Delivering Citizen Centric Services


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Delivering Citizen Centric Services - Ensuring Convenience, Efficiency, Transparency and Reliability

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Delivering Citizen Centric Services

  1. 1. An EffectiveBusiness Process Management Systemfor Delivering Citizen Centric ServicesAcross the world Governments are important objective of all e- These processes need to becreating right governance and Governance initiatives. Several monitored & controlled, rolled outinstitutional mechanisms and major initiatives have been taken at quickly and changed for deliveringsetting up core infrastructure and different levels to meet these new & better services to citizens.policies for implementing a number objectives such as online Hence there is a need for anof e-Governance Projects. Their aim application for registration, e-filing effective Business Processto create a citizen-centric and of returns, building approvals, Management system for deliveringbusiness-centric environment for waste management in citizen centric services.governance. Effective citizen municipalities, certificate issuance,services is the single most etc.
  2. 2. ŸControl - deploy this implementation within an organization. For governmentWhat is BPM? and by use of agencies this can mean saving money User defined dashboards monitor the and improving services to citizens byBusiness process management (BPM) improvement in real time and feed making it easier to interact withinis a holistic management approach the performance information backfocused on aligning all aspects of an departments and across agencies With a into the simulation model inorganization with the wants and needs good BPM framework, organizations preparation for the nextof clients. It promotes business can efficiently and effectively improve improvement iterationeffectiveness and efficiency while their operational performance, manage Ÿ Re-engineer - revamp the processesstriving for innovation, flexibility, and from scratch for better results risk, reduce cost, and create customerintegration with technology. BPM value. BPM brings following competitive benefits:attempts to improve processescontinuously. It can therefore be Why BPM is Ÿ Time optimization and moneydescribed as a process optimizationprocess. BPM tools allow users to: Important? savings Ÿ Ensure regulatory compliance and Now a day the businesses are facing the improve government services toŸ Vision - strategize functions and challenges brought about by citizens by making it easier to modify processes globalization and automation. In order processes as requirements change.Ÿ Define - baseline the process or the process improvement for a business organization to ride out ŸCentralization of data and realization the competition, it must learn to of process automationŸ Model - simulate the change to the process. compete in both the local and Ÿ Provides effective ChangeŸ Analyze - compare the various international levels. Businesses therefore Management to support Government simulations to determine an optimal must think in a global perspective and Process Re-engineering (GPR) improvement adapt to the automation of the market initiativesŸ Improve - select and implement the place. BPM improves productivity and Ÿ Improve visibility into processes improvement shortens cycle times for innovation Monitor te Process a Co om Transparency nt Aut rol Better Turn Higher Around Time Productivity Improve Derisked Statutory Process Process Exten Reduced Costs d Newgen’s Continuous Process Improvement Framework
  3. 3. Newgen’s Operational Excellence Framework Increasing Productivity Reduce time to execute intake processing servicing lve eso g/Exceptions R in R Real Time Visibility s His ese ces tor a Ability to track, manage, measure and audit Pro yt r ch ing Management of Growth ra ion ck on at O Ability to scale operationally and volumtricall as per business needs ati m egr pt e Reduction of Cost to imReceiv Multichannel Int Au Increase process efficiency identity and reduce redundancies i PROCESS zation Alert/Notificat Agility/Cont. Process Improvement AUTOMATION Respon Maintaining service levels and enhancing internal SLAs KEY DRIVERS Audit and Compliance Ability to generate internal and regulatory reports ion d s Customer Satisfaction Meeting internal as well as external expectations, generating growth Leveraging Existing IT Investment Controlling costs, leveraging experties Stadardization Creating repeatable predicable processes and outcomes
  4. 4. Achieving Operational Excellence in DeliveringCitizen Services through Workflow& Business Process ManagementEffective citizen services are the single for taking appropriate action. Such Quick Rollout of new citizen servicesmost important objective of all e- exceptions can be isolated and tracked E-Governance services are accessed byGovernance initiatives. Several major to closure to ensure the services are citizen through online portals, kiosksinitiatives have been taken at the state delivered to citizens. etc. Once these services are availablelevel to meet these objectives such as and being used by citizens, the need to Flexible workflow for crossonline registration, e-filing of returns, add more and more services becomes department functioningbuilding approvals, waste management meaningful. A strong Business Processin municipalities, certificate issuance, etc. Delivering Citizen-centric services Management framework used at theThese processes are needed to be requires multiple approvals, workflow, back office to deliver these services canmonitored & controlled, rolled out processing etc. These workflows involve facilitate quick deployment and rolloutquickly and changed for delivering new lots of human decision-making and are of new services.