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Presentation slides from the December 2012 NEWLUG presentation on LyX. Presented by Tim Bolz.

Presentation slides from the December 2012 NEWLUG presentation on LyX. Presented by Tim Bolz.

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  • 1. LyXThe Document Processor or A Book writers Dream
  • 2. What is LyX?● A document processor based on (WYSIWYM) What you see is what you mean● Differs from traditional word processors like MS Word, WordPerfect and even Open Office and Libre Office which use (WYSIWYG). What you see is what you get.● Front End for a typesetting program used in Academia know as LaTeX.
  • 3. Why use LyX?● You can worry more about your content rather than how to format it.● Once what your writing is written it produce a published output. You dont have to worry about page numbering, footnotes, Table of contents and cross references.
  • 4. What you wont find in LyX.● Document Ruler● Tab Stops● Extra white spaces – hitting space or enter a couple of times.
  • 5. Where LyX excels● Hyphenation● Lists of any type● Mathematics● Tables● Cross-referencing
  • 6. Basics of LyX
  • 7. How to get started● File > New● Document > Settings...● Document Class – pick the type you want to make
  • 8. Pick your Document from Document class
  • 9. Everything you need is here
  • 10. Help● Help > Introduction● Help > Tutorial● Help > User Guide
  • 11. Things to Do● Just write, Include everything, Titles, Chapters, and content.● Formatting - can come latter : not while your in your writing unless it is needed. Can keep you creativity flowing without worrying about how it looks.● Look at your book before you publish it.
  • 12. Now Show some examples● Use this to see add some text● Type away Format later● Format – Title , Author, Chapter, footnotes and others.
  • 13. Resources●● Use the help in LyX for Introduction, Tutorial and User Guide.●●