re forced to listen. And, this has really helped us improve our application and it makes companies happy too.NEWBIES:250 per monthOn average we add 250 hiring managers to Newton each month. One of the things that surprised us most when we started selling Newton was how reluctant some companies were to add their hiring managers to their ATS. We think this is insane. Hiring managers are at least 33% of the equation and having them in a system is critical for the effectiveness and efficiency of a recruiting process. When you listen to their reasons why it makes more sense… buyer are afraid their hiring managers won’t want to use the system or will do something to screw it up. We don’t have this problem. We design Newton specifically to make it simple for hiring managers to use. And we give our buyers a product they are proud to roll out to their managers. TRAINING:Less than 300 seconds.We deploy nearly every hiring manager with less than 5 minutes of training. Green is a go Red is a no. The vast majority of our Admin and Staffing users are completely comfortable deploying a hiring manager many times with just a simple email. ADOPT:Great than 90%In general, amongst all of our users, over 90% adopt Newton completely. We’re very proud of this and know of no other HR technology that comes close to a 90% adoption rate. MOST PAY0$FREE. You don’t here that very often. We have a rather unique model for what we refer to as General users – their free. Hiring managers, interviewers and executives are general users of our system and we encourage our customers to deploy as many users as they can on Newton at no cost. This eliminates the phenomenon know as dead users and it takes into account that recruiting is really dynamic and not all hiring managers are hiring all the time. It also encourages executives to log in to Newton to check status and view pipelines and this ultimately saves recruiters time
  • Highest Applicant Tracking User Adoption Rate

    1. 1. Newton has the highest user adoption rate of any applicant tracking software available.<br />We design it that way.<br />
    2. 2. Our Age of Anxietyis,<br />in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with<br />yesterday's tools.<br />Marshall McLuhan<br />
    3. 3. New Hiring Managers <br />250mo<br />Training <br /><300sec<br />Adoption Rate<br />>90%<br />Cost for Hiring managers<br />0$<br />Newton facts<br />
    4. 4. Effective user adoption is the absolute best predictor of a successful applicant tracking software purchase.  You can have the most expensive software in the world, with the biggest name and the most features – but if people don’t use it, it isn’t going to add value. <br />
    5. 5.  <br />The Sandhill Group, a strategic management, investment and marketing group specializing in the SaaS industry, conducted a study and found that the most critical factor (70% listed it as number 1) for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption.<br />
    6. 6. Contact Us<br />Schedule a live demo today and learn how award winning applicant <br />tracking software will improve your recruiting program.<br />sales@newtonsoftware.com<br />415-593-1192<br />newtonsoftware.com<br />