& better services to citizens. Hence document & form intensive. Thesethere is a need for an effective Business workflows require flexibility and cross- Leveraging existing investments –Process Management system for department functioning. These will New Solution co- existence withdelivering citizen centric services. Critical require forms to be made available Legacy SystemsSuccess Factors for delivering effective online for citizens to avail the services. Over a period of time, Governmentcitizen services are: These forms need to have the provision departments have put in a lot of time of attaching documents and triggeringEnsure Tracking and Monitoring of and effort on automating various a route for respective departments toCitizen Service individual functions. Many of these process this request. applications are fulfilling theirTo provide effective citizen services, it is Effective Change Management to objectives but running in silos. One ofimperative to ensure that service support the critical success factors for therequests are responded to in the Government Process Re-engineering Mission Mode Projects would be thedefined timelines. For achieving this, a (GPR) initiatives During the ability for the new solution to co-existsystem should be put in place for implementation of these processes, with and leverage the existing ITmonitoring and tracking of there is going to be a lot of investments and legacy applications.requests.Strong exception handling and reengineering involved. The solution for The BPM Platform provides aescalation capability is also required. any large e-governance initiative cannot framework to integrate these servicesBringing increased visibility through be rigid and should be built for change. together and deliver the advantage todashboards and monitoring will result in To effectively support re-engineering of citizens quickly without the timefaster response times to citizen requests, such government processes there is a consuming process of re-building allleading to better adoption of the strong need for a business process applications from scratch.system and project success. management framework that will give Using Business Process Management asFor e.g. If time frame of 10 days is control to the process owner for quick a platform for building such services willdefined for issuance of Identity Proof and effective change management. This effectively meet the needs ofthen adherence to the time line would will also facilitate quick roll out of any government process reengineering,require real time tracking & monitoring new sub-process. human centric workflows, monitoringof requests. If any exception is found dashboards, quick building and rolloutsuch as Date of birth not filled or of new services, change management"Photograph not clear", it can be routed etc.
  5. 5. Applications of BPM in GovernmentTransparency, efficiency, and strategy. A BPM system, especially Key drivers are:enhanced coordination offered by a an open source system, can help Compliance–CostContainment–BPM fall right in line with the move a government towards open Productivity Improvement–broader goals of e-government; standards and provide increased Governancethus, a BPM system is a natural accountability to citizens, thus Some of the application areas forchoice for a government pursuing providing a great advantage to an BPM in Government are shown inan integrated e-government integrated e- government project. the diagram. Human Case Finance Resource Management Other Areas Ÿ Accounts Payable Ÿ Employee Ÿ Correspondence Ÿ Program & Receivable Reimbursements management Management Ÿ General Ledger Ÿ Leave Ÿ Grant Management Ÿ Procurement (GL) or Records- Management Ÿ Court case Ÿ Internal Audit To-Reports(RTR) Ÿ Agreements management Tracking Ÿ Fixed Assests Ÿ Company Lease Ÿ Criminal justice Ÿ Proposal Management Management Ÿ Employee Ÿ Contracts Ÿ Tender Processing/ Contracts management Quotation Ÿ On boarding ManagementExample-Case Management using BPMCase Management is all about behaviors, policies including rules, and and capture, to manage the case fileassembling the right people, processes supporting how each case is lifecycle.processes, and content, aligning all of resolved. Today more and more Information required to process a caseyour case considerations and agencies at all levels of exist in multiple formats such as paper,providing a structured approach to government—federal/central, state, electronic document, image, e-mail,carry out the case lifecycle from the and local—are turning to case voice mail etc. Newgensinitial stages to resolution. Any activity management solutions to transform comprehensive capture solutionthat needs to be guided through a their operations and achieve more provides the ability to capture variouslogical process for resolution from effective and more efficient service inbound content objects to a Caseinitiation to completion should be deliver y. Case management requires Folder. Capture solution is well-carried out through case management. a combination of different integrated with ECM and BPM suitesA case contains the data, content, technologies including enterprise and is designed to meet the demandscollaboration artifacts, tasks, content management, business of both high-volumemilestones, discussions, events, process management, collaboration, Correspondence Grant Court Case Contract Criminal Management Management Management Management Justice
