Sky Switch and Save: Case Study


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Mediacom was challenged to demonstrate the ease of switching to Sky's unlimited broadband and achieved this through a mass scale campaign using clever and relevant copy.

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Sky Switch and Save: Case Study

  1. 1. Title: Sky Broadband Switch and Save Category: Omnimedia SUMMARY: We were challenged to demonstrate the ease of switching to Sky’s unlimited broadband and this was achieved through a mass scale campaign using clever and relevant copy – showing that switching is as easy as turning a page. This campaign was planned to granular detail but in multiple titles and with multiple creative placed in sequential order – no mean feat. The campaign was a huge success for Sky, beating sales and upgrade targets. Background and objectives A major barrier to switching broadband is the perception that it’s a lot of effort and people simply won’t bother doing it – it is more convenient to stick with their current provider. We needed to demonstrate the ease of switching and had a product truth from Sky to communicate: Sky is the only provider with a dedicated switching team offering end to end service - “The Sky Switch Squad”. Our objective for Sky was to drive short term sales and increase intention to purchase for Sky Broadband, with the aim of persuading active and dormant Sky consumers to upgrade and switch to Sky Broadband, and new consumers to switch and buy Sky broadband as a standalone. As a trusted source of information, coupled with their ability to build large scale reach very quickly and reach an upmarket family audience, newsbrands were the perfect media to communicate our message. Insight & Strategy – consumers don’t switch provide because it’s a nuisance We identified that the main reason people avoid switching is convenience. Therefore, the key campaign principle was to demonstrate that ‘the output of the experience is greater than the input of the customer’ – however, we needed to bring this to life through smart implementation. We recognised that Sky Families with BT broadband represented the best source of growth during January, which is the prime time for customers switching their supplier. Therefore our target audience was ABC1 Families with BT Broadband (1.6m), with a wider target of ABC1 Families (3.6m). We knew that we could reach a significant number of these consumers via a broad selection of national newspapers. Our resultant strategy in print was to use consecutive formats in national press to demonstrate how ‘switching to Sky Broadband is as easy as turning a page’. The Plan – consecutive formats showed that switching is as easy as turning a page Newsbrands are the original interactive medium – you need to interact with the media to consume it! To convey the convenience message we use sequential formats including consecutive right hand half pages and consecutive right hand vertical strips, demonstrating simply that ‘switching is as
  2. 2. simple as turning a page’ - this evolved creatively into ‘Turn over a new leaf this year…and you could save over £200 on your broadband’ These messages were ‘reasons to believe’ and using them sequentially we re-enforced the message to overcome the perceived barriers to switching. Our campaign needed to be broad and with as high a reach as possible. We therefore used a broad title selection across national press Quals, Mids, Pops and Commuter titles to reach ABC1 Sky Families with BT Broadband and halo onto the broader ABC1 Families audience. Once the message had been established, single half pages were introduced to work in addition to the consecutive formats to increase campaign frequency. Tablet activity across Newsbrands added incremental reach in premium environments and allowed people to tap the numbers 1,2,3 to find out more reasons to switch – ‘Switching to Sky Broadband is as easy as 1,2,3’ Advertorials in women’s weeklies ran concurrently with national press to educate and activate core ABC1 Sky families, and showcase how Sky makes it easy to switch with the Switch Squad. The campaign also ran across TV, Digital, Radio and OOH, all amplifying the message that it is easy to switch with Sky Broadband with creative messaging such as ‘Switching is as easy as a click’. Flexibility in format was the key to this campaign in all media allowing us to execute the same simple message in a creative way and reach the audience en masse. Newsbrands were the ideal environment to do this, but were all the more impactful due to the way this messaging layered across all media in creative ways. Results Over the quarter Sky Broadband Press beat its targets, achieving upgrade switches to Sky broadband and standalone sales. There was a significant increase in Sky Broadband upgrades during the Switch & Save campaign as a result of our Press activity. Overall upgrades were up 11% year on year January-March 2013, and 15% up on the previous record Q1 performance. Client view “The Switch and Save campaign was about conveying the ease of changing your broadband provider to Sky, and so MediaCom looked at clever media executions to exemplify this. The print element of the campaign was a simple, yet novel way of highlighting this switch message and the ease of it: through the use of consecutive right hand formats, we were able to create bespoke messaging that resonated with our audience, and that successfully demonstrated the switching philosophy. As easy as turning a page!” Carli Farmer, Brand Marketing Controller – Communications, British Sky Broadcasting