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Aco blended narr1


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  • 1. Accountable Care Organizations“Shifting Gears”<br />Presented by Jeff Squier<br />Executive Director NEWHVN<br />
  • 2. What is an “ACO”?<br />(Accountable Care Organization)<br /><ul><li>Provider-led organizations held accountable for cost and quality targets for a defined population
  • 3. An alternative to the current fee-for-service payment system included in the Health Reform law
  • 4. Can use different payment models and varying degrees of provider risk</li></li></ul><li>“Why Now?” and What is Different<br />Why is integration and Risk Contracting Back on the Table?<br /><ul><li> “Great Recession”
  • 5. Return of health care cost inflation
  • 6. New evidence – perverse cost/variation/quality relationship
  • 7. Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act </li></ul>What is Different This Time Around?<br />1990s<br />Today<br /><ul><li>Primary care capitation
  • 8. Solo, small group physicians
  • 9. No system of Care visibility
  • 10. Clinton reform failed
  • 11. Killed by an economic boom
  • 12. Insurer-led HMOs
  • 13. Slices and dices of risk
  • 14. Better delivery system integration
  • 15. Much better IT, information
  • 16. Obama reform passed
  • 17. Slow growth prospects
  • 18. Provider-led ACOs</li></ul>CARE = Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness; HMO = health maintenance organization<br />IT = information technology<br />Confidential and Proprietary 2010 Sg2<br />
  • 19. Why now?<br />Average spending on healthper capita ($US PPP)<br />Total expenditures on healthas percent of GDP<br />International Comparison of Spending on Health, 1980–2007<br />16%<br />$7,290<br />8%<br />$2,454<br />Note: $US PPP = purchasing power parity.<br />Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD Health Data, 2009 (Paris: OECD, Nov. 2009).<br />
  • 20. Deaths per 100,000 population*<br />* Countries’ age-standardized death rates before age 75; including ischemic heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and bacterial infections.<br />See report Appendix B for list of all conditions considered amenable to health care in the analysis.<br />Data: E. Nolte and C. M. McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analysis of World Health Organization mortality files (Nolte and McKee 2008).<br />Mortality Amenable to Health Care<br />HEALTHY LIVES<br />Source: Commonwealth Fund National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance, 2008<br />
  • 21. A Seismic Shift in Thinking<br />The future “value-based payment cycle” will need reliability equal to the current revenue cycle<br />FFS World<br />Value-Based World<br />6<br /><ul><li> Access/ Continuity
  • 22. Care Coordination
  • 23. Comprehensive
  • 24. Patient Self Mgmt
  • 25. Etc.</li></ul>Documentation<br />Guidelines<br />Protocols<br />Contract<br />Coding<br />Service<br />Statement<br />Service<br />Outcome<br />Bonus $$$<br />Bill<br />Quality Report<br />Cash $$$<br />Salary Plus Bonus<br />RVUs, Rev minus Exp<br />(Oblivious to quality, safety, etc.)<br />
  • 26. Physicians &amp; Hospitals have a steep ambulatory care learning curve<br />Is an Emergency Hospital Admission a…<br />Good Thing!?... <br />Fill a bed, take x-rays do a procedure<br />…an Ambulatory Sentinel Event? <br />OR<br />$$$$$<br />7<br /><ul><li> Missed appointment?
  • 27. Unable to get into clinic?
  • 28. Failed to fill prescription?
  • 29. Unable to get Rx refill?
  • 30. PC / specialty miscommunication?
  • 31. Patient misunderstanding
  • 32. Failure to listen to patient?
  • 33. Missed lab or xray report?</li></ul>Copyright 2010 – BDC Advisors <br />
  • 34. Shared Savings<br />Bundle payment<br />“Medium Risk”<br />Pay for Performance<br />“Low Risk”<br />Global Payment<br />“High Risk”<br />Transparency<br />Pay for coordination<br />“No Risk”<br />
  • 35. Existing ACO Pilots &amp; Programs<br />
  • 36. What we know: <br />Payor Readiness<br />Government Payors / Other Initiatives<br />CommercialPayors<br />NEWHVN’s ACO Opportunities <br />WI Payment Reform Initiative<br />Anthem BC.BS<br />UHC<br />CMS<br />Humana<br />WPS<br /><ul><li>NEWHVN selected as ACO
  • 37. Transition to Shared Savings</li></ul>NEWHVN asked to participate in pay-4-performance program<br />Want to discuss ACO options through NEWHVN<br />Expand existing pay-4-performance plan<br /><ul><li>Shared savings
  • 38. Center for Medicare &amp; Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
  • 39. Partial capitation
  • 40. Bundled payment -- Knee
  • 41. Diabetes alternative care &amp; payment model</li></ul>10<br />
  • 42. ACO Challenges (to start!)<br />Leadership commitment<br />Adequate population size<br />Primary Care Base<br />Physician Leadership<br />IT integration<br />Care Management<br />Infrastructure to support<br />11<br />
  • 43. ACO Next Steps:<br /><ul><li> Learn and explore
  • 44. Engage and educate
  • 45. Discuss with your colleagues</li></ul>Questions or Comments:<br />Contact me at <br />920.831.1918 (Fox Valley phone #)<br />920.445.7211 (Green Bay phone #)<br />Email –<br />M:D-NEWHVNLibraryPresentationsNEWHVN presentationsACOTalkACOBlended.pptx<br />