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E Mail & Spam Presentation
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E Mail & Spam Presentation


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Getting Started With Yahoo! Mail Presenter: Newton Kwaku Vivor
    • 2. Outline
      • Introduction
      • General Preferences
      • Adding Your Signature
      • Draft and Sent Messages
      • Managing Your Inbox
      • Filtering Mail
      • Protecting Yourself From Spam (SpamGuard)
      • Auto Responds
      • Email Attachment
      • Address Book (Importing and Exporting Address Book)
      • Switching to Yahoo Beta
    • 3. Introduction
      • This presentation will review how to maximize the utility of your Yahoo E-mail account
    • 4. E-Mail
      • What is E-Mail?
      • E-Mail stands for Electronic Mail
      • Access Method
      • Web Based E-Mail:
        • Yahoo Mail
        • Hotmail
        • Gmail
      • E-Mail Client
        • Microsoft Office Outlook
        • Outlook Express
    • 5. General Preferences
      • Under the General Preferences you have the option to adjust the settings of your Email account
      • Hands On:
        • Personalize your account
        • Customizing the number of Messages to be displayed in your Inbox
        • Order of Display (Ascending or Descending order)
    • 6. Adding Signature
      • It is more personal
      • Provides additional means of contact through:
        • Addresses
        • Telephone number
      • Hands On:
        • Add a Signature
        • Send a message to your colleague
        • Verify if the Signature was appended
    • 7. Draft Folder
      • Draft
      • Enables you to save your message to be sent later
      • If you lack some information or an email address you can save the message as a draft
      • Hands On:
        • Compose a message
        • Save Draft
        • Send Message
    • 8. Managing Your Inbox
      • Hands On:
      • Creating a Folder (e.g. Family)
      • Moving Messages to Folder
      • Sorting out Messages
    • 9. Auto Respond
      • Send a custom, automatic message response when you are absent
      • Specify a particular response to be sent for a specific Email address or domain
      • Hands On:
        • Set duration for auto respond
        • Set generic respond
        • Set special respond
    • 10. Email Attachment
      • Send documents and pictures to friends and family or business associates
      • You can attach files up to a total message size of 10.0MB
      • Hands On:
        • Send an attachment to a colleague
        • View the attachment you received
    • 11. Managing Your Inbox
      • You can organize your incoming and outgoing
      • Messages into different Folders:
        • Inbox
        • Sent
        • Draft
        • Trash
        • Bulk
        • E.g. Family
    • 12. Filtering Mail
      • Automatically sort incoming messages into different folders
      • Hands On:
        • Changing Filter Order
        • Filtering and Mobile Alerts
        • Editing and Deleting Filters
    • 13. Address Book (Importing & Exporting Address Book)
      • Hands On:
          • Adding a Contact
          • Editing Contact Information
          • Sending Email to a Contact
          • Deleting a Contact
          • Printing, Importing & Exporting Contact
    • 14.
      • What is Spam?
      • Spam is an unsolicited E-mail – E-mail which you never asked for. It is also referred to as "junk" E-mail
      Spam Protecting (SpamGuard)
    • 15. How Spammers got your E-mail address
      • Spammers possibly got your E-mail address because:
        • You provided your E-mail address on shoddy sites (E.g. Free music or software download websites)
        • You signed up for newsletters on sites that have no privacy policies
        • You put your E-mail address on a web page
        • Subscribing to one or more of the great deals or Once-in-a-life-time kind of E-mail/website offers.
    • 16.
      • Spam blockers in Outlook Express or a Web-based E-mail accounts
      • Anti-Spam filters is software that filters your e-mail and separates spam from real E-mail. E.g.,
        • SpamEater Pro
        • Spamkiller
      • Always report and delete spam E-mails. NEVER reply to spam E-mail!
      How to Manage Spam Effectively
    • 17. Editing Spam Settings Click Edit Spam Protection Settings
      • Turn Spam Filter
      • On or Off
      • Mark Spam + Not Spam
      •   Image Blocking
    • 18. Editing Spam Settings Customize anti-spam tools to maximize your spam protection:
    • 19. Configuring Yahoo Account for Spam Protection
      • Click Mark Messages as Spam
      • This action does the following:
        • Delete the message
        • Report the message
        • Block Sender marked as spam
    • 20. Deleting and Reporting Spam
      • Step by step review:
      • Login to your Yahoo E-mail account
      • Access Inbox
      • Check all identified Spam Messages
      • Click on the Spam tap
      • Check automatically block sender
    • 21. Detrimental Effects of SPAM
      • a waste of productive time
      • presents a risk to the proper operation of your computer
      • slowing your system down, crashing your system
      • logging your keystrokes, stealing private information
    • 22. Switching to Yahoo Beta
      • Principal Advantages:
      • Drag and drop emails into folders
      • No more loss of mail due to internet connection failure
      • Multitasking
        • Multiple tabs
        • Compose and attach simultaneously