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The new enterprise   integration days - Gothenburg 2014
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The new enterprise integration days - Gothenburg 2014


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The New Enterprise - Api's and how the next generation of agile business are a mashup of services.

The New Enterprise - Api's and how the next generation of agile business are a mashup of services.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Welcome to ‘The New Enterprise’ #MuleSoft
  • 2. Who am I?
  • 3. Three Themes Enterprise evolving (rapidly) Big Data Api Economy
  • 4. The Traditional Enterprise Sitting comfortable behind the firewall
  • 5. The ‘New’ Enterprise Landscape
  • 6. Point to Point Integration Spaghetti The Traditional Integration approach ? Is this your enterprise?
  • 7. Point to Point in the New Enterprise Landscape Will it Scale?
  • 8. On Premise - Hybrid - In the Cloud Mule is there! On premise Cloud deploy, EC2 etc. One click cloudhub deploy publish api
  • 9. The Open Source ESB What is Mule? Mule open source lightweight enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration framework. - born in Rabo Bank - open source - out of the box spring enabled application server - fully supported eclipse based development environment - enterprise ready clusterable, logging, management - great community, commercial support
  • 10. Vast array of open source connectors Constantly being added to .. by companies .. by the community..
  • 11. Big Data and traditional data sources .. Leverage don’t Liquidate
  • 12. Big Data Integrated - Data Mapper Big Data can be a Big problem without an integration strategy
  • 13. APIs are Skyrocketing "APIs have jumped out of the petri dish of the enterprise,” Kin Lane . "We can call 2013 a watershed year for Internet APIs," says Forrester Research analyst John Rymer. "The most important and underreported trend we've seen around APIs is how enterprise adoption for internal private APIs is skyrocketing, spurred on by mobile app requirements," says John Sheehan, CEO of Runscope
  • 14. API Revenue Stream MVNO UK Mobile Virtual Network Operators Tele2 - 2nd largest operator in Sweden through Telenor Mobile UK - 12% of the active UK subscribers > 10 Million Users Germany 25% of active users are MVNO
  • 15. MVNO - a new business with a light touch MVNO - New business out of virtual nothing ..
  • 16. MVNO - Applied to your industry? Virtual Business (and API Mashup) already appearing in - Banking - Gaming - Broadcasting and Media - Health - Tourism - your industry?
  • 17. How to Build your Api empire .. The Old Way? The Agile Way? - Long meeting sessions - Large document specifications - Complex standards - Soap 2.x - XML, XSD, XSLT etc - Design for the Users - Iterate quickly - Engage - simple web standards - Rest, Json
  • 18. One approach - Introducing Raml Restful Api Modelling Language - Open Specification - Open Api Designer (web/ApiHub) - Mocking Services (web/ApiHub) - Cross Language Server Framework, Java, NodeJs etc. - Testing Framework - SoupUi Raml - Cloud ready
  • 19. RAML Workgroup Mulesoft AngularJs Box Intuit PayPal DoVA Programmable Web
  • 20. Mule Support
  • 21. Api’s in Action Mq series HTTP soap http/rss Get/Post/mime
  • 22. Mule Deployments Globally 3,500+ on-premise enterprise deployments 25,000+ cloud deployments 35% of the Global 500
  • 23. -innovation -strategy -increase revenue -customer experience Bendik Løvås
  • 24. On the fence of doing something great? What are the hinders? ● ● ● Lack of multi-diciplinary knowledge Complexity vs. Benefit Waiting too long = missing out ● Understand the importance - Make a scenario Get going! UX ESB API BPM
  • 25. The future of business Awesomeness = New customers Make existing services better or create new offerings •Omni-channel is huge •Optimize services not processes -Focus on the experience •Make sure all flows of customer involvment are seamless and customized
  • 26. Maximize the benefit of your project •Challenge existing beliefs •Involve and inspire stakeholders •Involve your customers at an early stage – ask what they need and want •Make sure the cost / benefit is well defined •Be clear about how to measure success -User adoption -Increased sales -Happier clients
  • 27. Create a DREAM scenario If integration, people and technology were NOT a hinder How would your company look like in a perfect futuristic world? •Service experience •Purchase and delivery flow •Self service •Customer support •Notifications Make a detailed scenario!
  • 28. Bendik Løvås Tweet your Mule Picture #MuleSoft