Are Anti AgingCreams A Marketer's Fantasy


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Are Anti AgingCreams A Marketer's Fantasy

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great anti-aging Tips Check This Out ====While the anti aging creams now available over the counter to the millions of women, and, yes,men, concerned about looking as young as possible for as long as possible almost all contain thesame ingredients, their marketers present each one as something unique. You, as a consumer,need to learn how an anti aging cream is formulated, so that you can find the one with the rightconcentration of ingredients to help your skin. And you can also take other steps in your personalcare regimen to ward off the effects of aging. Anti aging cream cant do it alone.The Skin(ny) on Anti Aging CreamIf you were a fan of the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, you may remember the manyscenes in which Raymonds wife Deborah would spend time applying anti again cream to herhands. And even though she was a fictional character, her actions are repeated by millions, if notbillions, of women the world over every day. The anti aging cream is seen as one of the bestdefenses against the ravages of time, but is it really all its cracked up to be?The maker of every anti aging cream on the market is hoping that you, whether female or male,will believe that it is. Yes, even mean are not being targeted with anti aging cream from suchmens grooming products manufacturers as Biotherm. But no matter what the packaging on anyanti aging cream may promise, you should not expect miracles.Marketing PloysThe marketers of any anti aging cream are fully conscious that almost every woman has a deepseated fear of the wrinkles, lines, and age spots which seem inevitable as she ages. So thesemarketers are not ashamed to claim that their products have been shown, with scientific proof, tofight such signs of aging, even though their scientific proof may be nothing more than the power ofsuggestion.Almost every anti aging cream will have retinol as an ingredient, and retinol is said to give its usersa more youthful appearance both by stimulating new skin cell production and by decreasing theappearance of age spots. Some anti aging creams will contain both alpha and beta hydroxyl acid,which act as mild chemical peels, but the effectiveness of any of these ingredients will depend ontheir levels of concentration, and their correct application.Well Known Anti Aging CreamsClinique has been a maker of a line of anti aging cream since 1992, when it introduced its StopSigns anti aging cream. Since then Clinique has developed several skin care products aimed atreducing lines, wrinkles, and the other effects of aging.
  2. 2. Olay, whose Oil of Olay has been around for decades, entered the anti aging cream market withits Olay Regenerist, which gets the highest marks among all anti aging creams tested by aconsumer protection group. Olay markets its products by encouraging you to "love the skin yourein."Help Your Anti Aging Cream Help YouYou probably know from experience that the cosmetic departments at your favorite retailestablishments from the local pharmacy to the biggest department stores are simply awash in antiaging creams from the simple to the exotic and from the affordable to the absurdly expensive. Aquality anti aging cream can certainly provide benefits, helping reduce the signs of aging, but youshould not expect miracles. There are plenty of things you can do on your own to keep FatherTime away from your door.Using a sunscreen on your face, even when its cloudy; drinking at least eight glasses of water aday to keep you skin hydrated, and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to help you staydetoxified will all have remarkable effects on your skin. Using anti aging cream as a supplementto these measures will certainly help you retain a young appearance as long as possible, but dontthink any anti aging cream will turn back the clock all by itself.You can also find more info on Beauty help and anti aging systems. is acomprehensive resource to get help about beauty.Article Source: ====For Great anti-aging Tips Check This Out ====