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Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software
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Award Winning Applicant Tracking Software


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Newton Software WINS the HR Technology Ironman Biking Competition (Best in Technology) …

Newton Software WINS the HR Technology Ironman Biking Competition (Best in Technology)
We’re fired up to announce that we won the most substantive segment of the first annual HRtechnology(R) Ironman Competition hosted HR systems integrator, HRchitect. Four vendors including, Newton Software faced off against one another in a competition judged by a panelists that preregistered for the event in order to learn more about mid-market applicant tracking software.
The event was comprised of 3 categories during which vendors were asked to showcase their advantages over the competition. We won the “biking” segment which called on the vendors to feature technology, functionality, and usability. The event was a good opportunity for prospective ATS buyers to learn more about the strengths of all the vendors. And, this was a huge morale booster for us as we edged out companies that have been designing ATS software for 10+ years.

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  • We’ve come quite a ways since we officially launched Newton Software in January of 2009 with just 5 customers. Those first couple of months were pretty scary too. I would be that our peers would agree, applicant tracking software wasn’t exactly on most businesses minds for the 1st 6 months of 2009. But our growth as really accelerated and today we have 95 customers including some of the ones you see here. We truly are a mid-market solution and we strive to meet the needs of companies with between 20-2000 employees and we’ve attracted companies from a variety of verticals including healthcare, technology, manufacturing and retail.
  • As a framework for the rest of the IRONMAN, there 3 key concepts that we’ll focus on – these are the concepts or goals we drive usAdoption We design applicant tracking software that anyone can and will use. We have over a 90% adoption rate. Our focus on usability and user experience clearly gives us an advantage to win the hearts and minds of our users, But we didn’t forget about making a system that works the way recruiting works This makes it easy to use and intuitive for users that aren’t necessarily recruiting experts.
  • Number 2. AutomationWe focus on automating critical steps and events in the recruiting process. We want to eliminate those iterative tasks that people do over and over again so they can focus on the strategic elements of recruiting…. Whether it’s simple things like automating Thank You Letters or capturing a reason for non-selection for every applicant we focus on eliminating manual tasks that waste time-
  • Number 3 ExcellenceIf your organized and efficient, you can start to run a consistent process and then start to find ways to continuously improve recruiting. We design Newton to surface critical information so businesses can not just manage recruiting but to strive for consistency and excellence. Arguably recruiting is one of the last business processes to be optimized in most organizations - we working to change that.AdoptionAutomation ExcellenceThese are the concepts that we’ll showcase during the rest of the IRONMAN
  • Here we are at a candidate screen in Newton and we thought that it would be fun to train everyone to use Newton. We know how much people love training. So here goes.. Newton has sent you an email and you have a candidate to review. You click a link in the email and Newton takes you to this page. The a preview of the resume is on the left and the comments and history on the right. If you like the candidate press the green button if you don’t like the candidate hit the red button. There, you’re trained on Newton. Green is a go. Red is a no. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. This screen alone is why we have a 90% adoption rate amongst hiring managers and why over 250 hiring managers have been added to Newton in the past 30 days alone. While we haven’t figured out a way to automate decision making, we have made it simple of managers to make a decisions so the rest of the hiring process can move forward. As you can see from the top of the screen,Newtonis designed to move applicants through each stage of the process in a systematic, orderly, and continuous manner and to eliminate periods of inactivity. This workflow is native to Newton and doesn’t require weeks or even days of customization to get started.We designed Newton to work the way that recruiting works. This positions us very well in the mid-market our targeted space, companies get a platform with a flexible process that works from day one and doesn’t require much training.
  • As I mentioned earlier, one of our core goals when we were developing Newton was to build a platform that empowers companies to continuously improve recruiting. Your looking at Newton’s analytics dashboard, this a real-time view of all of the critical paths of recruiting that answer questions like:Are we getting candidates?What’s happening to them once we receive them?What sources not only yield resumes but, what sources are yielding interview and hires What are our stage to stage conversion rates How long does it take to move candidates from stage to stage ?And, we’ve even taken the most expensive missed opportunities and put them on the dashboard. There are over 28 thousand points of information on this page and everything on this dashboard is interactive. We can drill into the areas, charts and graphs that interest up to get more information Employers love this dashboard, it promotes accountability and visibility into a process that isn’t always the most lucid. And with all the information at your fingertips, it’s easy to make better informed decisions about recruiting resources to learn what’s working and what’s not.Newton analytics help recruiters be more proactive and to catch issues before they become problems. Many of our clients run interactive staffing meetings with this dashboard and for most it’s replaced the old staffing spreadsheet.
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    • 1. winner<br />Newton takes first place in HR Technology Ironman – Biking Competition<br />BEST IN SHOW <br />Technology<br />Functionality<br />Usability <br />
    • 2. customers<br />
    • 3. adoption<br />The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, <br />the oldest problem<br />in the relations<br />between human beings<br />and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it. <br />Edward R. Murrow <br />
    • 4. Our Age of Anxiety is,<br /> in great part, the result of trying to do today&apos;s jobs with<br />yesterday&apos;s tools.<br />Marshall McLuhan<br />automation<br />
    • 5. The first rule <br />of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will<br />magnify the efficiency.<br />The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.<br />Bill Gates<br />excellence<br />Marshall McLuhan<br />
    • 6. home<br />
    • 7. green is go<br />
    • 8. analytics<br />
    • 9. Contact Us<br />Schedule a live demo today and learn how award winning applicant <br />tracking software will improve your recruiting program.<br /><br />415-593-1192<br /><br /><br />