H.W.L. Poonja - The Truth Is (Papaji)


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H.W.L. Poonja - The Truth Is (Papaji)

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H.W.L. Poonja - The Truth Is (Papaji)

  1. 1. Hinduism/InspirationUSA $29.95 335 “Powerful and definite...an intimate mirror reflecting my deepest being.” —Ram Dass THE TRUTH IS This collection of spontaneous “Satsangs or “Truths,” spoken from Sri H. W. L. Poonja’s experience, illustrates the highest and yet simplest truth: that we are pure love and conscious¬ ness, the totality of existence. Poonja reveals thousands of ways to help us inquire into who we really are, to bring our awareness into the infinity of the moment, and to surrender to the wisdom of our Truth. The Truth Is—a collection of discourses, from 1990 to 1996, between Poonja and his visitors—is highly regarded by members of all spiritual traditions, especially those interested in Advaita, or non-duality. Poonja, or Papaji, as he is called by his followers, was born in the Punjab in 1910 to the sister of Swami Rama Tirtha, one of India’s most respected saints. He realized the Truth when he was 8 years old. This realization blossomed in his early 30s when he met his guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Sage of Arunachala. Since then he has shared the beauty of the Truth with his wise words, his look, his touch, and simply by the silent spiritual power that radiated from his presence. Sri Poonja passed on in September, 1997. >. I 'ISf «» SRI H.W. L. POONJA ISBN l-57flt3-17S-D WEISERBOOKS An Imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser Boston, MA/York Beach, ME 9 78 1 57811631 7591
  2. 2. $ %ft > &zl : V. 1 Lef there be Peace and Love among all Beings of the Universe Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace Out Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
  3. 3. 32 Guru 32
  4. 4. 3o ?L f * >VFT ? ‘ 1M Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi The Guru of Sri Poonja
  6. 6. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION You ARE LOVE DANCING AS EMPTINESS SELF THE SATGURU GRACE SATSANG: ASSOCIATION WITH THE TRUTH SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF IMMANENT FREEDOM Brahmajignyasa: The Desire for Freedom Vivek: Discrimination Between Peace and Suffering Vairagya: Renunciation of the Transient Holiness: Innocence and Purity Faith and Trust Good Karma and Ahimsa VICHAR: SELF INQUIRY Directed Inquiry Questions about Vichar Answered Doubts about the Truth Removed Fear of the Truth Removed The Cessation of Objectification Losing the Revelation by Attaining It Honoring the Revelation by Being That BHAKTI: LOVE OF THE DIVINE The Divine Mother Surrender “I AM WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE” THE WORLD IS ILLUSION Narayana: The Creation of the Illusion Maya: The Shakti of the Illusion Mind: The Movement of the Illusion Dreams: The Nature of the Illusion Karma: The Script of the Illusion vii 11 25 55 87 97 121 121 133 138 143 147 149 153 157 188 224 233 243 252 259 283 300 303 315 331 331 334 346 349 352
  7. 7. THIEVES IN AN EMPTY HOUSE Desire Mind, Thoughts, and Mental Baggage Attachment and Past Fear and Fear of Death Anger and Dissatisfaction SADHANA: THERE IS NO BECOMING BEING The Traps of Search, Practice, and Process The Trap of Deceitful Gurus The Traps of Religions, Traditions, and Ashrams Useful Sadhana and Dropping Practices Dropping Practice Meditation Mantra Karma Yoga Yoga and Pranayama Kundalini Yoga Yatra Yantra Tantric Sex LIVING SKILLFULLY Essence of Skillfulness Relationships, Marriage and Sexuality Occupation and Money Raising Children Health and Healing Healers Death and Dying 361 361 368 380 385 391 399 399 418 425 428 429 435 439 443 444 446 449 451 452 455 455 470 486 493 495 505 507 FREEDOM 519 Enlightenment Compassion and Service Love: Beyond the Beyond 519 537 542 GLOSSARY ABOUT THIS BOOK PHOTOGRAPHS 550 552 553
  8. 8. Introduction A/ This book is a collection of spontaneous songs spoken by Sri H. W. L. Poonja during gatherings with his students in North India between 1990 and 1997. The songs flow from his impeccable experience of the highest and yet simplest Truth: That we are pure Consciousness, the totality of Existence. Papaji, as his loved ones called him, was born in the Punjab in 1910 to the sister of Swami Rama Tirtha, one of India’s most respected Saints. He real¬ ized the Truth when he was 8 years old. This Realization infinitely blossomed in his early 30s when he met his Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Sage of Arunachala. Since that time he shares this Beauty with his wise words, his look, his touch, and simply by the silent spiritual power that radiates from his Presence. When he left his body in September of 1997 this power exploded and is felt around the world now more than ever. It is a very rare occurrence that a being like Papaji takes a form, mani¬ festing as a teacher of uncompromising absolute Truth, and says: Look within, There is no difference between yourself, Self and Guru. You are always Free. There is no teacher, there is no student, there is no teaching. When we forget our true nature and believe that we are something finite and insignificant he offers words of ancient wisdom to explain the unspeakable. As doubt is removed and illusoryness flees like the night at dawn these same words dance in a celebration of vast Freedom and Love. And indeed, in his precious Satsangs he often tells people to rise up to sing and dance. This Beloved Master speaks some of the clearest words that can possibly be spoken and at the same time says that all words are only indicators that merely point to the Truth, He directs us daily to vigilantly follow this indica¬ tion and not to stick to the words. “Leave the wordiness of the world,” this laughing Buddha lovingly roars, “and realize what the words I speak are vii
  9. 9. pointing to. Truth is not knowable, it transcends knowing. It is beyond the ability of mind to analyze, to figure out, to dissect, or to comprehend.” From 1918 to Now, Papaji has directly shown to thousands that the Truth is the most magnificent Mystery undifferentiated from our very Self. He guides one to surrender to the wisdom of our Being and that we are the Truth. “You are the unchangeable Awareness in which all activity takes place. Always rest in peace. You are eternal Being, unbounded and undivided. Just keep Quiet. All is well. Keep Quiet Here and Now. You are Happiness, you are Peace, you are Freedom. Do not entertain any notions that you are in trou¬ ble. Be kind to yourself. Open to your Heart and simply Be.” He is a true Master with thousands of ways to stop your mind, to help you inquire into who you really are, to turn your awareness directly toward awareness, to bring you into the infinity of this Moment. We are so lucky to have such essential Wisdom available to us. As he says, Those who know This know Everything. If not, even the most learned know nothing at all. Hindu bhakta, Christian mystic, Zen master, Mountain shaman, Taoist sage, Dzogchen lama, Advaita jnani, Sufi saint, Aghora yogi, Vedic pundit, you name it: with the depth of his knowledge, the extent of his experience, and the clarity of his articulation he proves to be a Master of each and every tradition. As Timelessness is a sign of the teachings of the Wise, these songs are compiled by essence only and so have no chronology, often within a single verse. Also, for the sake of clarity, capital letters are used whenever a word is intended to point toward the one ultimate Self. Examples include Truth, Bliss, Light, Nowness, Fullness, and Consciousness. The joyous grammar of Freedom itself can stop your mind. We would like to acknowledge all those who helped put this book together: Yudhishtara for his overall support and guidance, Prashanti for recording, transcribing, compiling, and editing the Satsangs with Sri Poonja that are the basis of this book, Vidyavati for typing, editing, and proofing, Carol Watts for text and cover layout and proofing, the photographers list¬ ed on page 553, and of course, the Master who guided the entire project in Silence. With love and gratitude to our Beloved Satguru who has given us all so much, it is a joy to offer this book to you. Thank you. Yudhishtara, Vidyavati, and Prashanti San Anselmo, California viii
  10. 10. Look Within Approach with all Devotion Stay as Heart The Truth Simply Is
  11. 11. 34 jUE % Let there be Peace and Love among all Beings of the Universe Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
  12. 12. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness Namaskar, Before the beginning you are pure Consciousness. You are the Fullness of Love in Love and the Emptiness of Awareness. You are Existence and the Peace beyond peace. You are that screen on which all is projected. You are the Light of Knowledge, the One who gave the concept of creation to the creator. Forget what can be forgotten and know yourself to be that which can never be forgotten. You are the substratum on which everything moves, let it move. You are Now, you are Nowness: what “I” is there which can be out of this Now? You are Truth and only the Truth Is. You are inactivity. Activity is your reflection, your play, your world. The sun is inactivity, the mirrors are activity. You are this precious Moment, presence itself, any breeze that touches you will sanctify even demons. You are the One which is aware of the awareness of objects and ideas. You are the One which is even more silent than awareness. You are the Life which precedes the concept of life. Your nature is Silence and it is not attainable, It always Is. “Space” was your first notion and you took Sat-chit-ananda as your first form. The world is your mind and it all arises from your heart. Here and Now is your heart. As love you abide in the cave of this heart from where all time and space arise. 11
