Newgen Celebrates 20 Years Milestone


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Newgen Celebrates 20 Years Milestone

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Newgen Celebrates 20 Years Milestone

  1. 1. Proudly Celebrating1992 - 2012 Years
  2. 2. INDEXMessage from the MD 03 - 03Newgen Timeline - 1992 to 2012 04 - 05President’s Awards 06 - 10Newgen’s Best Implementations 11 - 22Award Winning Cases 23 - 28Newgen’s Event Gallery 31 - 33Industry Recognitions 34 - 34Our Offices 35 - 35 20 Years... Building a path and striding ahead....
  3. 3. MESSAGE FROM THE MD Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success and moving together is a journey ... The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. products, providing exemplary customer experience and When we founded Newgen in 1992, we began with an idea building steadfast relationships. It is this very endeavor that and a vision to build a world class software products has catapulted us to our position as one of the Top 5 solution company from India. We took that single step, never providers in BPM and ECM, and it is what will differentiate knowing what a wonderful journey we had ventured out us from our peers and define the path that we take in the on. 20 years on, this journey is still as exciting, as challenging future. and as captivating as it has ever been. As part of our anniversary celebrations, we have compiled In this milestone year, I would like to thank and congratulate our best success stories and I hope you enjoy reading them every Newgen employee, alumni and customer for their as much as we enjoyed achieving them. exceptional contribution and support, in turning our dream Happy Reading ! into a reality. Regards, However, in the face of this notable achievement, we must Diwakar Nigam remember that ‘ A job well begun, is a job half done ’. We Managing Director and CEO must continue our philosophy of producing world class Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. 03
  4. 4. About Newgen • Unicode support for TM OmniFlow • Versions launched in Newgen Software Technologies Limited is a leading global provider of Business Process Thai, Korean, Japanese Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Communication languages • Acquired Konica Minolta Management (CCM) with a global footprint of 850 installations in over 45 countries with large, as SES customer mission-critical solutions deployed at the worlds leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPOs, • Newgen emerges as the market leader with 40% Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers. market share in Workflow and DMS Newgens Quality Systems are certified against ISO 9001:2008 and Information Security Standard, TM survey done by Frost & • OmniDocs ported to Sullivan ISO 27001:2005. Newgen has been assessed at CMMi Level3. Solaris, AIX & Linux • Acquired customers like • Development of HDFC Bank, Max New MicroPDF image York Life, RSA, Hutch, compression technology TM Philips and Indigo • Release OmniFlow , (Unilever) XML printer & • Acquired customers like • Newgen repositioned as OmniCapture Sahara Insurance, • Newgen switches focus end-to-end provider of • Listed amongst Top 10 Bajaj Allianz, Kenya to large scale enterprise enterprise DMS and product companies in Airways & iGate BPO products vs. off the shelf BPM/ ECM product India, by Data Quest products • Release of J2EE-based magazine • Development of Java- TM OmniDocs , ASP-based DMS & PDFWriter • CMM Level 4 2003-2005 based multi-tier system Certification • Imaging & DMS toolkit product for next gen.DMS engine licensed to Canon • Supply OEM DMS • Release of • Canon long-term OmniExtract & TM engine licensed to 2002-2003 product development Toshiba ImagePrinter initiate • ISO 9001 certification • Imaging and workflow implemented at Citibank • Software engineering 2000-2001 team grows to 250 • Release of imaging India toolkit & DMS product • Release of FinFlow & Newgen Office OmniReports TM 1998-1999 • Newgen selected as products provider for Indian• Product development initiated with 20 Electoral Voter Card System 1996-1997 engineers• R&D group constituted for image processing applications 1994-1995 1992-1993 04 Newgen Timeline