  6. 6. centralized production scanning as well associated with physical transfer of seamless integration with all leadingas distributed scanning. Newgens documents. Automated Data Extraction Office document suites and variousDistributed Scanning enables is supported for both structured other content generation products.organizations to scan documents at documents like account opening forms,branch offices and send them to central and semi-structured documents likelocation electronically. This significantly invoices using OCR, ICR, MICR andreduces process turn-around-time, Barcode. Capture of electronicdocument shipping cost and risk document is supported through a Case Management Core Components Workflow Document Libraries Libraries Record Process Exceptions Mgmt. Definition /Validation Rule Image BAM Form Engine Processing Tool Designer Lib Busine it or y ss Proc ess Ma ent Repos nagem anagem ent En gine e Con tent M En terpris Components of Case File Management Process Task Record Management Indexes History Actions Discussions Deadlines Security Alerts & Status Reporting and Dashboards ile Case F Busine Engine ss Proc ess Ma nage ment nagem ntent Ma ent En gine rise Co Enterp
  7. 7. Comprehensive Content CaptureAcquisition of Documents of and is designed to meet the demands structured documents like accountvarious types from various sources of both high-volume centralized opening forms, and semi-structuredas a single Case File production scanning as well as documents like invoices using OCR, distributed scanning. Newgens ICR, MICR and Barcode. Capture ofInformation required to process a case Distributed Scanning enables electronic documents is supportedexist in multiple format such as paper, organizations to scan documents at through a good integration with allelectronic document, image, e-mail, branch offices and send them to leading office document suites andvoice mail etc. Newgens central location electronically. This various other content generationComprehensive Capture Solution significantly reduces process turn- products.provides ability to capture various around-time, document shipping costinbound content objects to a Case and risk associated with physicalFolder. Capture solution is well- transfer of documents. Automatedintegrated with ECM and BPM suites Data Extraction is supported for both Production Web Scanning Scanning Newgen Customer Experience Management Framework
  8. 8. Comprehensive Content CaptureCase File (Case Templates) processing and assignment of work business documents. Thus a caseA Case File is a model for a particular both as ad- hoc and structured management platform must include atype of case. It represents a hybrid automated steps, handling of complete document managementcompound Case Folder consisting of exceptions and escalations, dashboards system, a comprehensive facility forscanned documents, electronic for monitoring and control with content creating, capturing, indexing, storing,documents, forms, To-do list, Notes etc. and communication management finding, viewing, sharing, editing,A Case File consists of both tools for capabilities. versioning, and retaining a wide varietyinteractive task and event triggers for of document types. While common Process Modelerany action. A Case File modeled ones can be required by the case Newgens Process Modeler with user- template; others may be added ad-hocthrough advance set of tools available friendly GUI helps design processes at runtime. A single document may bein Newgens BPM suite provides a using BPMN notations. Case workers referenced by multiple cases, and itshighly efficient functional case with minimal training can easily design lifetime is independent of the cases thatprocessing view for Government case movement processes with use it. Newgens Documentknowledge workers. automated content management and Management Engine is highly optimizedCase Events configurable process and rule changes. to store and retrieve very high volumesExternal events include receipt of a Case file processing model including of documents. It has capabilities likephone call, letter, fax, or email related to forms, document types, to- do lists, image replication for multi-locationthe case. The contents of that message events, triggers, process definition, rules deployment, caching and pre-fetchingare added to the case folder, and new etc. is configured using process that significantly improves user accesstasks or processes may be created. modeler. time andoptimizes load on bandwidth.Internal events include assignments and Robust Process Engine for executing Precise metadata-based searchbusiness rules. Case workers assign and orchestrating transactions in real capabilities, library services, accesstasks and initiate processes. Business time permissions and version control helpsrules within the case may automatically faster access and better management The BPEL compliant business processcreate and assign tasks or perform fully of documents in a controlled automation engine executes processautomated actions based on either environment. instances created in the processexternal event, completion of other case modeler. Newgen provides rule and role Output Management Systemtasks, or expiration of task deadlines. based routing. Filter based user Output management system allows forCase progresses by means of events, assignment supports dynamic load automated output content generationboth internal and external. All the balancing for optimal resource from the case management system, thiscomponent tasks and documents utilization. Process engine also provides facilitates correspondence, alerts,announce their status changes through messaging services through mail and notifications and template generationsevents. SMS. through consolidation of various dataUnified Case Management sources and linking them to the case Comprehensive Documentframework based on BPM and ECM file reference. ManagementPlatform Case-related information is generallyUnified and Integrated case received and managed in the form ofmanagement framework demands