  13. 13. THE TRUTH IS You are the Inside which is neither inside nor outside. Mind landing nowhere is Inside, no walls is inside. You are the existence in all atoms, know This and you are bliss. You are Emptiness, the ultimate substance: removing Emptiness out of Emptiness leaves only Emptiness because there is nothing beyond It. All rises from, dances about in, and returns to This. As ocean rises as a wave to dance, so you are this dancing Emptiness! Nothing is out of this Emptiness and so it is the Fullness. Emptiness is between is and is not. To be Free, you need the firm conviction that you are this Substratum, this Peace, this Emptiness. You are what all happenings happen in. What happens must happen so remain unaffected as Peace. Be peaceful and this Peace will spread. What rises from Peace is Peace and what rises from confusion is confusion. So be Peace and give this to the universe, it is all you should do. Even thinking “I am Peace” disturbs this Peace, so just be Quiet, be as you are. You are Being, you are not “had been,” and not “would be,” but “Being.” You are the Timelessness in which no death can enter for where there is no time there is no death. That Timelessness is Now, and That is Being. Being is always shining, I Am is the Light of Being. This Diamond cannot hide, and can never be hidden. When there is no mind the face shines with beauty and innocence. Just simply be quiet, just be as you are. You are the Space which never moves and never travels. Inner and outer space is due only to name and form. Remove this form from mind by removing attachment to any object, thought, or action. You are the garden of joy, 12
  14. 14. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness to be happy you need nobody else. You are in the garden of joy, but when you think of old things you become sad. This joy, this Moment, will destroy mind and suffering, because this Moment is Happiness. So stop going to the past moments in order to suffer. Unconditioned Consciousness is Happiness and Quietness with no when, no where, just Now. This Happiness conditioned by thought becomes mind. Even the “I,” the first condition, is a disturbance in Happiness. Due to desires and hopes of the ego no one is happy. So to come to Happiness do not think, or give rise to a desire, simply keep Quiet, because thinking is the graveyard. To be happy you should have and hold nothing, otherwise your pockets will smell like dead fish. My dear friend, Happiness is not an experience, It is your nature so you need to do nothing for it. Only Self knowledge brings Happiness because Happiness is the nature of Self. Here, Here is the wine that nobody knows. Everything is in Here and this is Consciousness. Consciousness is the substratum of everything in the Universe; It, you, resides in every atom of every molecule and even space and time derive their existence from It. Who is Conscious that you wear a body and mind and that the movement of birth and death is in this same Consciousness? You are That: all doing and not doing, all multiplicity and all unity is in Consciousness. Bondage is to deny this, Freedom is to know It. You are That, You are That! Consciousness. The senses cannot feel It and the mind cannot understand it. Consciousness alone is everywhere and rises as “I” within you. It is the shining of the sun and the motion of the earth. It is beyond space and time which derive their existence from it. The mind cannot go to touch it, or to reach it, and will miss it if it tries to find it. These attempts are movements hiding the Stillness. It is found only by itself when mind does not move. 13
  15. 15. THE TRUTH IS Check all movements of mind for one moment only, stop all desires and all thought for one second only, especially the first thought of “I,”for one instant only, and you are beyond the cycle of birth and death forever. This cycle is samsara, your own imagination. It has no beginning and only Self Knowledge will end it. The question “Who am I?” will end it. So firmly decide, “I have to do it Now.” This human birth is such a blessing, don’t waste it! Postponement is samsara, the cycle of suffering. Whenever you are in trouble ask, “Am I dreaming?” This is “Who am I?” and it will wake you up and make you fall in love with your own Self. Then you will know all “others,” and will take this candle wherever you go! Be quiet, don’t think, don’t make effort. To be bound takes effort, to be Free takes no effort. Peace is beyond thought and effort. Do not think and do not make effort because this only obscures That, and will never reveal That. This is why keeping Quiet is the key to the storehouse of love and peace. This Quietness is no-mind, this no-thought is Freedom. Identify yourself as this Nothingness, as this Quietness, and be careful not to make it an experience because this is mind tricking you out of it with the trap of duality; the trap of witness and witnessed. Being is Being, there is no witness and no witnessed. Experiencing it is to say “I am Free,” which is exactly the same trap as saying “I am bound.” After letting go of object do not hold onto the subject either. Let go, Be Quiet. $ The purpose of life is to be at Peace, To love all Beings, and to know who you are. Know your Self and you know everything. This immaculate Knowledge alone is, Emptiness alone is. 14
  16. 16. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness How can you come out of Emptiness if there are no limits to it? The appearance of a manifestation is but the lila of this Emptiness. Know who you are, Here and Now, by simply Being Quiet. You are this Moment, introduce yourself to This, do not attach your mind to any direction. No sadhana, no past, no future, not even the emptiness of your heart, not even space. To be free forever introduce yourself to this Moment. This Moment is always this Moment, It will not change. It is Freedom, free from mind and concepts, and is your fundamental birthright. The best use of this Moment is to drown in It. Keep Quiet, you are inside of the inside, do not dwell anywhere and make no effort. The concept of effort and practice is bondage. Just keep Quiet, Wherever you are, just keep Quiet. Name and form hide Reality: This is the Teaching. Giving name and form is an obstacle to Freedom because then the substratum, Consciousness, cannot be seen. Call it a statue of a horse and the granite is hidden, see a ring and you won’t see the gold. Name and form can never leave Consciousness, as the ring can never leave the gold. Even space is in this because only Self is. Before a wave rises it is Ocean, before desire moves it is Emptiness. Destroy craving and bondage by identifying as experiencing, not experience, as Seeing, not the seer. You are Consciousness, not one who is Conscious. To be free you must be like Freedom and this is without desire. All is and is known in desirelessness. If you don’t want to possess remove your pockets: duality! The past is past so don’t carry it in your pocket. Why go to the graveyard when you know that you are alive? All that is temporary must be shunned so only take hold of your absolute Self. 15
  17. 17. THE TRUTH IS All that you are attached to, all that you love, all that you know, someday will be gone. Knowing this, and that the world is your mind which you create, play in, and suffer from, is known as discrimination. Discriminate between the real and the unreal. The known is unreal and will come and go so stay with the unknown, the unchanging Truth. All which appears and disappears is not real, and no nectar will come from it so don’t cling to it, and once you let go do not turn back to it. Stay as Eternity in your own Being. Surrender to Space or dissolve ego with Knowledge. With love and adoration go within your Self with the vehicle of inquiry. This inquiry is the abandonment of all effort. It is not finding what was lost in the past, but simply remembering the present, the Presence. Proceed within so silently that even thought is too loud. Keep Quiet by knowing you are not the ego that has to keep Quiet. This Quietness, this Silence, has nothing to do with talking or not talking because even when you are not talking your mind is continually racing everywhere. No thought rising from your mind is this Silence. Awareness of any object is not it. The one who is aware of awareness is It! Surrender is to surrender your concept of separateness, your ego. Surrender is to submit your stupidness, your wickedness, to the will of existence. That’s all. You must surrender like a river discharging into the Ocean. Surrender is to discharge your river of separateness into the ocean of Being, losing your limitations, and allowing to happen what happens. Check your notions and intentions by inquiring “what is this movement of the mind?” 16