  5. 5. 2011-2012 • Newgen positioned in 2010-2011 ECM MQ report, Forrester CCM wave • Featured in the Magic report Quadrants for BPM & • Lakshmikumaran and 2009-2010 ECM, 2010 by Gartner Sridharan won Gold award for global • Release of products • Release of Newgen BPM excellence in Adaptive TM Document Processing OmniFlow 8.0 Case Management 2008-2009 • Release of Newgen ECM System, Invoice Processing System and • Ecobank won silver OmniDocs 6.0 TM automatic signature award for excellence in • Bloor Research Features • Featured in the Magic verification workflow and BPM from Newgen as an Innovator 2007-2008 in "DMS Report Update Quadrants for ECM, • HP becomes Newgen’s MEA region • Finalist for global award • Red Hat "World is Open 2009 by Gartner first customer on Cloud • Gartner adds Newgen • Featured in the Magic platform in Knowledge Award" for the banking Management solution 2006-2007 under "Other Vendors" category in MQ report implementation at Deutsche Bank Quadrants report for BPMS, 2009 and "Hype • Release of OD 7.1 and OF 9.1 conducted by KMWorld for BPMS Cycle for BPMS, 2009" • 63 new customers magazine USA • Listed in Red Herring • HSBC invests in Newgen • CMS Watch recognition by Gartner added • Finalist for best CXO Asia Top 200 • Newgen Launches CCM 2005-2006 • Newgen Software wins TM of OmniFlow as a Suite -OmniOMS TM • Fullerton India Credit Company bags Global • IndusInd Bank won silver award for e- governanace Frost & Sullivan Market true BPM product" in • Newgen wins CNBC award for Global• CheckFlow product DMS Suites Report Awards for Excellence in Excellence in BPM and implementation Leadership Award for "Emerging India Award" • Featured in Ovum launch • ISO 27001: 2005 BPM & Workflow Workflow Document Management • SAP invests in Newgen Decision matrix as• Newgen won the Certification implemented by & Workflow software & • Won CNBC-TV18, “Top 3 Value for Money prestigious (Information Security Newgen Services for 2006 “Emerging India Award BPM Vendor” “Distinguished Management System) • Winner of Global Top • Celent recognizes 2008” • Newgen featured in Application Product • IDC recognition as a 100 at Red Herring Newgen as a “significant” Gartner - Retail Loan Company”award at the Global Leader in Global 2009 global Document Origination Vendor Product Summit: 2005, Business Process • HP Benchmarking report Management player for Landscape hosted by NASSCOM, Management and on OD 7.0 the Banking Sector • 70 new customers and Indian Institute of Document Management • Butler technology Audit • Acquired customers like added Management Bangalore System on OF 8.0 Kotak Mahindra Bank,• Acquires customers like • Black Book recognition • Release of new product Bank of America, Abu HSBC, Deutsche Bank, as No.1 Outsourced Newgen Print Center Dhabi Commercial Bank, SBI, FIC, Bank of Software Application • 55 new customers Mashraq Bank, ECO Baroda, ING Vysya, /Engineering/DMS/BPM added Bank, Asia Financial Cathay United Bank, Vendor in the Wealth Holdings, Equinox BPO Huanan Bank, Taishin Management industry • Biggest EDMS Bank, Lippo Bank, Bank Report implementation in the of Tanzania, GHB and • Newgen launches new world for a leading EXL BPO version of their insurance company• Filed its first patent workflow solution - • 3 patents filed for image TM processing OmniFlow 7.01992-2012 05
  6. 6. PRESIDENT’S AWARDS Newgen has instituted these awards to recognize the best implementations of BPM, over the course of the year. The criteria for evaluation include solution complexity, benefits for the user organization, mission criticality of the application, extent of usage etc. Each year our engagement managers nominate case studies of successful implementations from their respective regions. Then a special panel votes to select and award the winners.
