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Newicon BNI 10 minute presentation

  1. 1. 10 Minutes: The wonderful world of the web!<br />8 months 2 founding members<br />First employed web geek and tea maker on Monday!<br />Exciting times!<br />Going to explain a bit more about what we do. As well as try and give a background as to why we do it.<br />
  2. 2. Why did we start the business<br /><ul><li>Why did we start the business?
  3. 3. 1: We love data
  4. 4. 2: Websites as many people know them are dead</li></li></ul><li>1: Its all about Data! <br /><ul><li>We get excited about data!
  5. 5. Collecting data
  6. 6. Searching data
  7. 7. Sharing data
  8. 8. Understanding data
  9. 9. Predicting data
  10. 10. Doing stuff with data!
  11. 11. Data is literally everything!
  12. 12. Think of your business as a series of processes that manipulate data!
  13. 13. That’s how are brains understand the world as data! As voltage differentials between chemicals in our synapses. DATA!</li></li></ul><li>2: Websites Are Dead!<br /><ul><li>Small businesses are flocking to the web in breathe taking speed
  14. 14. More than 1 trillion pages in googles index
  15. 15. To Store:  7,500 terabytes
  16. 16. 50 million tweets per day!
  17. 17. How do you get heard in the noise?
  18. 18. Many businesses don’t realise that a website is not going to help
  19. 19. Online endeavours largely wasted!
  20. 20. It will fail – sit in the corner and gather dust
  21. 21. To avoid this fait you need to be thinking online business NOT website!</li></li></ul><li>What is an Online Business?<br /><ul><li>Finally my point... An online business Is unlike any marketing tool because it can interface with your business and you customer and potential customers!
  22. 22. Automatically collect customer data
  23. 23. Automate your business processes
  24. 24. Build communities through blogs, forums and rss feeds.
  25. 25. You don’t have to spend your life on twitter and facebook! Sync them to your website!
  26. 26. Automate customer loyalty building tasks -> build one on one relationships with automated loyalty campaigns – e.g. An email on a customer birthday</li></li></ul><li>Even Online Business Fail!<br />Manual data entry! <br />Hard work... A slave to the machine!<br />1: A lack of online strategy driving the business. <br />2: Disparate business tools<br />You can get tools for email marketing, shopping carts or CRM solutions stock management. But then you need to cobble them together! Or they don’t talk to each other!<br />
  27. 27. What Do We Do About It!The 3 Pillars of Newicon<br />Website design (the front end)<br />Well thought out interfaces that pack power and punch!<br />Website and system consultancy <br />(the back end)Integration of your website into your business processes and systems<br />Project XThis is our website system that provides previously disparate tools as one!<br />All our new websites come with a customer database. That you can integrate into CRM systems or anything you want.<br />
  28. 28. People Who Need Us!<br /><ul><li>If you hear anyone saying they need to import their contacts. Or import their data.
  29. 29. Or we are looking for a system that does x.
  30. 30. People often don’t realise they can perform these tasks automatically. Or web software can be bespoked to do it.
  31. 31. If you or somebody you know spends long periods of time using spreadsheets.
  32. 32. their jobs can often be automated!
  33. 33. Repetitive data entry tasks!
  34. 34. These can often be automated.
  35. 35. If you have a CRM system and you need to manually enter customer details from your website into it.
  36. 36. Well.. You deserve a slap! Because this can be automated
  37. 37. And lastly, anyone thinking of creating a website or updating their website needs to talk to us to ensure their business will be a success online.</li>