Frederik Neus, Zentrick, online video journalism session at news:rewired


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Frederick Neus on how publishers are using Zentrick to create interactive video

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  • Zentrick is …We help bring C online and add eng & conv
  • Zentrick is …We help bring C online and add eng & conv
  • Frederik Neus, Zentrick, online video journalism session at news:rewired

    1. 1. Video Engagement Platform Frederik Neus VP EMEA, Co-Founder
    2. 2. A shift in the market From: pages with isolated video surrounded by disconnected actions. When the video is shared, the actions don’t follow. To: objects combining video with embedded actions that can travel the web. The video IS the page.
    3. 3. Lack of audience development tools Can’t scale YT annotations Need for monetization Combine experience and action Lack of attribution Creative workflows limit scale Lack of audience development tools Need enterprise tools Need for monetization The problems we hear Brands MCN’s Publishers
    4. 4. Zentrick Interactive Video Platform Video Provider (Yahoo Player) Interactive Web Layers (Zentrick Video Apps) ①Define your video apps once (a library of prebuilt apps is available) ② Drag & drop apps to your video (or use Zentrick Blueprints to automate and scale this) ③ Easily publish everywhere (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, pages, video/rich media/mobile ads) ④ Engage, monetize & track viewers (real-time engagement and interaction analytics) Marrying content, action and attribution for video.
    5. 5. A few examples engage viewers grow audiences monetize in-video
    6. 6. The Numbers Conversion Rates 15 - 70(!) % Engagement Rates 115 - 660 % Clicks 6.7/viewer
    7. 7. Scalable customization Self-service Custom Apps • Solve for specific use cases (e.g. end screen, inline product spotlight) • Complete creative freedom • Create once, apply to many videos • Write HTML5, automatically works in Flash Blueprints • Templated app configurations • Selective restrictions on downstream videos • Create once, apply to many videos • Edits auto-propagate to all videos Self-service app dev studio
    8. 8. Increase time spent, deepen engagement ① User-initiated object tags drive deeper engagement with inline information screens. ② Clickable, customizable social sharing and brand logos. ③ Contextual end screens directing traffic to related content. Inline object annotations Contextual end screen User-initiated information screens
    9. 9. Keep content up to date Display live data Reach out to any web- enabled API from within the video and display the data in real time. ① Live social feeds ② Stock tickers ③ Latest news ④ RSS Feeds ⑤ Personalized user data ⑥ Product pricing and availability Live data overlays
    10. 10. Why Interactive Video, why Zentrick? You need to stand out from the crowd and attract viewers/customers Use interactive video as the hub to redirect viewers to the place you want Create extra value, give incentives to users to subscribe for your brand Monetize your content; sell from within the video or implement a pay-as-you- go model All leads to increased Engagement, Dwell time, Viewer value, Reach, Related content traffic and Video ROI
    11. 11. Some other examples Volkswagen – In-video lead generation Pepsi – Brand activation, Engagement VMMA (Belgian Commercial Broadcaster) – Dwell time & Viewer value lift Absynthe Minded (Rock Band) – New music video format, Brand Activation
    12. 12. Now it’s up to you to benefit from video Frederik Neus VP EMEA, Co-Founder 0479 31 43 80 Try it out at Click “Sign up now!” Thank you for your attention