  7. 7. PRESIDENT’S AWARDS Americas Africa Wellcare, USA Ecobank, Senegal Leading US Healthcare Payer transforms multiple processes Automation of Account Opening and Fund Transfer process Business Need Business Need ? Increasing volumes of highly document-intensive processes ? Process standardization across 22 countries ?process visibility and auditing Complete ? Highly compliance driven environment ? Stronger forgery control policies to adhere to the regulatory guidelines ? Manual search, exception handling and allocation of tasks based on LOBs, State, Member Type Solution Proposed ? monitoring dashboard Need for a ? of critical business processes like- account opening, account maintenance Automation Solution Proposed and fund transfer ? external business systems are working in conjunction rather than in silos Processes and ? Newgen started with the Medicaid process wherein complex rules pertaining to Family ? Business decisions on electronic documents and Child Health Plans were embedded in the user interface ? implemented the Provider Contracting process Newgen also Benefits ? Medicare Enrollment process was a centralized deployment for enrollment of members across multiple states. The solution in conjunction with the BAM ? improved by 90% Process TAT management dashboard enabled continuous process improvement ?capacity increased by over 80% Processing ? the process first time right (FRT) improved by 95% Completing ? to SLAs improved by 99% Adherence Benefits ? Strict adherence to regulatory compliance achieved ? of task, users skill, LOB, state, provider specialty, request type Based on type ?Alerts based on nearing/missed SLAs, TAT Automatic ? Reports configured on BAM provided complete control & visibility of processes 07
  8. 8. PRESIDENT’S AWARDS Europe Asia Pacific Cyprus Popular Bank, Cyprus East West Bank, Philippines Automation of Loan and Fund Transfer process Implementation of Image based Cheque Clearing Business Need Business Need ? to market delivery Faster time ? Improve process efficiency ? Meet compliance requirements ? & reduced paper consumption Faster TAT ? Minimize paper exchanges and loss in transit within and between MPB entities ? Improve forgery control for payment processes ? Reduce turnaround time of the processes ? Standardization of processes Solution Proposed ? and business gap Minimize IT ? Signature Management System and Image Based Cheque Clearing System Web based Solution Proposed has been implemented in all the 140 branches in Philippines ? 200+ users ? in Cyprus across 50 branches 5 processes ? Highly scalable solution ? Rollout of e-statement & Card dispute process in Greece ? Implementation of DMS-Remote Image Server in Serbia Benefits ? Solution implementations by Newgens ingenious “Prototype” model ? Improved efficiency of cheque clearing process Benefits ? Seamless integration with core applications ? Improved process visibility and control ? document scanning and archiving by 60% as opposed to previous solution Increase in ? Highly scalable solution capable of addressing more than 30,000 transactions in a day ? Reduced operational cost by 35% ? of requests handled per day by 50% Increased no ? Rise in customer service requests by 30% ? Expected return on investment of over 200%08
  9. 9. PRESIDENT’S AWARDS Asia Pacific India South Dai-ichi Insurance, Vietnam Infosys Technologies Improving process efficiency by using Newgen ECM & BPM Automation of ITR file processing partnered through Infosys platform Technologies Limited Business Need Business Need ? in process cycle time and process management Improvement ?of paper based returns filed by individuals and institutions Processing ? Seamless processing through integrated view of data from multiple applications ? Faster processing of returns and timely refund of excess tax paid ? Real time control and metrics ? different types of templates as required Supporting Solution Proposed Solution Proposed TM TM TM ? , OmniDocs , OmniScan , BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) OmniFlow ?of paper based ITR filed by individuals and Institutions Processing ? Issuance process automation New Policy ? 15-20 lac documents in every quarter ? 250+ users across branches and all regional offices Solution for ? multi-template forms as and when there is a change in regulations or Introducing ? of approval process at underwriter level and integration with core Multiple levels macro-economic policies insurance ?data extraction from electronic papers Automatic ? and data output to update core applications in required format Quality check Benefits Benefits ? scalable application to handle any number of transactions Secure and ? Multi-template forms to accommodate change in policies. ?in processing time Reduction ? Enabled efficient, faster and error free processing of returns forms ? Real-time dashboard for process transparency ? months with current user base of 400 Rollout in 3 ? old physical documents in the web-based centralized repository Migration of 09
  10. 10. PRESIDENT’S AWARDS India North India West HCL BPO L&T Finance Process automation for a leading UK bank Automation of Commercial Vehicle Loan process Business Need Business Need ? of process efficiency through automation Improvement ? Process Centralization leading to expansion of business ? track every transaction through the process lifecycle Capability to ? Image enablement of Fin -One application ? of process performance against key metrics Measurement ? with CIBIL Integration ? on operations Better control ? Achieve higher productivity Solution Proposed Solution Proposed ? automation & image enablement of the core business application Loan process ? requests processed in a year 90000+ loan ? Automation & Image Enablement of the Core Business Application Loan Process ? Solution running across 100+ locations ? of Credit Card Savings Application process Automation ? Seamless integration with core applications ? Solution running across 3 countries for 1000+ users ? Business Activity Monitoring dashboard and customized reports for process visibility ? process improvements by KAIZEN initiation Continuous Benefits Benefits ? Cost effectiveness and reduction in loan process TAT ? Faster TAT ? Efficient tracking of overall loan status ? platform for business processes across all LOBs Single vendor ?informed decision making Faster and ?of online documents anytime-anywhere Availability ? Increased operational agility ? of operational metrics for process excellence Monitoring ? Standardization of business rules, user roles and loan policies in the system ? Improved employee productivity10
  11. 11. NEWGEN’S BEST IMPLEMENTATIONS Over the past twenty years, Newgen Software has partnered with some of the worlds leading companies in their transformation journey, to deliver remarkable business benefits. Newgen solutions have over 850 installations across 45 countries. As part of this Anniversary Issue, we would like to share some of the best success stories from that expansive list.
