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I want to introduce you to my Jesus... the true reason for Christmas worship.

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My Jesus

  1. 1. I want to introduce you to MY JESUS.<br />Luke 2:11. <br />It’s the message of the angels <br />one Christmas day, <br />some two thousand years ago.<br />“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a SAVIOUR, who is CHRIST the LORD”. <br />You may’ve heard this a thousand times. <br />But mark the words<br />For unto you is born: For your sake & mine is this Christmas birth.<br />In the City of David: That’s prophecy fulfilled. Born through the lineage of David.<br />A Saviour: Both able and willing. <br />Who is Christ the Lord: The Messiah; the appointed one; Lord the King; <br />God Himself who became man.<br />For it is God who became the Saviour. <br />JESUS <br />His very name means Jehovah Saves. <br />John the Baptist said of Jesus<br />“Look at Him.This is God’s Lamb, <br />who takes the sins of the World.”<br />A LAMB! A sacrificial lamb. <br />In Old Testament times they understood <br />that the death of the sacrificial lamb <br />was important for the people’s acquittal.<br />The sacrificial lamb takes their place in substitution.<br />And Jesus presents Himself as that Lamb.<br />A Substitutionary Lamb for You and I.<br />In fact, it is written about Jesus that <br />“He is the Lamb slain <br />from the time the world began.” <br />It means before the world was built, <br />before there was Matter, Space or Time. <br />Before there was YOU; Before your first sin Jesus was there to save you from your sins.<br />The sin issue was and is <br />that important to God.<br />The entire BIBLE is about JESUS.<br />He is its main character.<br />It’s not that we start reading about Him <br />some 1000 pages into the Bible<br />when the New Testament begins. <br />He covers the Bible from cover to cover.<br />Look at the first five books written by Moses,<br />The Pentateuch; <br />Part of the Torah, the Jewish Scripture. <br /> We read about Jesus. He is the<br />The seed of the woman in Genesis.<br />The Passover Lamb in Exodus.<br />The High Priest in Leviticus.<br />The fire and the cloud in Numbers.<br />The prophet in Deuteronomy.<br />I could go on about the other books; and yet as Jesus said to the people of His time, “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me”. Jn 5:46.<br />Again, Micah & Isaiah were prophets <br />who lived 700 years before Christ.<br />They wrote of Jesus’ birth and death <br />with such clarity that when wise men ask, <br />“Where is He who is born the <br />King of the Jews?”<br />people could point them to Bethlehem. <br />On that Christmas day,<br />A Saviour was born; the Lord had come.<br />And yet the ones, who went to worship Him <br />were some lowly shepherds,<br /> and some wise men.<br />Just a hand full. <br />On a side note, they are wise who worship Him. <br />But not much has changed since then.<br />Most still do not want to worship <br />Christ as Lord.<br /> They don’t want Him.<br />Though they love His gifts.<br />They want:<br />Abundance without the Adoration<br />Blessing without the Blessor. <br />Christmas without Christ.<br />Decorations without Doctrine.<br />Entertainment without the Essential.<br />Festivity without the Fundamental.<br />Gift without the Giver.<br />Holiday without Holiness.<br />This Christmas when you wish someone<br /> Happy Holidays, remember. <br />Christ came not to give us a Holiday;<br />But to make us Holy.<br />Christmas can only be joyful<br />When the Sin issue is taken care of.<br />The Saviour must save.<br />God’s Lamb must become your substitute.<br />And that happened on the Cross.<br />For it was there Jesus said,<br />“It is finished”.<br />Our death sentence was served by Him.<br />Do you believe that? Can you accept it?<br />Christmas made the CROSS possible.<br />The Christmas story doesn’t end with death.<br />The Perfect Sacrifice defeated death.<br />He rose from the dead.<br />And that guarantees victory <br />for those who are saved by Him.<br />Today I want to bring you that good news.<br />Luke 2:10<br />“the good tidings of great joy, <br />which shall be to all people”.<br />Good news for all. That includes you and I<br />The good news about Jesus,<br />is Jesus Himself.<br />So what do we do to be saved?<br /> Really what can we do?<br />When Jesus said it is all finished.<br />Just believe Him at His word.<br />Acts 16:31 reads<br />“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou will be saved”.<br />Rom 10:9<br />“if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has <br />raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”<br />Over 300 Prophecies of <br />Christmas and the Cross have all come true.<br />Someone calculated the probability <br />of all prophecies coming true in a single man<br />is like a blind man finding <br />one single marked Loonie<br />laid in a pile one feet high <br />across the province of Ontario.<br />And he gets one chance.<br />Bible continues with its prophecy<br />About another day.<br />A day of CORONATION.<br />The babe born on Christmas;<br />The Lamb who died on the Cross;<br />Will be crowned the King on the throne.<br />Read the Bible; Look at the world events.<br />That day is coming soon.<br />Yet to be saved, the Bible says, <br />“Today is the day of Salvation<br />Now is the accepted time”<br />For Him to be the King of your Life.<br />For on that Coronation day the “slain Lamb”<br />For that is how He presents Himself.<br />The Slain Lamb will sit in judgement<br />Bible says, all eyes will see Him <br />And He Himself be the evidence.<br />Irrefutable evidence of God’s substitution.<br />And those that rejected the substitution<br />Will be judged.<br />And to those who believe on Him<br />The Slain Lamb will be the tender sign<br />Of a God who loved them to death.<br />That day, a new dawn will rise <br />on the wings of the morning.<br />And so shall we be with Him forever.<br />That’s the Bible;<br /> that’s the Christmas message.<br />For your sake, is the Saviour born, <br />Who is Christ the Lord.<br />Are you ready today to accept<br /> This Christmas message?<br />