Kim Judkins Fulbright Scholarships


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Kim Judkins Fulbright Scholarships

  1. 1. Fulbright Grants and other options after college Multimedia by Kim Judkins
  2. 2. What is Fulbright  And international educational exchange program  Sponsored by the U.S. government  Allows students to study, teach, or conduct research abroad
  3. 3. A little history:  1945: J. William Fulbright proposes bill to promote international relations through students  1946 President Harry S. Truman signs bill into a law  Congress created the J. William Fulbright foreign scholarship board  12-member board  Works with Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and foreign embassies to administer the program  More than 47,000 U.S. students have received grants Picture taken from the AP image database
  4. 4. The Application -Statement of grant purpose -Personal Statement -Proof of contact person in proposed country -Letter of recommendation *For foreign countries, all items must be completed in English and native language of proposed country *For art students, a supplementary portfolio must be submitted PicturetakenfromtheAPimagedatabase
  5. 5. The following screens are descriptions and profiles of 3 people involved some way in the Fulbright program. The first is a girl currently in the application process, the second is a girl in Spain currently doing her Fulbright research program, and the third is a professor who has already participated in 2 Fulbright scholarships
  6. 6. About Cait Miller  Senior photojournalism major at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)  Proposed program to go to Fiji to create a photo history of traditional villages  “I don’t have any way to fund it out of college. This just sort of fell into my lap last year.” The following 4 photographs are taken from Cait’s supplement portfolio from her Fulbright application
  7. 7. CaitMillerPhotography
  8. 8. Cait Miller Photography
  9. 9. Cait Miller Photography
  10. 10. ASHLEY MARCHENA -Ashley Marchena is currently in Madrid on a Fulbright grant doing research in clinical psychology --She is working with autistic kids ages 6-12 -“I study autism, and the social disorder, and people who have trouble with social interaction, Spain has a different way of social interaction. It’ll be interesting to see what autism is like in a different culture.” - She is using the grant to further her graduate studies through the University of Connecticut Picture taken from the AP image
  11. 11. About Steven Wisensale  Professor of Human Development and Family studies at University of Connecticut  Received 2 Fulbright grants  3-week learning seminar in Germany about changing demographics and becoming an aging society. (Social policies in Germany) (2003)  Also semester long grant in Prague teaching comparative family policy (2006)
  12. 12. Other Scholarships and their requirements Marshall Scholarship  For post-graduate degrees  Only study in United Kingdom  Requires undergrad GPA of 3.7 PicturetakenfromtheAPimagedatabase
  13. 13. Rhodes Scholarship  For post-graduate degrees  Only Study in United Kingdom  Certain athletic abilities required (pass a physical education class)  Language proficiency relative to proposed program
  14. 14. Teach For America  Minimum 2 year requirement  Places recent graduates in low-income school for experience  Helps repay student loans  Offers heath insurance and retirement benefits
  15. 15. Other options students are taking to manage the recession include:  Increase in graduate school applications  Unpaid internships  Starting own businesses  Moving home to avoid extra expenses  Taking jobs outside their field
  16. 16. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 1956 1970 1983 1996 2010 United States unemployment rates
  17. 17. The upside is that The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted a survey to predict next year’s job market. Many of the employers surveyed said in 2011 they intend to hire as many as 13.5 percent more college graduates than in 2010. Picture taken from the AP image database
  18. 18. Famous Grant Scholars  John Lithgow (actor) – Fulbright  J. William Fulbright – Rhodes  Bill Clinton – Rhodes  Sylvia Plath – Fulbright  Thomas Friedman (journalist) - Marshall