  12. 12. BANKING CASE STUDY Enterprise-wide Document Management System For a leading Indian private sector bank The client is one of the leading private banks in India with a subsidiary each in the life and non-life insurance sector. Products Used: OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits 10000+ Users The bank has been successfully operating The Enterprise Content Management suite ? of transactions ensured High speed across the international arena. The bank was designed for the retail business and desired economy of scale and increased was on an expansion spree and needed to trade finance operations. The solution had operational efficiency 225+ million document centralize its processes. The bank also also been used for the two insurance ? Efficient management of more than 225 million document images images managed needed various processes to streamline the subsidiaries of the bank. Documents for transactions between the different branches various processes like Account Opening, ? with the third party workflow Integration system for image enablement while and the corporate office. Thus, the bank Loan Processing, Credit Card Processing, processing transactions was looking for a Document Management Rural and Micro banking, RTGS and ? and search of documents Easy archival System that could enable efficient and Insurance Policy documents were archived ?export the various reports Helped to effective processes, functioning at its various and managed by the ECM suite. from Newgens OmniDocsTM to the third branches. party system The solution is being used by nearly 10,000 users across the bank and its group companies. Since its deployment, the Newgen ECM suite has been running in a mission critical mode and has archived and managed more than 225 million documents.12
  13. 13. BANKING CASE STUDY Implementation of BPM platform For Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), with a strong presence in Consumer and Corporate Banking, is one of the leading banks in the UAE. Products Used: OmniFlowTM, OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM Return on Investment Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits of 190% The bank was in urgent need for a solution The Account Opening process was ? real-time integration with the Allowed for Area Benefits* that would enable end-to-end automation integrated with the banks existing core banks core system and other applicationsTATs, Processing More than of its key business processes and also application. The solution provided easier ? Better archiving system, providing better Time and 70% provide integration with its existing and faster data exchange across systems. and faster access to documents and Servicing Time customer information applications. Key challenges included: The bank also implemented and automated a number of other key processes such as ? Scalable solution that enables fasterCustomer service For both quality and existing& new rollout of initiatives and handles ? Physical transportation of documents Customer and Account Maintenance, Term increasing business volumes satisfaction customers between departments and branches Deposit Initiation and Maintenance on the ? Business Activity Monitoring shows Dependency ? Longer process cycle time BPM platform. reports on process and user metrics for on physical 100% performance tracking and continuous ? Reducing erroneous data from processes documents The solution has been implemented across ? compliance management and Difficulty in process improvement 43 branches of the bank and supports 700+ Volumes of auditing transactions 100% users and capable of processing more than ? Process monitoring and tracking userhandled per day 60,000 documents in a day. performance 13
  14. 14. INSURANCE CASE STUDY Worlds largest Document Management deployment For a leading life insurance company in India The client is a leading insurance player with more than 250 million customers pan India. They have received numerous awards for their products and superior customer services. Products Used: OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM Key Features of the Solution Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits ? Anywhere-Anytime access of electronic The solution provides anywhere-anytime ? Anytime-Anywhere document access andŸArchival of more than 250 million files across branches in India access to policy documents throughout the processingpolicy dockets with 7 billiondocuments ? Building a strong image repository from country for its existing customer base of ? Enhanced customer service due toŸAutomation across more than the current paper based file systems & 250 million. The solution is expected to reduced time lags to access policy docket2000 branches,100 divisional integrating the same with the available effectively manage the customer data ? Secure long-lasting archiving & improvedoffices, 7 zonal offices and a legacy systemscorporate office through all the stages of Information policy record management ? movement of paper across EliminatingŸDistributed document Lifecycle Management (ILM), from departments/locations ? of internal workflow Better controlmanagement for 100 zonal creation/recording to storage to retrieval ? Reduced operational cost due to efficientoffices ? the flow of DAK (External AutomatingŸDigitization & Life Cycle Correspondence documents) across the and distribution to finally disposal. management of administrative & zonalManagement of all departmental organization departments, zonal offices &documents Additionally, EDMS has helped the offices divisional offices corporation to digitize their departmental files and critical departmental workflows for more than 25 departments across the central office and 100 zonal offices.14
