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The new shoes today model



This presentation shows a sneak peak at the ‘new shoes today business & operating model’. ...

This presentation shows a sneak peak at the ‘new shoes today business & operating model’.

Feel free to copy, use, paint over, change and update!

Just do us a favor and mention you got it from new shoes today.

new shoes today is a growing number of soulmates in business and the arts who give support to people and organisations on their road to creation, innovation and change.

We organise meetings, deliver keynotes, develop courses, give workshops, create art, train experts, spread knowledge, share experiences, provide platforms, give advice, write articles, build bridges and connect people.

Together with clients we take on 21st century challenges.

Our values:
real - open - drive - fun - care - today



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The new shoes today model The new shoes today model Presentation Transcript

  • the new shoes today modelthe concept…a short deep dive…1
  • This presentation shows a sneak peak at the‘new shoes today business & operating model’.!!Feel free to copy, use, paint over, change andupdate!!!Just do us a favor and mention you got itfrom new shoes today.!!!
  • new shoes todaynew shoes today is a growing number ofsoulmates in business and the arts whogive support to people and organisationson their road to creation, innovation andchange.
  • We organise meetings, deliver keynotes,develop courses, give workshops, create art,train experts, spread knowledge, shareexperiences, provide platforms, give advice,write articles, build bridges and connectpeople.Together with clients we take on 21st centurychallenges.Our values:real - open - drive - fun - care - today
  • 6
  • new shoes today model benefitsofferings/clients/markets challenges7
  • thenewshoestodaymodel
  • inspiration experimentation co-creation9
  • crew
  • crew today: 23 people, half male, half female, half Dutch, half Belgium, backgrounds in 11economics, the arts, psychology, business management, … youngest is 32, oldest is 65, …
  • crewcommitment
  • creation, innovation & change as working fieldcommon starting point, common not end pointsoul connection, trust and responsibility as basis entrepreneurial (self supporting as base) actively share knowledge support the collective 37 months commitment
  • turnover (mainly / 100%) via new shoes today € 3561,27 entrance fee(to be paid in € / alternatives / terms / … whatever) intention to be(come) full time crew 5% + 5% rule share the values: real - open - drive - fun - care – today contribution in diversity keep on dreaming * = Everything with possible exceptions and wild cards!
  • setup
  • one legal entity (under Dutch law) management agreementprofit sharing per project (not centrally) no staff, no building 5%+5% rule debit chasing by individual crew 3 internal roles (finance, magneting, operations)
  • meritocracy easycracy (smart organisation) WonderWalks complemantary solutions for (internal) payments 2 x a year development weeksno veto for joining, 3 crew recommendation room for nearlings
  • magneting
  • BENEFITSindivual vs open source network up- & cross selling introduction building bridges expanding realities
  • Toegepaste creativiteit:3 vormen van innovatielevels of innovation
  • products & services proces culture (how we innovate)
  • products & services proces new shoes today focus culture (how we innovate)
  • a few examples of new shoes todayproducts/services where the network ‘works’(to position, develop, give support…)
  • Visual Harvesting
  • Poetry: The Edge of Things
  • Challenges internal organisation: we have no staff, so everything(!)comes down to the crew member’s own responsibility focus: many crew members are ‘content’focussed, yet business development needs investments (in focus) also!
  • our way ofdealing withexperiments:success or…
  • nearling ?
  • nearling “ A nearling is a positive word for something that you did with the right intentions, which has not (yet) led to the right result. ”The reasons for nearlings not to succeed can be diverse:•  the circumstances have changed•  a better option has been chosen•  you made an error•  faith decided differently•  suddenly there were other priorities• ...Until the nearling there was no right English word for this phenomenum. There is the wordfailure, yet that sounds negative. An attempt, of an initiative.You only recognize a nearling when you look back. You can always learn from a nearling.The nearling fills a gap in the international innovation language.
  • Be proud!You can be proud of nearlings because:1. You started an initiave2. You may have moved others3. Maybe it led you to something that was successful4. You need many nearlings, for a few successes5. You learned from it6. ...We want to contribute to increase the international innovative culture andentrepreneurship by introducing this word.The nearling emphasizes that initiatives are almost ALWAYS valuable, even ifthey don’t lead to the right result (directly). Share your nearlings at:
  • innovation = letting go!
  • The ability to let go is just as important as being able to generate new ideas.Letting go!
  • letting go = trust!
  • our book: Creativity Today 37
  • Thank you - Danke - Merci Ramon Vullings new shoes