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Sarah Brown, CNN iReport

  1. 1. CNNiReportGrowing communities -news:rewired presentationSarah Brown, CNN iReport
  2. 2. Who we are Notes and statistics‣ CNN iReport is CNN’s participatory journalism platform,where the audience can share their stories‣ iReport as a brand and platform existed since 2006, standalone site launched 2008, refresh 2011‣ More than one million registered iReporters, we have receivedan iReport from every country in the world‣ Content subject to rigorous vetting procedures and CNN’seditorial guidelines, standards and practices.
  3. 3. What we do What follows‣ CNN iReport aims to harness stories and content from iReporters toinform and enrich CNN’s news content‣ iReporters contribute breaking news, features, video, images, opinionand more‣ iReport harnesses the power of other social platforms such asInstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Storify to develop new content‣ So, what should you do to grow your community and manage theresulting great content?
  4. 4. How wework1. Empower the audience to tell you what to cover
  5. 5. How wework2. Get the right platform for the right story – Obama’sinauguration with Instagram
  6. 6. How wework3. Think multiplatform• Content from iReporters can be repurposedacross CNN’s TV, radio, online and social platforms
  7. 7. 4. Close the loop• iReport team alwaysacknowledges and thanksiReporters• Rate of return – happyiReporters become repeatcontributors• Fostering sense of community– iReport pages are designedfor interaction amongst users• iReporters are always creditedfor their work, we retain nonexclusive rights to their content
  8. 8. How wework5. Manage the content – the ripple effect•Your story does not end when it’s publishedEnsure you are asking for comment and reaction andpay attention to it – potential for new angles•Promote your stories cross platform – they will have newlift across your social channels and elicit furthercomment•To help create those ripples, have a social plan in placeto promote your content cross platform – don’t just boltit on at the end
  9. 9. In summary Growing your community – final thoughts- If you build it, they will come: iReport team uses assignment modelon our website to draw in content. Often it is us who ‘kickstarts’ theconversations – the community responds in kind- Empower your community: The assignment model empowersiReporters to follow each other for updates, traffic light systemenables them to tell us what stories are good/bad/need more work/should be on CNN- Use social sites to complement your platform and make it easier togenerate content/have people find you, for example using CNNhashtags on Instagram to pull in content to inauguration special
  10. 10. How to findusiReport.CNN.comTwitter: @cnnireportInstagram:
  11. 11. ThankYou.ThankYou.Sarah Brown / Twitter@sarahbrowngb