  15. 15. INSURANCE CASE STUDY Streamlining Policy Issuance at Max New York Life For a leading life insurance company in India Max New York Life Insurance (MNYL) is a joint venture between New York Life International, the international arm of New York Life, a Fortune 100 company and Max India Limited, one of Indias leading Multi-business Corporations. Products Used: OmniFlowTM , OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM“ The Newgen BPM solutions allows us to closely monitor time frames, while efficiently handling burgeoning growth in number and complexity of Business Challenges ? Physical transportation of documents between departments and locations ? processing customer High TAT in Newgen’s Solution Using Newgens ECM solution the organization now scans over 60,000 documents a day and archives them in the Solution Benefits ?100% increase in productivity More than level in the first year of deployment, exceeding 250% over the next 3 years customer requests. This has requests central repository. The solution supports ?75% reduction in TAT More than been possible due to the ? storing, managing and Difficulty in 800 concurrent users. With 4 terabytes of ?50% reduction in operational More than system’s close integration tracking huge number of physical images now available across the enterprise, costs with all other insurance documents ? increase in volumes of Almost 300% the need to physically send the documents applications. ? adhering to regulatory Difficulty in transactions handled per day ” back to different departments for requirements processing was eliminated. 15
  16. 16. BPO CASE STUDY F&A and HR process automation For WIPRO BPO The client is the captive BPO of a leading software services company in India and provides business process services to all its business units. It handles all the back-office operations including Employee Claims, Loan Processing, Accounts Payable and HR-related activities. Products Used: OmniFlowTM, OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM“ As a result of using the Newgen BPM platform over last four years across multiple client engagements, Wipro BPO is realizing significant benefits Business Challenges ? Manual processing of invoices ? Cater to explosive growth in employee strength Newgen’s Solution The Newgen BPM solution was integrated with SAP R/3 to allow the client to fully leverage the Imaging and Document Solution Benefits ? from 7 to 3 days in TAT reduced Employee claims process ? reduction across operations Drastic cost through improved process TATs, ? volume of transactions Track huge Management capabilities of the solution. ? Enabled centralization of HR processes enhanced employee productivity, ? of employee related Improve TAT The processes automated were: across 100 offices and better SLAs to service our transactions ? Employee Claims ? HR Processing for 100,000 Employees customers. Our association with ? Human Resources ? to statutory guidelines Adherence ? Real time dashboards to monitor process Newgen has helped us realize our ? Vendor Payables ? Improve archival and retrieval of and user performance core value proposition of Standardization, Simplification employee documents Employees raised their claims in SAP R/3 and Optimization to increase and sent the claim sheets and supporting customer value. ” bills, which were scanned and introduced into the workflow. The claim was - Puneet Chandra, Vice subsequently cleared and archived or President rejected. Similarly, bills and invoices for vendor payments were scanned and routed for clearing by authorized personnel, with standardized regular audit checks.16
  17. 17. BPO CASE STUDY Automation of Credit Card and Savings Application Processes For a leading BPO company in India & UK The client is one of the leading players in the BPO segment with strong domain expertise and quality driven processes. It has evolved from a traditional BPO to a next generation BPO in a short span of time. The client, a world-class organization that has a multi-geographic delivery model with domain orientation. Products Used: OmniFlow , OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM TM Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits200+ users across three ? transactions Tracking of Newgen implemented the BPM and ECM ? Faster TAT countries in Europe ? of process efficiency Improvement suite to automate the Credit Card & Savings ?of online document anytime- Availability ? of process performance Measurement Application processes for a large European anywhere against key metrics Banking Customer of the firm. The ? of operational metrics for Monitoring ? on operations Better control implementation of Newgens solution process excellence helped the client to monitor operational ? process improvement by Continuous metrics for process excellence as well as KAIZEN method improve employee productivity. The solution was running across client locations in 3 countries for 200+ users. 17