  9. 9. CaseFile/TemplateRecord Management System - Long Business Activity Monitoring operations managers and upperterm archival of Case Records The term Business Activity management. BAM is a platform-Case Management requires retention Monitoring refers to the aggregation, independent, scalable Businesspolicies, incorporation of implicit analysis and presentation of real time Process Management solution that information about activities inside offers monitoring of organizationalrecords classification and life cycle organizations involving customers and business processes. Built using openmanagement of case content. Once a partners. A Business Activity can either technologies, it has seamlesscase file is closed, it is archived in RMS be a business process that is integration abilities allowing it to be& retention policies are applied. introduced into any IT infrastructure. orchestrated by Business ProcessNewgen Case Management Suite has BAM gives end to end visibility into Management (BPM) software, or acertified Records Management to business process that is a series of business processes, by providingcomply with regulatory and legal activities spanning multiple systems accurate information about the statuspolicies for long-term archival of and applications. The business activity and results of various operations,content. monitoring tool by Newgen is an processes and transactions so that a enterprise solution to provide a real user can address the problem areas time summary of business activities to and resolve the issues within his/her business process. Management Dashboards Case Compliance Ageing Report
  10. 10. Our Products ™ ™Business Process Management Suite Forms Processing EngineOmniFlow is a platform-independent, scalable Business Process OmniExtract is the data capturing solution which extracts business-Management Suite (BPMS) that enables automation of organizational critical information from image documents and forms. It can extractbusiness processes. OmniFlow is designed to ease the creation, all possible kinds of information like Hand-printed/ Handwrittendeployment, modification and management of Business Processes. Characters, Optical Marks, Barcode, Machine-printed CharactersBuilt using open technologies, it has seamless integration abilities and MICR Fonts.allowing it to be introduced into any IT infrastructure. ™ ™ Invoice Processing SystemEnterprise Content Management Suite Newgen’s Invoice Processing System, with automatic data verificationOmniDocs is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite for and validation capability, is a solution for automatic data capturecreating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes from semi-structured invoice documents. It also supports seamlessof documents and content. OmniDocs manages Scanned Document integration with SAP and other ERP’s.Images, Electronic Documents and Emails as records. It also supportsseamless integration with other enterprise applications. ™ ™ Image-Based Check Clearing & PaymentCustomer Communication Management Newgen’s ChequeFlow is an image based Cheque ProcessingNewgens Omni Output Management System (O2MS) delivers solution for inward and outward clearing. Advanced and highlysmarter & targeted communications for better customer configurable sub-systems for Automatic Signature Verification,experiences. It offers the capability of leveraging prime paper space FOREX Cheque Processing, PDC Management, ECS/ACHfor customer centric inline advertisement, consolidation across mandates, add-ons for Cheque Deposit Machine/ Kiosks.multiple products. It enables secure communication on improvedtemplates with rich designs and graphical representation of analytics ™across multiple distribution channels. In addition easy archival &retrieval of correspondences for presentment & efficient customer Governance, Risk & Compliancerequest resolution is achieved using this enterprise application. Compliance Manager is an integrated solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance that’s geared to ensure compliance with standards, ™ best practices and guidelines of various regulatory acts.Enterprise Reports Management and ArchivalOmniReports stores trillions of computer-generated output pages ™and reports in a highly compressed form. It has a high-speed ingestionprocess with simple interactive definitions, enables instant access to Production and Distributed Scanning Suiteterabytes of reports independent of business application, and is fully OmniScan is a production and distribution software scanning forsearchable at field/row/page levels. OmniReports is ideal for sun- document image capture. It supports distributed scanning, imagesetting of business applications as well as optimizing core system quality enhancement and delivery of documents to business systems.performance by purging historical reports. What Analysts Say Investors Proven for Flexible and Value for Money Large volumes Cost Effective ® 2010 BPMS & 2011, DOCCM 2011 BPM 2011 ECM MQ Wave Report Decision Matrix Reports SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. About Newgen• Leading Global Provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Customer Communication Management (CCM)• 900 installations across 50 countries• Solutions for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, BPO/SSCs, Telecom and Government• Credited with some of the worlds largest implementations• Innovative culture, consistent R&D investments, 35 patents• Employee strength 1100+• Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and CMMI Level3 Singapore Newgen Software Pte Ltd. 146 Robinson Road #03-00 Singapore 068909 Email: