Confessions of a tech CEO who still loves to code


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At SXSW 2013, Lew Cirne spoke on

Coding is a skill that is traditionally held by a select group of individuals within a company. We know them as developers, computer science students, programmers, hackers… and in a few rare cases (perhaps too few), CEOs. At New Relic, a San Francisco-based startup that gives developers the software analytics they need to understand web/mobile app performance, CEO and Founder Lew Cirne still actively codes, often for weeks at a time, to develop the next innovation for his products. It’s his passion. It’s his mission to instill craftsmanship even at the code level so the product will be simple and easy to use while offering advanced technical functionality at a price anyone can afford. There is now opportunities in the new economy for leaders to possess this hybrid business/technological skill set. During this solo presentation, Lew will discuss the benefits of being a CEO who embrace his inner nerd and what leaders in technology will achieve by making coding a priority. - See more at:

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Confessions of a tech CEO who still loves to code

  1. 1. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential1 Confessionsof a tech CEO who still loves to code
  2. 2. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential2 Hello, my name is Lew Cirne
  3. 3. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential3 I’m the CEO & founder of New Relic
  4. 4. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential4 350+ employees $115M in financing 4 offices worldwide
  5. 5. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential5 I didn’t do traditional “CEO” things last year. No suit. No tie. No presentations.
  6. 6. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential6
  7. 7. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential7 Instead I hacked a new batch of code for our next generation set of products.
  8. 8. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential8 Then I spent the year with my team, making “pure coding joy” = a great product
  9. 9. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential9
  10. 10. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential10 The results? The team is happy (and I’m doing what I love). Innovation is front & center for us
  11. 11. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential11 The results? after 15 months of work by me & team Preview in October Now in private beta Public beta & GA this year
  12. 12. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential12 Surround yourself with exceptional people
  13. 13. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential13 When do you innovate / disrupt yourself?
  14. 14. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential14 We are here RevenueGrowth Time Disrupt yourself! Too late! Disrupt yourself again!
  15. 15. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential15 Why this is good for our company (andyours)
  16. 16. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential16 Culture of innovation and product first Keeps me connected to technology trends and helps with strategic decision making Innovate/disrupt yourself before the world does
  17. 17. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential17 You can make a difference doing the thing you love
  18. 18. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential18 Thank you