  18. 18. SSC CASE STUDY Automation of F&A processes for Astra Zeneca across APAC and Americas Astra Zeneca is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies based in UK. The company sells its products in over 100 countries, has manufacturing facilities in 27 and major research centers in 11 countries. Products Used: OmniFlow , OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM TM“We choose Newgen solution over other international Vendors because we needed a scalable solution that could be rolled out in a short period of time. Newgens Business Challenges ? of Finance & Accounting Centralization (F&A) process for multiple units, spread across countries in APAC and Americas Newgen’s Solution The invoices were scanned in various countries across APAC and Americas and then processed centrally at the SSC. Solution Benefits ? quick tracking of invoices Precise and ? Smoother coordination and collaboration among stakeholders present in different domain experience in Shared ? monitoring of invoices Tracking and Newgen solution enabled automation of countries Services was also an advantage. ? Better visibility and control over F&A for document scanning and approval processes ? Overall streamlined processing of With the deployment of the faster payment cycles required for Procure-To-Pay (PTP – invoices in multiple countries with the Newgen solution we can respond companys standard operating Accounts Payable), Sales Order-To-Cash procedures quickly to changing business requirements, take quicker (SOTC – Accounts Receivable), Records-To- ? efficiency and agility to the Operational decisions and enhance Report (RTR – General Ledger) and Master entire payment process efficiencies, while leveraging Maintenance processes at the Shared existing systems. ” Service Centre. - Mohit Grover, Regional IS Director, AstraZeneca18
  19. 19. SSC CASE STUDY Ranbaxy implemented Newgens BPM Solution at its Shared Service Centre The client is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company manufacturing a wide range of affordable and high quality generic medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographical boundaries. It is ranked amongst the top ten generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Products Used: OmniFlowTM, OmniDocsTM, OmniScanTM and SAP Connectors The company achieved a headcount Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits reduction of 60% ? Various activities and systems involved in The solution centralized the AP process and ? Improved employee productivity invoice processing working in isolation provided a unified Business Workflow ? Improved audit and compliance The company has ? on physical movement of Dependence automation platform to support the management process reduced from 5 achieved a 135% ROI invoices across departments and locations business needs of the Shared Service days to 3 daysover a three years period ?efficient monitoring and Lack of an Centre and was also integrated with SAP All . ? Efficient tracking and monitoring of tracking mechanism the invoices and supporting documents Vendor payments and invoices ? conducting internal audits and Difficulty in were sent to the SSC, where they were ? Seamless integration with SAP meeting compliance standards scanned and introduced into OmniFlowTM (workflow system) using OmniScanTM. The solution supported both PO and non-PO based invoice processing for vendors across locations. It also allowed the company to archive invoices and other supporting documents in OmniDocsTM from where they could be viewed, downloaded and printed online as per user requirements. 19
  20. 20. GOVERNMENT CASE STUDY Case Management in Action-Automating End-To-End OfficeTransactions The client is one of the worlds largest publicly funded industrial R&D organizations. As a multidisciplinary, multi-location network of around 40 national laboratories and an almost equal number of outreach centers, it has matured into a performance driven and knowledge centric organization. Products Used: OmniFlow , OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM TM Key Features of the SolutionOnline repository of policies,?rules, and guidelines arranged in a Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefitschronological, thematic fashion ?efficient tracking mechanism Lack of an The solution was expected to cut down on ? and standardization of all Centralizationfor easy access the number of steps that were being business processes across all labs ? on the physical movement Dependency? to post online requestsProvisionfor policy clarification/ of documents across various units / followed in the manual processing of ? time lines, system defined Transactioninterpretation, new policy departments requests, applications, letters, and files. escalation matrix, alert notifications andcreation/amendment ? storing, managing and Difficulty in automated reminders for facilitatingOnline repository of legal cases? tracking huge volume of physical timely execution and responsesfor faster retrieval The Newgen solution enabled automation documents of following processes: ? in operations Transparency? and tracking of courtRegistrationcases and legal advice ? centralized knowledge base Absence of ? Lab Administration (80 processes) ? System generated MIS reports and? report on lab-wiseReal time of acts, policies etc. resulted in longer dashboardspending case details decision making cycles ? e- File Management with Electronically Driven Green Notings ? 