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We are India’s Largest and first Non Profitable social service organization Providing B2B and B2C Marketing Services for the Company’s of Different line of business. We have been into the business past 3 years coming to head count we are 1500+ globally .We are Associated with Fortune 5000 Forums, Blogs and social media networking company’s. We have experience working with Tier1 Company’s to Tier5 Company’s, The Money generated by our organization will be donated to the poor on behalf of your company name, Its like a win and win situation where in your organization gets business and qualified leads from buyers and at the same time gets an opportunity to help the poor. 80% of our business comes from the Existing Client\'s here you can trust us on the quality and the pricing.

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NEW Global Helping Hands

  1. 1. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Helping Hands Social Service B2C Marketing Organization Helping Hands Overview - Helping Hands is Global Social Services Origination Providing B2C Marketing Services for the Company’s of different line of business, We has been into the business past 3 years - We are Tie up with Fortune 5000 Marketing Company’s and with sales offices across US and the offices in Dubai, Singapore and Mideast market. - We are Tie up with top NGO’s located in India. - Coming to head count we are 1500+ globally (Resources in US & abroad and 300+ in India) - We work with Tier1 Company’s to Tier5 Company’s, 80% of our business comes from the Existing Company’s. - Recently we have provided funding to the NGO in Amalapuram where in we have raised funds for the Eye campaigns organized for the slum. Helping Hands - Service Offerings 1) Design and Develop Web pages and Web sites - static pages and dynamic pages - Template Design, Web Design, Flash Animations, Logo Design
  2. 2. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things web host services – File hosting service: hosts files, not web pages ,Image hosting service ,Video hosting service, Blog hosting service, One-click hosting, Paste bin Hosts text snippets, Shopping cart software 2) Professional SEO Services  Top Rankings Guaranteed  Guaranteed Top Search Engine Placement Services  Guaranteed Top Search Engine Ranking 3) eCommerce Promotion  Increase qualified leads from buyers.  Increase sales from your website.  Improve Google rankings and traffic.  Market your services to your target market. 4) Target Marketing will Profit for your company  Increased Targeted and Qualified Visitors  Increased Leads
  3. 3. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things  Improved Conversion (more online sales)  Market your brand to targeted audience 5) Effective Internet Branding Branding Consultation - Unlimited consultation on possibilities, mediums, strategy, etc. Visual Impact - Web Design and Development, aligned to your corporate theme, colors, logo, print media, etc. Internet Advertising - Reach out to targeted audience via Google PPC, Banner Advertising, Text Link Ads and targeted ads in industry sites. Internet Marketing - Popularize your brand via top search engine rankings for targeted keywords using SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Community Marketing, Press Releases, Article Submissions, Blog Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing. Reputation Management - Brand = Reputation. Search Engine Reputation Management Services. 6) Help Desk and Service Desk We have capabilities, expertise and experience in providing all these services Online or Telephone Marketing. quot;Social media marketing (SMM)quot; Combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube and many others. The SMM goals will be different for every business or organization, however most will involve some form of viral marketing to build idea or brand awareness, increase visibility, and possibly sell a product or service.
  4. 4. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things quot;Social media optimization (SMO)quot; Is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. Methods of SMO include adding RSS feeds, adding a quot;Digg Thisquot; button, blogging and incorporating third party community functionalities like Flickr photo slides and galleries or YouTube videos. Services Social media optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing strategies are employed by Empowered SEO to promote the site through the use of networking in social bookmarking, social networks, video sharing sites and photo sharing sites. As part of Social Media Marketing we work with you on  Creating custom applications for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc.  Viral marketing to promote ideas (videos, articles etc.)  Create brand awareness  Make your site social media friendly (increase likability of the site, increase ease of tagging and bookmarking, reward inbound links etc.)  Integrating your applications with other systems like Google Maps, Plaxo etc.  Promote your site through free and paid advertisements on social networks  Leverage the power of social networks to drive traffic to your site  Generate demographically targeted traffic to your site  Community building  Integration of blogs, RSS and other tools into marketing campaign
  5. 5. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Healthcare SEO | Medical SEO | Healthcare Marketing and Promotion The key aspect about Medical or Healthcare industry is Trust. Well designed website along with top search engine rankings in Google does provide the Trust and Confidence apart from bringing traffic and increasing business for your medical organization. With extensive experience in Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing together with expert SEO techniques, Helping Hands has all the necessary tools to drive qualified visitors to your website that would help your business succeed. Our Healthcare Search Engine Optimization will Profit your organization:  Increase qualified healthcare and medical leads, patients.  Increase sales from your website.  Improve Google rankings and relevant traffic.  Market your services to your target healthcare market locally or nationally. More and more people are using internet to fulfill their Medical and Healthcare needs be it finding physicians and doctors in a wide variety of fields including lasik, teeth whitening, plastic surgery, etc. Today anybody looking for professional consultation or treatment or a surgery or healthcare information are searching online to find out local providers of the services. This means, it has become increasingly important in today’s competitive healthcare and medical field to look out for comprehensive internet marketing strategies to bring their services to their clients. We at Helping Hands are focused to provide top 10 rankings to your website in Google and other major search engines for your specialty and target geographic region making you the first choice for people looking for your services. It does not matter if you are in a very competitive field and targeting nationally or you are looking for a niche specialty in a specific geographic location, our SEO Experts would provide you solutions that would fit your budget and at the same time provide Quality results and top ROI. Our SEO Services can profit variety of healthcare and medical services including:
  6. 6. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things  Doctors, Physicians, Chiropractors, etc.  Hospitals, Medical Centers.  Medical and Healthcare Consulting Services.  Medical and Healthcare Information and Law websites.  Specialty Pharmacies.  Elective Surgeries.  Natural Cure  Ayaur Cure  Homeopathy Cure  Bio Cure We believe in the greatest success for your business. By selecting our Healthcare and Medical SEO Services you would increase visibility of your business and leave your competitors behind in your market. Be with Helping Hands now and become a leader in your Healthcare and Medical specialty. Why Us?  Focus on you - We work to achieve your goals while you focus on your business.  Proven Top Rankings Achieved - Bring targeted visitors to your website.  95% Retention - 95% of clients renewing service with us and are under long term contracts.  Full Service SEO Target Marketing Agency - SEO Target Marketing using SEO and SEM, Online Marketing, SEO Search Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.  Detailed Reporting and Tracking - Weekly Ranking reports and monthly Detailed Traffic Reports. Reputation Management Brand has an associated image, a reliability factor. This assurance needs to be maintained and any attempts to falsly malign it needs to be coutnered. The dedicated team at Empowered SEO has helped several clients in this situation and has exprience and expertise in handling such situations.
  7. 7. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Press releases A press release is written when announcing something of importance like a product launch, implementation of a new service, awards received or any other news that may be of public and media importance. At Empowered SEO our team of professionals will write newsworthy press releases which contain keyword rich content hence increasing the potential for increased traffic to your sites from clients searching for your product or company. We will send out your press releases to a number of online press release services and as mails to website and newspaper editors improving your ranking and increasing your chances of additional press. Articles It is our continuous effort to use all the options available to us towards the benefit of your business. Article writing is just one such element. Our writers use their creativity to write articles which are related to your field of business and expertise. Empowered SEO maintains a list of hundreds of well categorized article submission directories to which the articles are sent ensuring a link back to you which further increases your exposure and puts you in a favorable position online. Blogging Blogging is an interesting form of broadcast media which connects you to a network of people sharing similar interests and information in an unconventional manner. Blogs are a popular form of communication today because it combines text, links to similar blogs, webpage’s and other media related to the topic. It is also an interactive media because readers are able to leave comments and observations about different articles. We will use this form of media by creating blogs that are relevant to you and link back to your website for more information making you easily accessible to different people from all over the world.
  8. 8. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Paid Reviews Paid reviews is a way to promote your brand on famous blogs and sites. It gives instant exposure and creates brand awareness. Empowered SEO will device a paid review plan as per your budget and leverage it to create immediate buzz for the brand. Banner Advertisements Several popular sites on the internet allow banner advertisements (an image or a flash movie) on their sites. This ia very effective medium to grap users attention and direct them to your site (when they click on the banner). We work with you on designing the banner and the landing page (the page on your site which user land on after clicking that banner). The landing page and the banner are very critical to successful conversion. Email Marketing Email is the most revolutionary marketing innovation of our time. Designing effective HTML emails featuring Flash animation and streaming video is the basis for the most cost-efficient and effective direct-to-consumer campaigns in history of marketing Search Engine Optimization Each day, millions of Internet users are searching information for various purposes.And with each search, search engines generate tons and tons of information indexing them on its result pages. These result pages are called Search Engine Results Page - SERP. In today's competitive internet world, ranking on these SERP play a dominant role in the way business is done. Research has confirmed that 70-80% of prospective web customers use search engines to find relevant content and search engine marketing is the most widely used method of attracting visitors to a website. As a result, competition is fierce at the top of the search engines.
  9. 9. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Why you need Organic Search Engine Optimization?  91% of Indian users use search on a regular basis and the numbers are pretty high in other countries as well.  80% of the clicks on Google are on the organic search listings  if you are not doing it, your competitor is doing it. Do you want to lose out on all these leads? Services To stay top on these search engine rankings, it takes a dedicated professional team to manage Search Engine Optimization – SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural search results. This in turn means ranking high on search engines for terms related to your business. Search Engine Optimization is a cyclic process, which can be illustrated by the following figure:
  10. 10. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization approach has been designed for successful results:  Initial Consultation: To help understand your needs  Website Analysis/Competitive Analysis  Keywords Research and Selection  On-Page optimization (content + code optimization)  Link Popularity  Web Analytics / ROI  Reporting and Tracking Initial Consultation A SEO Account Manager is assigned your account and will spend time interacting with you personally on your needs, understanding your competition and goals. This will help us design a well targeted optimization plan for you.
  11. 11. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Web Site Analysis / Competitive Analysis It is very important to evaluate your website in order to check its functioning and limitations. We judge the effectiveness of the content, design, navigation and underlying technology used on your webpage. We use specialized tools to measure the size of your audience and the patterns of how they use your website helping you take the necessary corrective measures to ensure that your website serves the purpose you intended for it. A detail report is presented which discusses the findings and provides high level recommendations (if any) to deal with the potential issues. Keyword Research And Selection Sites rank on search engines for search terms, also called keywords. It is very important to know the targeted keywords for any site. All downstream SEO processes depend on the keywords identified for a particular website and they are the single most important thing in the whole process. Several factors go into the selection for keywords like: relevance to the site concepts, keyword traffic volume, keyword difficulty etc. Empowered SEO will work with you on defining the keywords for your site and detail course of action will be laid out on how the SEO efforts will be directed to target those keywords. Link Populatiry Services Links play central role in SEO. The more sites linking to you the more popular you site is. We offer range of link popularity services:  Directory Submissions Directory submission is a process of submitting your web-site on web directories to gain one-way links. It is one of the most effective ways to promote your web-site without spending a lot of money. We offer submissions to leading directories for our clients. We have list of thousands of search engine friendly free and paid directories and with new ones being released every day we
  12. 12. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things use our knowledge in this field to focus on the ones with the highest quality and which will help drive the most traffic to your site by search engines and direct traffic. Empowered SEO will submit your site to several directories and send you detail report on submissions made.  Link Exchange As one of the main principles of SEO; link exchange is the process of cultivating two-way links. We work with webmasters of domain specific sites to gain links from them and providing them links in return. This helps them as well as us to rank well with search engines.  Paid Directories There are free directories but then there are some paid directories whose link carry more weightage and is given more importance by search engines. Empowered SEO has a list of potentially useful paid directories to which it will submit sites to get the link juice. Web Analytics and ROI Besides helping generate leads, Empowered SEO deploys a suit of tools to help you track the various aspects of traffic and conversion: The analysis can reveal:  Traffic Patterns  Demographics  Entry Pages  Exist Pages  Click Patterns  Conversion Ratio (the % of traffic resulting in leads) which help streamline the marketing campaigns and focus on re-design of various aspects of the web site and seo campaign. Reporting and Tracking
  13. 13. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things Our team provides monthly report and analysis on how the site is faring on major search engines. The reports provides details on several important parameters we monitor and shows how the site is faring on those. About Helping Hands SEO Helping Hands began as a pure Global Social Services Origination Providing B2C Marketing Services company (that is why the name Helping Hands) and then diversified into various other aspects of internet marketing. Helping Hands SEO has been in the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization business for over 3 years. The management team and the working team have extensive domain knowledge and have built successful business models based on our core skills of internet marketing and search engine optimization. Helping Hands Doctor, Helping Hands Realty, Helping Hands Builder and many more are driven by expertise in search engine knowledge. When you work with us you know you are working with the best in the industry. We have 100s of successful search engine optimization and internet marketing implementations with happy clients in real estate, medical, cosmetics, e-commerce and various other domains. We have a very strong presence in India and USA and are working on expanding it to other countries as well. Targeted Countrys  1 Implementation o 1.1 Africa o 1.2 Americas  1.2.1 Brazil  1.2.2 Canada  1.2.3 United States o 1.3 Asia  1.3.1 China  1.3.2 India
  14. 14. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things  1.3.3 Israel  1.3.4 Singapore  1.3.5 Thailand o 1.4 Europe  1.4.1 Finland  1.4.2 Germany  1.4.3 The Netherlands  1.4.4 United Kingdom  England  Northern Ireland  Scotland  Wales o 1.5 Oceania  1.5.1 Australia  1.5.2 New Zealand Management Team Thanks, Madhu NEW Global Helping Hands GHH Ph: +91 40 42408940, +91 40 65245996 Suhasini Business Associate NEW GHH GHH Ph: +91 40 42408940, +91 40 65245996
  15. 15. New Global Helping Hands ~ Thoughts Become Things