Capture Your Cloud NewLease Update


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A NewLease Update as of May 2011

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Capture Your Cloud NewLease Update

  1. 1. NewLease Update 2011 Stephen Parker Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease© 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 2
  2. 2. Who is NewLease?• An Asia Pacific company based in Melbourne• Offices – Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Singapore and India• Sole focus on Subscription licensing• We work with a range of vendors• Vendors here today are Citrix and Microsoft © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 3
  3. 3. Who is NewLease?• Largest SPLAR in Asia• Currently over 700 partners• 3rd largest number of partners under management Microsoft SPLAR Globally• Recognised by Microsoft globally as best practice in operations / administration and licensing expertise support• Over 6 years experience with SPLA licencing © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 4
  4. 4. What is our focus? The cloud And helping our partners to capture their share of it. © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 5
  5. 5. Subscription Licence Dynamic Rights Licence Service 1 2 3 Vendor Distributor Reseller Customer 4 Value 7 6 5 $ $ $ Time to realised value (Seller Beware) © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 6
  6. 6. The New NormalPerpetual Subscription• Promised value • Time to realised value• Sales accounting • Usage accounting• Delivery logistics • Ease of acquisition• Price • Usage reporting• Marketing launch • Total product offer• “Margin” portfolio • “Value” portfolio• Sales focused • Service focused © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 7
  7. 7. How do we help our partners?Expertise in licensing products and business solutions Licensing Services Consulting Services Simplified on-boarding processes with Assists Vendor and Partner customers dedicated resource to assist partners transition to a cloud centric environment An automated reporting system that reduces Evangelism, Education, Consulting administration time and costsContinued support through the Partner services Continued support through industry centre and by the Sales Managers experts and practical advice © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 8
  8. 8. Who do we partner with? Hosters Telco’s SIs SPs ISPs SaaS, IaaS, etc LARs MSPs ISVs © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 9
  9. 9. Expertise in licencing and products Boughty Canton Head of Product Warren Nolan Ashleigh Rainer General Manger Microsoft NewLease Product Specialist Julie Cooper Sales Manager Northern Region Lorna Epps Sales Manger Southern Region © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd
  10. 10. Expertise in on-boarding,continued Support and reporting Stephen LeCornu Systems / Solutions Dawn Manager Edmonds Faith Woo Partner Services Chief Operating Coordinator Officer Ly Ly Lie Partner Services / Operations Coordinator Haseeb Jamal Partner Services Jon Burke Coordinator Operations Coordinator © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 11
  11. 11. Expertise in cloud business solutions Mark Brown Head of Cloud Consulting, NewLease Services Stephen Parker Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease Services © 2011 NewLease Pty Ltd 12
  12. 12. Thank you