50-60% reduction in process turn-? DAKElectronic ? G2G transactions were time G2E, G2C, around-time(correspondence)/file creation, ? Policy / Scheme Drafting and Approvalmanagement, movement and and cost consuming ?easy search functionality to Quick andperformance of related tasks like ? & Meeting Management Committee browse historical case(s)diary entry, indexing, noting, cross ? File Management Legal Casereferencing, search/retrieval etc. ? Information (RTI) Request to? with green note sheet &File viewdigital signature integration ? Records Management ? Secretary-Boss-Secretary Interactions20
  21. 21. TELECOM CASE STUDY 40% Cost Reduction in Accessing Customer Documents For a leading telecom service provider The client is the worlds leading mobile telecommunications company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States through the companys subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments. Products Used: OmniFlow , OmniDocsTM and OmniScanTM TM More than 40% reduction in time and Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits cost associated with ? Faster customer acquisition for prepaid ? Management system for: Document ? to Regulatory Needs Compliance managing and and postpaid business CAF Archival and Retrieval for services ? ? Anytime-Anywhere access of the CAFtransporting customer ? Delay in verification enabled across all circles ? Major reduction in time and cost documents ? managing of customer Storing and For Postpaid Business ? associated to manage and courier documents ? Business For Prepaid customer documents (more than 40%) ? growing workload Exponentially ? with ePOS Integration ?more convenient verification Faster and ? High operational costs of the customers signature by integrating DMS with ePOS 21
  22. 22. TELECOM CASE STUDY Anytime-Anywhere Access of Customer Statements For a leading telecom service provider in India The client is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. Products Used: OmniReportsTM“ Newgen Solution has benefited us in providing online services to the customers, increased productivity and decrease cost Business Challenges ? stored in paper form Historic bills Newgen’s Solution Bill Management solution using ? OmniReportsTM for designing, archiving Solution Benefits ? been kept online since 1996 All bills have ? cost for duplicate bill High retrieval ? process Self service of operations. Customer Care and retrieving customer bills online requests ? duplicate bills to the CCR Web view of Rep have been given access to ?in TAT Reduction ? with IVRS Integration the documents to resolve ? of bills through email, fax, Distribution ” customer complaints online. ? core application from Relieve the IVRS resource hungry activities like searching ?in the load on the core system Reduction for duplicate bills - General Manager - IT ? Quick customer response ? Meeting compliance guidelines of keeping bills online22
  23. 23. AWARD WINNING CASES Awards from the industry and from analysts are a testament to an organizations ability, vision and degree of innovation. Newgen Software has been recognized by the industry and by analyst firms across the globe for enabling its clients to achieve operational excellence, cost reductions and tangible business results. We have put together a list of our top award winning cases.
  24. 24. AWARD WINNING CASES Silver Award Winner at 18th Global Award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow in 2011 Process standardization & automation of account opening & fund transfer process across 22 countries The client, ECO Bank, is a leading pan African bank spanning across multiple geographies. The bank operates as “One Bank” with common branding, standards, policies and processes to provide consistent and reliable services to its customers. Process TAT Business Challenges Newgen’s Solution Solution Benefits improved by 90% ? Lack of process standardization, as the The bank automated their mission critical ? ensured process The solution processes across 22 countries were not business processes including Account standardization across 22 countries Processing capacity in centralized; all the business processes Opening, Account Maintenance and Fund ? operations made it easier for Simplicity of creased by over 80% were working in silos the bank to open new branches in less Transfer. The solution brought together all ? Need for stronger forgery control time the processes and external business systems Completing the process policies ? Center of Excellence (COE) was setup which were related with each other but First Time Right (FTR) ? to regulatory guidelines given Adherence which ensured continuous process by central bank were working in silos. Digitization of improvement improved by 95% documents made it possible to take all the ? Improved customer interactions resulted business decisions based on electronic in higher customer satisfaction Adherence to SLAs documents. All the customer requests and improved by 99% ? Reduced operational costs works are now processed in the central office resulting in leaner branch offices and more customer centricity.24