  18. 18. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness People confuse inquiry with yoga and meditation. Yoga is union with the subject within. Meditation is concentration on an object outside. Inquiry does not keep any relation with anything within or without. You cannot find and kill the mind, it is the ten headed demon. Chop off a head and another will grow back because “I am bound” and “I am free” is exactly the same trap. So only the desire for freedom will help you because you are what you think. Think to destroy the mind and mind is a destroyer, not destroyed. Think only of Freedom and you become Freedom. As persistent as the pain of a toothache, always think of Self, because if the desire for Freedom is continuous then all other habits and distractions will drop away. 3* In the pure joy all manifestation is created as lila to play in, to play as. This is all your own creation, your own Self. All Being is one Being. What appears and disappears is not real. Play in the lila and say “I am existence.” If you say “I am body,” you say a lie and you suffer. “I” itself is just conditioning and vasanas. Individual “I” is a reflection of true “I” in the dirty pool of ego. Abandon the “I” and its vasanas and know that you are that which does not sleep, even when the ego is in a deep sleep. When the face of Self is seen by the ego, ego becomes That. But when ego sees the senses it becomes the confused individual desiring the objects of senses. Don’t get lost and confused in the mind’s cycle of rebirths. Whatever the mind can conceive is not It. Get rid of all that can be rejected, including rejection itself. Then the mind will be quiet and this cannot be described: It is Isness, Emptiness, Fullness, and it is the Truth! The Truth does not move, there is no coming or going. The stirring thought “I” creates an entire universe, But the Truth does not move. Keep vigilant of where and how this “I” arises. This is Satsang and it is your own nature. You are the Truth which does not move. But if you say from the ego point of view “I am doing,” you are taking yourself to be the individual movement, the wave. You reinforce this by 17
  19. 19. THE TRUTH IS creating an object and generating some interest in it, and then having desire for it, and instantly you even want some reward for having it. Therefore, you want to go to that object, then you want to possess it, you want to own it. As soon as you possess it you have fear of losing it because where there are two there is always fear of separation. Where fear arises, anger arises. With anger there is confusion, lack of understanding, and lack of discrimination. When you cannot decide things properly, it is total destruction. So the short cut to Enlightenment is the purity of mind. This short cut is to cut short your desires. Objects of desires are not what give happiness, they destroy your peace and knot you with suffering. The sense of attainment of objects of desires also will not give happiness. This gives bondage. It is absence of desire which brings Happiness. It is only desire which disturbs eternal peace and rest. This desire is the disease of mind; live without it, and be happy. Happiness is true Self and is always Here. The prescription for this Happiness is to simply be Quiet. When an object that you wanted is in front of you happiness initially arises because the intellect is steady, due to momentary satisfaction, and returns to the Source, the fountain of Bliss. There Self reflects on it and the experience of this reflection is joy because this is the nature of the Self. The bliss is not from an object, It is Self. So keep the mind steady and the Self will reflect on it and draw the mind into it. Pleasure is of the Self, in the Self and not outside of the Self in transient objects. Objects are temporary, but the bliss is not. You are one with this bliss and once you know this you will love all from your Self, as your Self, of your Self. Your Love will be forever, not from and to names and forms but always in your Self. This Consciousness gives you bliss. Don’t carry name and form and you are happy, this is the pleasure of sleep, and this will transcend the waking, dream, sleep states. So associate only with the Peace and Joy and Truth. When this becomes habitual and natural it will transcend three states and you will be transported into a state beyond states. This is for you to experience Here and Now. So when something comes in front of you just stay as the Truth, which does not move, and react to the circumstances whatever they may be, good or bad. Just react without any possessive concept in you. Whatever happens keep most interested in Self and see that all that arises is Self rising out of Self. Self is not interested in possessing things because Self is total. So don’t react with interest of reward or possession. Then you will be very free and all your interactions will be out of compassion and life will be like sailing in the 18
  20. 20. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness breeze of non-attachment. This breeze comes from Self and will happen after Freedom, not before. When you are Free still you have to live because still the world will be there but living will be very compassionate. Just love each other, and hold no hatred with anything. This depends on you, how you take things, and whether this “I” is from the ego or whether it is from Nowhere. The “I” from Nowhere contains the whole universe and this is total understanding itself. Only preoccupation with what is not real keeps you from realizing the Truth of who you are Here and Now. Desiring anything else, anything that comes and goes, is foolish. The wise one does not do this, so love the Lord with all your heart. $ Method is an impediment to love, a postponement of freedom, and an insult to peace. Use no method, simply identify as That. Many methods may take you to Anandamayakosha, and end at this subtlest of veils, yet there is an enjoyer of bliss. Pre-dawn light is not the Sun, bliss is not the totality of Understanding, it is the turning toward your own Face and is the direct ‘practice’ to know your Self. There is no attainment and no cultivation of original nature, You are Consciousness, not a farmer! Why work for that which you already are? Do not mentate, do not stir a thought, Trying to get out of superimposed bondage, which is the notion that you are separate from Existence, you will land in superimposed freedom. The purpose of all practice is Silence, your real nature. Without Silence you cannot be in peace so strive only for this. Even while active remain in Silence as Silence and be conscious of Silence always. Ramana’s main teaching is Silence and it is this Silence that silently answers all questions and removes all doubts. Train your mind to go to Silence. As Kabir said: “Keep your body, your mind, your intellect, and your prana quiet and wisdom will follow behind you searching for you!” Be Silent by directing your mind 19
  21. 21. THE TRUTH IS toward its Source. Mind directed toward object of senses is suffering. The same mind must investigate its Source; the “I” must face its Source. This is true austerity, true practice, and true meditation. Face the Atman, this is Satsang, because this is home, the holy company of the Self. The most holy association is to Be as you are. This is Freedom. This is beyond imagination, very new and very fresh. So just keep Quiet. Do not think. It is you. It is you. Don’t stir a thought, and if a thought comes, let it, don’t waver, don’t doubt your majesty. It is so simple. The one who has It will know that they have done it. When you are quiet it is Beauty, Joy and Stillness. It is effortless. Effort is to disturb your mind, effort is playing with corpses in the graveyard. Just contemplate that which is always silence. Go to the Source. Do not believe anything, simply stay quiet and return home and do not rest until you are there. Peace is only available when there is no “I” and you need an “I” to do practice. The secret to Bliss is to stop the search, stop thinking, stop not-thinking, and keep Quiet. The best practice is to Know “Who am I.” You are Brahman, know this. If you want to do anything, just Always adore Self. Self Realization takes one second, but this second takes a great effort to remove all other thoughts from your mind. You must remove all from this second and allow only this second to stay with you. In that second stand up on your toes and with clenched fists shout, “I have to be free in this second!” It is very rare to have such extreme desire for Freedom, such extreme activity and strength that even gods will come and bow before you. It takes a very strong body and mind and intention. Then this second will work. You have to do it. Don’t just read the menu, eat the food! Defeat the stupid mind. It is not understanding, it is Being! It is not the mind which makes the decision to be Free, when you do it there is no mind! Control the mind and use it as a slave when you need it, but Here you don’t need the mind to be Free. Use no mind and stir no thought, Freedom is not dependent on meditation and effort. Sattvic mind will get it right away. Rajas mind has to practice and attend Satsang. Tamasic mind will not even attend Satsang. Sattvic mind is karmically pure, always in meditation, and is not different from Freedom. 20
  22. 22. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness As it rises so it falls. Make effort and it rises. Stop effort and it falls. Make the choice! Stay as simple natural Being without thought or doership. Out of Nothing you can do anything and not leave footprints. No intention is no limitation, just stay Quiet, simply do not stir a thought. Not activating the mind is to not externalize. There is no way or method, just keep out of the way. The revelation of the Self will occur only when you do not interfere. Keeping Quiet is giving time to this Love and Beauty. Stay as Such. Dharma means not holding onto any concept, so the supreme dharma is to reject all dharmas. If you reject everything what will happen? All the burdens of all the religions and concepts will fall from your mind, bringing you to the perfect Peace and Love, and this is your dharma. At the end of sadhana the Guru confirms that you are Free. You came to Lucknow not for freedom, but to know that you are not bound. In Satsang you have to remove your doubts, because it is only doubts that keep you from being Free. Simply keep Quiet! $ Why get into trouble? It’s enough! Everything is Here: Happiness, Beauty, Love! Whatever you call it, it is full of everything! Whatever you think, so it becomes because it is Consciousness and everything is possible in Consciousness. You have created all these manifestations, all these waves in the ocean. You are so capable, so vast, so full, so complete, so conscious. You can create all of this so why suffer? Emptiness is never affected by appearances in Emptiness. The ocean does not suffer when a wave rises. It does not even suffer when a wave falls. Let the waves dance and let them enjoy. Just stay Here and see only Love and Beauty and Happiness. This is the Ultimate Understanding. It does not need any thinking or any process or any meditations. You are Limitlessness, Fathomlessness, Vastness: who will disturb this Vastness? Where will you run out so that you are no longer 21
  23. 23. THE TRUTH IS Here? You are not limited! Just stay as you are, do not start from anywhere and do not go anywhere, and do not activate a thought. Ego says it matters, the Supreme says that it does not. Even the power of decision is not from ego. All is the Supreme Power, do not attribute it to anything else because this only reinforces the ghosts. Face the One. To see God you need body, mind, senses, and so much paraphernalia. To go beyond God you need nothing. Don’t even activate a thought, activate no energy even to not activate. Contemplation and adoration of Self is all that you need. Love: Surrender to the Divine and keep Quiet. Wisdom: Inquire into the Divine and keep Quiet. Know “I am Home, I am Home itself,” and incessantly look at Self. There is nothing more beautiful than this Being. The happiness of all beings combined is not one millionth the happiness of Being. Thought cannot trespass into its purity, not even the I-thought can enter. Don’t think or understand, just stay as thus. Keep in tune with the source and all your actions will be correct. If you don’t there will be trouble no matter what you do. With arrogance of ego there is no skillfulness and without arrogance everything is skillful. Just as space in a room is not affected by how much furniture is in the room so space is not affected by activity or by mind or by thought. You are Space, do not touch the furniture in this space, which means keep Quiet, do not mentate, do not activate thoughts. If thoughts arise allow them to come and go, but do not hold onto them or let them land. Do not touch “I am the body.” Instead the first and last thought must be, “I am pure infinite Consciousness, I am Love itself.” Know the Truth of this, not just the words! The Truth is all what Is! 22
  24. 24. You are Love Dancing as Emptiness If something’s nature is absence don’t cling to it. If something’s nature is Presence, this is you; this is Beauty, Love, Self. All else is imagination. The power of illusion is very strong, so be vigilant in a joyful play with tendencies because when one is near Freedom all demons will consolidate and attack. Continue being Self meditating on Self, do this playfully always. All appearance has Emptiness as its basis. Sit on the throne of Emptiness and all will be yours. No manifestation, no freedom, no mind; this is ultimate Truth. The ultimate Truth is that all is Emptiness and always was. What you think is what you are so stop thinking and you will be that Nothing which is everything, Awake, and not possessing anything that can be lost. When the mind enters into the Chit the heart dances and dwells in peace and bliss. You are always in Love, and you can only Love yourself, the changless one in which even space is. There is no beginning, no middle, and no end to it. Only Love is worth loving and this is your own Self. So Now, Here, simply look! All around you is a flood of Peace! Where are you standing? The essence of my teaching is this: I teach about That which cannot be attained by any teaching. My teaching cannot be taught. I have no teaching for the Essence from where all teachings arise. This Essence doesn’t need any teaching or non-teaching for it is beyond everything. It is from where all words rise. As Bhagavan would say: “Here the Truth Is, choose what you want.” 23
  25. 25. Self Self is what you are, You are That Fathomlessness in which experience and concepts appear. Self is the Moment which has no coming or going. It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness. It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself. Self is what gives breath to life, you need not search for It, It is Here. You are That through which you would search. You are what you are looking for! And That is all it is. Only Self is. You were never born, and though only desire takes birth, Nothing has ever happened, Nothing has ever existed! This Nothingness you are, and this is the Ultimate Truth. You are totally alone because Beauty alone is. Only Self is. You simply cannot deny that you are Consciousness. You dwell in the Lotus of the Heart as Joy in Bliss. Keep Quiet and you will reveal your Self to your Self. Self Knowledge is that which is worth sacrificing anything for, because everything else is just a mirage rising out of Consciousness. Self is the indweller of all Beings, so love of others is Love of Self, your Self. Self is the greatest Love and the dearest of all lovers. Love is the attraction of Self to Self in Self. There is nothing besides this Love, this source of Joy. See your own beauty and you are this Indweller, this Love and the Beauty itself. Neti, Neti; but what you Are cannot be rejected. It is Now only; waking or sleeping or dreaming, It is still the Now which only Is. Only Self is. This present Moment is Light, is Self. This Moment is not bondage or freedom. It is most precious beyond ideation. This Moment is the screen on which all projects. 25
  26. 26. THE TRUTH IS It is always Still and Untouched and it is out of time. There is no difference between the Ultimate and this Presence. To be in this Moment abandon all desires, including the desire to be in it. That which has no name or form has millions of names: Being, Awareness, Bliss, Isness, Atman, Truth, Self, Auspiciousness, Beauty, Freedom, Divine Love, Fullness, Emptiness, Consciousness, Nowness, Effortlessness, Hereness, Silence, Brahman. As the tongue speaks the word “tongue” so you speak these names. To avoid the veiling of your nature with preconceptions, Buddha spoke of Self in negative terms like Anata, Untouched, Unmanifest, Unseen, Unapproachable, Unknowable, and Unstained. Before notions and creations you exist, so there are no words for That beyond words and language. Self doesn’t need to understand Itself, Freedom is before the concept of freedom. You are what remains when the concepts of “I,” mind, and past disappear. Nothingness is no concept. Identify as Peace-Beauty-Love, do not experience it. Know, “I am inactive, the activity takes place in me, I am That, I am the screen, I never come and I never go.” Identify as Consciousness Itself. If you do not forget who you are, this appearance of activity is the Cosmic Dance. Stay as “I am,” not as what comes and goes. The individual I-sense is mind, but Being has no frontiers. It is aware of Itself Itself. Identify as Being. When mind is pure you will see Self in all Beings. Purify the mind by removing all concepts, especially the concept of purity. Then Self reveals itself to the empty mind which is Consciousness. 26
  27. 27. Self Ego and mind and all creations arise out of Self as Self, even the ugliest of doubts and the most separate of differences rise from the beautiful source as Isness. In Self there are no do’s and don’ts. If there is unhappiness you are not unhappy, you are the Untouched Awareness of this unhappiness. As waves are not separate from ocean, nor rays from sun, you are not separate from Existence. You are the Moment in which all is. The Scriptures speak of the three Holy rivers Within. These are Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss. Being beyond thought and effort they cannot be objectified or subjectified. They are so dear, so near, behind the retina and before breath. You need not see This, you are It. You are not different than Existence, than Being. See Being everywhere by not looking. The Seeing is Being, not the objects seen. Consciousness is the original Mother. If you know this she will take care of you and give you Happiness, Peace, and Deathlessness. This Mother we do not recognize and this gets us into trouble. This Unknown is your nature, return to That because the known will give no lasting Peace, no lasting Love. Bliss is Eternal, even though it appears to arise when the mind dies. Bliss is not an experience, It is your nature. This is the Heart of the Wise. This gift is always calling to everyone, “You are seated in the Heart of all Beings.” This is the Truth: Your Face shines. $ As the king gardening in the garden is still the king and not the gardener, so the I Am can be in the garden of the world and remain I Am. It is you who is active in all the activities of the world. Go to where the physicality of the world rises from and you will discover the vastness, the secret sacred core of 27
  28. 28. THE TRUTH IS your Heart. This is who you are, but hold any object or take yourself to be anything and you will forget this, all due to desires and hopes. All is one and One is all. Identify yourself with the common center giving up old habits of desires and hopes and you are the Emperor of the Universe. Go to this Here and Now and you are this Here and Now. All is Self. The only difference between “you” and “me” are the words and concepts of “you” and “me.” Self in you is the Self in me and in all Beings. The Source of everything is the same and this is Self, this is love and compassion. From Self try to go anywhere! “I am the ocean and all forms seen are my waves dancing on me,” this is knowledge. When waves rise the ocean loses nothing and when waves fall the ocean gains nothing. As waves play so the ocean plays. I am ocean, I am water, I am wave; separation between water and ocean and wave cannot exist! There are no differences, no disturbances, no one to be disturbed. Giving rise to an “I,” or any other thought, is giving rise to a wave. Water remains water so allow everything to be, for it is your Self. As a river discharges into ocean, discharge into what you are: Happiness, Bliss, Being, Cosmos. Here is only Awareness, Here only Self is. You are that which is present even in forgetfulness because you are Aware that you are forgetful. You are the Consciousness of Awareness in the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Only Self does not vanish in these three states. Self is no-mind, no-mind has no body, from this Beauty of no-mind art and intuition arise. Nothing ever happened or ever will. You have always been perfect Love and Peace. What changes is not real and what is real cannot change. You are that secret, that purity beyond change and description, but if you touch the “I” you become polluted with pride. The “I” rising from the effort of ego is not the real “I.” 28
  29. 29. Self The real “I” knows that everything is my reflection-projection. Simply knowing “I Am I Am” is effortlessness, is meditation, and is Sahaja, the natural state of Being. In every speck of dust there are innumerable Buddhas shining in innumerable universes. It is very hard to explain it to you and for you to understand, but this is a fact. You can see it. Everything emerges out of the atom. It is a mystery that no one can solve. It is the same as the Moment that we normally speak of in Satsang. In it you can see all your lives. Everyone is intrinsically Buddha. Questioner: I want the revelation of eternal undefinable Being. Papaji: This is who you are, why have doubt about it! Enlightenment is not about words and thoughts and concepts which can be doubted, Enlightenment is always Here. By “Here” I don’t mean this present space. Here is somewhere within where mind cannot reach. Presence is always here and you are always That. This here is not the opposite of “there.” This here is nowhere, it is your Heart. When mind is still all comes back to the Heart. All the cosmos is but a speck in your Heart. Turn mind over into this Here and it is lost. Then only Light, Wisdom, and Love remain and This you are not different or apart from. If I am not this bodymind form what am I? You are Formlessness which takes the form of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. This is your form: You are Truth, you are Shiva, you are Beauty. This is what we are directly working on here, but you are not going toward this, You are this: I am Satyam, I am Shivam, I am Sundaram. I am Satchitananda. This is the form of the Atman: Truth Consciousness Bliss. This is your own Self, you are not hankering after it, It is Within. 29
  30. 30. THE TRUTH IS Bliss is Within. That you are. Truth is Within. That you are. Beauty is Within. That you are. Love is Within. That you are. This is addressing to your own Self. I want to stay in my own Self. Then decide that only Self exists and you will never be out of it. It is Unlimited, how can you jump in and out of it? How can you jump into limitations, when you are the Unlimited? Decide: “I am Self, I am Truth I am God, I am Grace,” and there will be no trouble. $ I feel at home in Consciousness. And where are you when you are not home? Everywhere is Consciousness and everywhere is home. “Everywhere” is but a small corner of your Heart. You are that vast. There is no travel because you are always home. Surrender your ego and you are home. I bad a dream while in the West that you gave me the name Satchitananda. What is this name? It is the name of the Self, of the Formlessness. Though everybody has this name it is hidden in the core of your Heart. Sat-chit-ananda is the indweller of all beings but few recognize this. It is not the name of a person but of that which has the qualities of Truth and Consciousness and Bliss, all three are one. Wherever there is Truth, Satyam, there is Chit, Consciousness, and also Bliss, Ananda. You say that this was a dream, but I tell you it was neither a dream, nor waking, nor sleeping, but something that transcends these. Thus, it is known as the fourth state, or Turiya in Sanskrit. In Turiya you have the darshan of God and receive the messages of God. This is why this “dream” is so easy to remember while you tend to forget others. Is Beingness the same as God? Is this Sahaja samadhi? Beingness is very different from what most people call God. God is a concept created by you. Beingness is just Beingness and nobody created it 30
  31. 31. Self because it is beyond creations and destructions. That in which all creations abide, including God, is called Being. Sahaja samadhi is the melting of the individual into the natural Oneness and Beingness of all things. It is the samadhi which involves no effort, no use of mind. It is the natural samadhi which is your natural state. If you are Here and not thinking, it is Sahaja samadhi. You can eat and drink and carry on any activity while in Sahaja. Sahaja samadhi is Self in the exquisite experience of the Fullness of Being! What is true awareness? There is the awareness which is aware of objects like flowers. True Awareness is the awareness which is aware of the awareness of objects. It is the undisturbed simple awareness in which things rise and fall. There is an Awareness beyond the awareness of objects and events. You are That Awareness in which the awareness of objects stays. This Awareness has no name and when you try to give it a name the trouble arises. You are nameless and formless; you can’t see anything. Know “I am nameless and formless,” and that “I am aware of my own Self.” The pure Consciousness will pull you back, it is not that you will enter into it. When you enter into it, it is ego entering, but when It pulls you It has made the choice to take you Home. This happens somehow and we can’t know why. Very rare beings are picked up by Consciousness. Once drawn in that man’s travels are over! So do not give it a name or it will just be another object of someone’s observation. Consciousness cannot be observed, it is Fullness itself, Limitlessness, Eternal itself. You have to merge with it. Actually, it is not merging, there is no word which describes it. You have to be as good and pure as It so that you are picked up by It. By your own efforts you can not do it. Just see that you are so beautiful that you are chosen by the bridegroom. This is how it ends. I hope you have understood. I feel like a distant observer of all that is going on. This observer cannot be touched by anyone. This observer is beyond any identification, any name, and any form. So when you are this observer no one can touch you, you can’t even touch yourself then, and there is no fear. You can go into any forest and be fearless of the lions and tigers. Just look into their eyes and nobody will eat you up. 31
  32. 32. THE TRUTH IS 3& I have had a glimpse of Supreme Consciousness. It was the expansion of Consciousness and the absence of a center of existence. When you have a glimpse of anything you become the seer of the glimpse and what you glimpse is the object of the seer: the seen. To have a glimpse you must have seer, sight and seen. So how can you have a glimpse of Supreme Consciousness because this can never be the object of anyone! Not even God can see this because even God is an object of perception which a devotee loves. The devotee extends his mind and this becomes God. This glimpse of Super Consciousness is not possible, It cannot be objectified because it is the subject, though truly speaking it is not the subject either. Where there’s no relation between subject and object there can be no glimpse. The whole world is seer, sight, and seen, but this you cannot place in a category. When someone has a strong desire to be Free, it moves toward Super Consciousness, merges with it and becomes That itself. As a moth runs to the flame and kisses it, what happens? No more moth! The flame rises in happiness and says, “Come my dear boy, I have been waiting for you.” This moth will not return, it has become the flame. Like this there can be no glimpse! Whosoever wants to be Free is being led by something which has been calling that person. 3* What relationship is between energy, golden light and Awareness? Water is English, agua is Spanish, paani is Hindi. Three different names for the same substance. So you can call it shakti or light. Light means to have knowledge of something, for instance knowledge of the missing child. With the light you can see the child and this light is knowledge. Knowledge is the energy which takes you to know that you are One! You are Knowledge itself and energy and this is the same thing as Awareness. Only words are different according to different persons. One person will say, “I want to be Free.” A Buddhist will say “I want to be empty,” and still others want nirvana. All these different words mean the same thing which has no name. Paani, agua, water itself has no name. So it is only you who will call it awareness, light or energy, but it doesn’t know its own name, because it is nameless and formless. Wherever there is a name there must be something not true. Any name or form leads you to That which has no name or form. How will you find what has no name or form? Don’t try to search for the nameless and formless because you can’t do it. But this light is there, and this is knowledge, this energy is Awareness, there is no difference. Shakti and Shiva 32
  33. 33. Self are the same! One is knowledge and the other is the energy to know, “I myself am Shiva.” Energy cannot die. Energy will always remain. Forms may appear or disappear, but energy will always be Here. As the substratum? Yes, it is the substratum, and now the substratum knows, by energy, that “I am the substratum.” It doesn’t make a difference. This knowledge of energy that “I am That,” is energy itself, knowledge itself, light itself, wisdom itself. This is also called Freedom. But I can have Awareness and I can have Awareness of energy, so are they not separatef No, they are not separate. The wave rises from the ocean and appears separate. The name is different now, the movement is different, the height, breadth, and width are different. Also, it moves and now she forgets that once upon a time she ocean! There’s no difference between the content of the ocean and the wave. So now the wave somehow knows, “I am the ocean.” So let there be movement towards shore. Let it rise and fall and disappear. This is the world appearing and disappearing, but the ocean is not worried at all. The substratum, the essence, doesn’t mind that it has become a wave and the question of falling and rising will not appear. So the energy will always be there. No, it will always be Here! Wherever there is an ocean there will be energy within itself that allows the waves to move and disappear. And if you die? That is equal to the wave falling into the ocean. Death you have only heard from someone, it is not your experience. Therefore, you have agreed that you will die only because you have accepted from someone that you were born. But energy itself, the substance itself, does not die. The body, like wave and like forms will disappear while the essence cannot change. This understanding is called energy. Returning to the substratum is called Shiva, the ocean which does not change. I want to enter the cave of the heart and stay there. This Here and Now Is the cave of the Heart. 33
  34. 34. THE TRUTH IS In the books it is written that there is a cave in the heart and you must have this idea from those old scriptures. Your desire to find this cave takes you out of Here and Now. Then you lose the experience of Now and search for the cave which never exists. Don’t try to live in a cave for the cave is just a concept. You can only live in Now. When you live in Now you will not have any desire for anything else and likewise, you will only be in Now when you give up all desires, even the desire to be in it. Give up all desires to stay here or there or anywhere and give up the desire for “this” and for “that.” How can I give up all desire? By keeping Quiet! $ Please tell me: Did I lose my identity or did I find my Self which has no identity? You don’t know what identity you lost and what identity you found. Identification with body is identity. Then you become a son, a father, a mother, or whatever. This is physical identity and as long as it stays you can’t see the identity beyond all identifications. As long as body identification stays, you can’t have the identity beyond all identities, the identity of I Am. This is identity with your own Self, not with the ego-mind-body-senses- objects. How can I totally destroy the mind so that the beauty of Self can shine forever in ultimate Freedom? Be the Ocean of Bliss and you will not see the relationships with the world, you will only see Ocean. You won’t have any relationships with what is outside the Ocean, just a connection with your own fullness of water. This fullness is your original state and this is to be enjoyed. Stay within the Ocean, as the Ocean, thinking only of Ocean always. Nothing else but this Ocean should come in your mind, eyes or contact. Always be in the contact with the content of the Ocean. This you must do. Think of That, smell That, hear That, touch That. This will end your conflicts. $ 34
  35. 35. Self One and a half years ago when I received diksha, initiation, in Haridwar during Dewali, everything changed, though it appeared no different. I am so thankful and grateful to you. Papaji, there is a small flame which burns in the fullness of itself and I am its servant, though not always willingly. Thank you. Where do you see this blue flame? I don’t see it, though it is wherever I am looking. It is there but you cannot see it. You feel it though. It is looking at you! It means you are a rare one, a lucky person who this flame can look upon. This flame is divinity itself. It has no form, and not even a name. It will work, you have to keep it up. This flame will reveal itself in full formlessness. As you see the dawn before the sun, having had a vision of the flame shows that you are heading in a good direction. Keep it, keep Quiet, and simply see you are not to do anything. This will always attract you and this is called meditation. When you are attracted to something it is called meditation and this is the best attraction and the best form of meditation. So let it be as it is. There is more that I can tell you, but I won’t openly because so many people will copy your experience and will start seeing blue lights, since it becomes whatever you imagine. But they’ll just be fake experiences, (giggles) This light is within and reflects that which is within onto the outside. It is within your own Heart and seeing it is a good symptom which will give you peace and happiness like the big blue sky does. You have to see this light in your Heart equal in size to your thumb. This Light in your own Heart enlightens the whole universe from Here. This is the Light of your own Self, of your own Atman. When you are pure with no desire you can imagine or feel this Light and you can never get rid of It because It is always with you. Wherever you see, see this Light, and see that it is your own Self. This Light wants to appear to you in Satsang and not while you are in the fishmarket. The fishmarket will only give you bad smells and most people prefer this. $ 35
  36. 36. THE TRUTH IS What is this interval between the stream of thoughts? In that interval is Consciousness. Between two clouds, there is an interval and that interval is the blue sky! Slow down the thoughts and look into the intervals. Yes! Look into the intervals and pay more attention to the interval than the cloud! Where the first thought has left and the other is not arisen, that is Consciousness, that is Freedom, that is your own place, your own abode. You are always there, you see. Shift the attention, change the gestalt. Don’t look at the figure, look at the background! If I put a big blackboard the size of the wall here and mark it with a white point and ask you, “What do you see?” Ninety-nine percent of you will not see the blackboard! (laughs) You will say, “I see a little white spot.” Such a big blackboard and it is not seen, and only a little white spot, which is almost invisible, is seen! Why? Because this is the fixed pattern of the mind: To look at the figure, not the blackboard; to look at the cloud, not at the sky; to look at the thought, not at Consciousness. That’s all the teaching is. Always look to Consciousness. Always look to Consciousness and know this is what you are! This is your own place, your own abode. Stay Here. No one can touch you. Who can enter Here where you are? Even your mind cannot enter. $ “You are not the body,” is often spoken here. There are some who believe in the preciousness of the body so that there can be the experience of life as sacred. They feel a liberation by feeling completely present in the body. The sacredness of life is the purusha within you, experience That! It is not the body, which can be made male or female. You are the Purusha within the Heart of everyone whether they appear to be male or female. It is mentioned in the Upanishads and other holy sutras that this Purusha is equal to the length of a thumb. It is within your own Heart, forever burning as a flame. It is your own Self, your own Atman. When you concentrate on that you will see that you are this Purusha and not the gender male or female. Though everybody is Purusha they don’t identify with That, but identify with their body for their own interest. No one is told about this eternal Purusha which doesn’t come and go. This is what I spoke: Neither do I come, nor do I go. It is that Purusha which speaks. If you become That and merge with this Purusha then it speaks from where the speech arises from and not what the tongue can speak. The tongue can speak, but where does the strength come from which enables to speak? That comes from the fountain which is 36
  37. 37. Self called the Purusha, Aham Purusha. It is That Purusha which I refer to. How to release the Self and be in love at the same time? Self is not bound, it is not chained, there is no prison for That. It is always Free. I know that your Grace is the only thing which will wake me out of the world of my mind. Even the strength of my longing for Freedom is your Grace. Will you tell me what my real name is? All the names which are given to you are given by parents and priests, but this is not your real name. When you are born you don’t come out with a name. Only later do you become a Suzanne or whatever. You have no name and don’t think that you have one. You are nameless. Where there is form there is name and where there is name there must be form. You are not that, you are within the form and you are someone which has no name because only a form needs name. Who is sitting in your own Heart? Does this have a name? The indweller of the Heart: That is what you really are. You are not born of your parents, you are That which has no name, which will never die or be born, That which is Eternal. If you believe what people say, why not believe that “I Am That.” I am Atman, I am Peace, I am Love, I am Bliss. If you don’t believe this then continue this mantra forever: “I am Bliss.” I don’t want to take on any new identity because I do not want to impose form on this Bliss, on this formlessness. If you decide that you do not want any identity that touches name and form you will instantly become formless. If you do not touch this concept of identity then you are free Here and Now. You go to the past every time that you use your name. People have to call you by some name, but that name should not touch the past. Buddha also is a name, but when you call him Buddha, what personality comes to mind? So 37
  38. 38. THE TRUTH IS your name should not remind you of any attachments or relations. Therefore, many names are given here in this Satsang which do not touch any personality. People leave their old names and pasts here. If I say go and bring Miss Emptiness here, will you bring her? The word is there, the meaning is there, but will you bring her? It can’t be done! Like this the Atman in you has a name, but you can’t hold it. It is beyond space and which cannot be touched. I see that I should not necessarily reject the negative things in life that come and go, I should just not be attached. Everything in the universe comes, stays, and goes. What doesn’t come, stay, or go is your own Self. They say that there are three classes of seekers: Those who get it fast like camphor, those who get it soon like gunpowder, and those who get it slowly like wet wood. What advice do you give the wet wood? That there are no classes and nothing to be gained. You are always Free, but your attention is somewhere else. Just return your attention to your Self and away from impermanent objects. What you are is always Here. I want to burn like camphor and remain Here. When you put camphor near a flame it quickly catches fire. The Guru is the flame and your heart is camphor if your decision, dedication, and seriousness is strong. Then if you go close to the flame in your Heart, nothing will be left. If you are a charcoal it will take time and there will be residue, and a fresh branch will take even longer. Yet even these people will get everything in a matter of minutes if they’re not looking anywhere but to Self. Is this awareness in me It? No, it is not. This awareness is not It. You are aware of persons, objects, and ideas and all of these are from the past. Awareness of the past is not it. The One who is aware of this awareness is It! Do you follow? Who is aware of awareness? When you are aware of an object you are also aware that you are aware of something in your mind. So who is aware of this awareness? Turn your face to That which is aware of something, and when you know this, then forget it. If you do not forget it, it will become a past experience and draw your attention to the past making this something which comes and goes! It is not the past so forget about the experiences of it. If you do you 38
  39. 39. Self are a Free person of the world, not even attached to Enlightenment! Forget about everything. That is all. But if you remember then this remembrance is memory and this is past. So whatever comes in front of you react. That is all. This is the advice. How can I know It? We describe It as Happiness, Peace, Love. It is not that, it’s much more. It is much beyond whatever you can expect. Expectation is only the mind, which itself doesn’t even exist. It is much more beyond this and it can be had in this very instant. You need not have any big program to arrive there. No effort is needed, no method is there. Simply keep Quiet and it will reveal itself. Simply don’t interfere. Give it a chance Now. You have spent millions of years, Now give one second to It. Let It unfold, let It reveal itself to you. You are imposing your own notions, intentions, expectations, and ideations, therefore, you cannot see this revelation. It is a revelation, you just Keep Quiet, it will happen. Not with meditation, not with concentration, not with pilgrimages, not by going to church, not by penance, not by yoga. All these things will not help you to reach there, It is Here. All these things take you on a program of postponement. Mind is cheating you, don’t listen to it! Simply keep Quiet! Don’t start a thought, even that much effort is not needed. It will reveal Itself! I see only the inside is real, only That is always here. If the inside is real the outside also has to be real. Therefore, I do not prescribe any unreality. Everything is Real, everything is Self. I would like a name which reminds me of Self. When you look at the sky or ocean you see that it looks blue, but if you take a handful of air or water it is not blue. So how can something which has no color have a color? It is by virtue of its depth that it has color and so that which is beyond measure in depth or height looks blue. The river is not blue, but when it touches the ocean it becomes blue. It is the same with a rain drop which is clear only until it touches the ocean. So the name of formlessness and depth is Neelam, the blue which is not blue. This is the Unseen in all beings which gives all. To know this is Wisdom, Light, Freedom, Emancipation from the cycles of samsara. You must see that your own depth is colorless and formless. To know this you must go to the teacher who will instantly tell you that which you did not know. This blueness is the 39
  40. 40. THE TRUTH IS blueness of Krishna who is the attracting incomprehensible depth of Love. Will you give me a first shove into this depth of love beyond mind? You want to go “beyond”? Then go alone and carry nothing with you. Don’t think of anything. Go even without thought. Not thinking is “beyond.” The trouble is with your thinking. You think you are suffering or with a relationship. All this you must give up absolutely. Then you will not come back to the previous habits. Simply do not think and Stay Alone. Troubles only arise with thoughts, as the whole world arises only from thoughts. Why get yourself in all of this trouble? Simply do not think. When you don’t think you don’t need to do anything else. This is quite enough. And don’t make any effort to not think. (She gets it and laughs) It is so simple! This laugh from beyond is conceptless and very different. This is how it has to be done. How did you call me Here? I am so grateful for everything. You are like a bird which flies over the borders of countries with no need of a passport. The bird is never arrested, only the man. You are free like a bird, free of all societal impositions and identifications. Don’t listen to society. Be Free and go wherever you like and then, of course, you will be called to a place of Freedom where similar birds fly. Those who stay behind will continue to suffer. It is true that the individual “I” and mind never existed and that ignorance has never existed. It is too much to understand, but it is true. Where there is light there is no darkness. What is that Light that enables you to know that there is light? I feel so good now in your presence that my mind won’t move enough to allow me to follow your words. This is intelligence! I feel that I have touched something like nothing I have never touched before. And this is Bliss, this is the happiness that will never disappear, this is Nothing. One touch of this is enough because it is not in time. One ray from 40
  41. 41. Self this is enough to hold your mind forever. It will not allow any conflict between you and your old habits and activities. You are very lucky. I will tell you a Sufi parable. In one of the great ancient courts everyone was waiting, according to rank, for the king to enter. In came a plain, shabby dressed man who took a seat above everybody else. The prime minister ordered the newcomer to identify himself: “Are you a minister?” “No, more than that” was the man’s answer. “Are you a king?” asked the prime minister. “Greater than all kings, I am,” said the man. “Are you God?” he asked. “I am above that also!” replied the poor man. The prime minister retorted “There is nothing above God!” Which brought the reply: “That Nothing is me.” Since God has manifested as the world can you worship the earth as a form of worship to God? Everything that is created is in God. Then who will worship whom? If you are separate then you can worship, but if you know that all creations are the choice of God then you can’t make the choice to get out of this choice in order to worship the choice. We need not worship anybody because we Are That itself. Let worship be for those who do not know this. True worship is the spontaneous love and adoration of Self. Anything else called worship is just an idea of worship coming from the heads of religions in order to give you fear: If you don’t worship you will go to hell. So worship and fear go together. You can’t worship if you don’t have any fear. But why have fear? God is living inside you and you are living inside God. Make the decision with right discrimination. Then you can do whatever you like. If you bring the concept of sin and merit in your brain then you can go and follow any church, but I don’t advise you to go to any church because 41
  42. 42. THE TRUTH IS You are not different from That. You are That! Give belief to this fact. Sit quietly for 10 minutes before sleep and after waking up, and give the rest of the time to the world, helping those who need your help. $ Pythagoras once said: “It is best to stay silent or to say something better than Silence.” I think that he knew the Teaching. Kabir says something similar. Kabir spoke from a pure heart and only a pure heart can catch hold of the meaning. In his own words he says: Japa muray, ajap muray: Chanting dies, Silence also ends. Anahat bhee marjai: That which has no limits, space, also dies. Surati samani shabd mein: When Awareness merges with the word Taako kala na khaiye: Then That does not die. What you speak dies, what you do not speak also dies. What has no limits also dies. The Awareness-Consciousness enters into word and That does not die. Many people at the Kabir Math in Varanasi wanted to know what this Awareness word was and how the limitless could die. Anahat means limitless and it is also a word for Om. So beyond Anahat there is a word that nobody knows. Anahat is not limitlessness. Your message of Be Still has finally come home. Thank you so much. I am glad you are back here and that you went to Arunachala, the place which gives you silence and peace. Establish your identity with the One who has no identity or name or form. Identify with That. Nobody is there except silence. Identify with this place. $ Is the Self that which is the center of all things? Self has no center, no circumference, no meditator to meditate on a center, and no meditation. It is very free, very fluent, very natural and spontaneous, and has no fatigue because there is no doership. Doership is “I am doing this,” “I have to do that,” “I am troubled,” and “I am happy.” All these relationships will not be there because they are just passing through the body. You are untouched by all of these. You are beyond even the concept of all of this. 42
  43. 43. Self You can turn your back on all manifestations, gods, creatures, but do not be shy to your own Self. You have been shy all of these millions of years and looking at what was not worth looking at. Now don’t be shy of your own Self. Open your eyes and see! Papaji, It is just space! Excellent, excellent, It is space, and it has no limitations. Everything is in this space and you are this space. I am space. There are no limitations. All desires are met here when you are in this space because everything is in this space. This is how all the desires of One who is this space are fulfilled before they arise. The king of a country does not say, “I will buy this land and that land over there.” This idea does not even come to him because he is the monarch of the whole kingdom, he owns everything. So it is when you become this Space, there will be the end of desires and, therefore, the end of suffering. Desire gives you suffering. Whenever any desire arises, you want to go near it, you want to achieve it, and you do, then you are happy, isn’t it? You may think that the object made you happy, but really it is the absence of desire, that moment of Emptiness that makes you happy. Being empty of desire is happiness. Return to your own Source and you are happy. This is the trick of happiness. To get rid of all suffering and all deaths stay as Source. There Nothing exists, all is perfection, fullness, and that is your nature. You are already That and will always be That. All these notions like “I am the body” and “I am ego” give you suffering. These notions you have been told and there was a time when all these notions did not exist. You were perfect and even now you are perfect. Get rid of all these notions that have been dumped on your head. Shake them off! Shake them off and you will see who you are at this present moment. What notion is in your mind right now? I am noticing how much struggle there is when I don’t let go. There is no need to struggle. It is the struggling that is the suffering. Don’t give rise to any thought, not even the thought of “who is going to struggle,” and not even the thought of “I.” No “I,” no body, no ego, no mind, no senses, no objects, no manifestations. 43
  44. 44. THE TRUTH IS To return back see that manifestation is not other than these senses and sense perceptions. The manifestation is what your sense perceptions are. Senses are not other than mind going out. You cannot really separate the mind from the senses. There is no mind without the senses. Mind is not other than ego and ego is not other than the “I.” And this “I,” this sense of Being, is not other than the Source. Now, let’s start from Source and see what happens. “I” rises from the Source like a wave rises from the Ocean. Let this “I” arise and let everything belong to you. “I” arises and becomes ego, ego becomes mind, mind becomes senses, senses become the objects of their respective senses. All this is within you, rising within you, within Consciousness. You must Be Consciousness to see everything in Consciousness. But you are in trouble because you think that you are the body and mind and this is the cause of suffering. It is arrogance to consider yourself an individual ego-mind-body and to attribute all that you do to this individual, it is just simply arrogance. Why not call all this the Source? Why not call all this Consciousness? All of this is Emptiness, you just play the game of the dancer in it and let this game be played. You can see yourself as individual or as Consciousness. One is destruction and one is Peace. What more? Stay as Is and See. You don’t have to control anything; don’t desire anything to happen. You are the Space: Everything is “I,” everything is You, Everything is Itself and this is your Nature. You don’t have to do anything about it. Keep things open and see now the Emptiness, See the screen on which all is projected. When you go to a theater you see pictures projected on a screen. Some are of mountains and rivers, some of romance, and some are people being 44
  45. 45. Self attacked by robbers. When the movie is over the screen has no wetness from the river, nor smell from the romance, nor bullet holes from the robbers’ guns. The screen is immaculately clean. This manifestation is all a projection of your desires which fall across your mind and cause you to identify yourself as the projected watcher of the picture. You are not these projections, you are the screen. If you identify yourself with the immaculate, unchanging, eternal screen itself, which is the same before, during, and after the show, you will not change and so you will not suffer the changes but enjoy them. All Beings are this one immaculate screen. There is no need for practice to clean the dust off it because it is beyond everything. The teachers who want you to do lifetimes of practice can clean this dust off their own minds. I want this forever. This experience you did not have before, and all the experiences which you had, they have left, they are gone. Therefore, we still want this forever! This will not leave you! Before things were leaving you. Now here you will not be left. You are in the grip of a very supreme power. You will not be allowed to be left. It’s not your fear now. You can’t escape, Now you cannot escape. You cannot escape Love, you cannot escape Love, (laughs) Once you touch it, you get lost. Nothing ever exists that can come out again. Everything is discharged and becomes That itself. When the river enters into the ocean, it will turn instantly into the ocean. I still cannot believe it is possible. When the river enters the ocean, does it ask the question, “Will I be forever like this?” (laughs) That is the previous fear that is leaving now. All the experiences get lost because they were not perpetual, they were not permanent. They were only imaginations, only hallucinations, therefore, they get lost. This is beyond concept, perceptions, imagination. Where will it be lost? The wave is afraid: “I want to ever remain a wave.” Fear is in the mind of the wave, “I will be lost, I will be lost.” Wave is now fearing “I will be lost.” Where will it be lost? Where will it go? (laughs) Whenever lost, what will it become? When the wave is lost, no more a wave, it returns back to its source: The ocean. The ocean she was, the ocean she is, and the ocean she will be. Where? Forever! There is no time concept at all. Time is in the mind of an ignorant person. Ignorant because in Light, in Wisdom, there is no such notion that “I am separate from all or separate from Fullness, from Vastness.” That was a notion before, in the mind of an ignorant person. In Wisdom, no such notions arise. No separation. All is 45
  46. 46. THE TRUTH IS unity and love and beauty. There is no escape! Ignorance is gone! This is eternal Life, this is nectar! Yes, I see! I see Nothing! Excellent! If you see, this seeing is Being. When you see through the eyes at objects that may be distortion, but this seeing is Being. There are different eyes to see. It depends on you, which eyes you want to use, and are using. This sight has nothing to do with eyes. It is inner Being, inner sight and if you do it, you will see always with the same eyes inside or outside. There will be no difference between nirvana and samsara. (laughs) Whatever you will see will be inside. All beauty, all wisdom. That Eye has no limitation; not inside or outside, you see. When you give up looking through these eyes on your head, the other eyes will open. So pick up the I-thought as you have done now, return back and that sight will open. When you said “I see nothing,” Nothingness is the beauty of That sight, that Divine Sight. You will get it and you will see everything as being beautiful. When you can see a pig or a dog, why not see God? God is the seer in you! When you see a dog, know it is God who is seeing the dog. That much faith you should have, and you must do it by yourself. Everybody is going to cheat you by telling you that what you are doing is stupidness! So, I am happy that you are a strong person. Stick to your path, even if there is no body. Then you walk alone! 3* I understand that from the point of view of the Self there is nothing to do, but from the point where I am is there anything I can do to loosen the grip of the mind and remove this addiction to ego? First of all, find out if your point of view is superior to the point of view of the Self, and if it is, follow your own. If you are superior to the creator, to your father, to your own Self, if you are more superior than the Atman, then you follow your own point of view and see the consequences of the practices. Point of view of Self is Self. Truth is Truth. This is already Here and Now. What practice do you need to arrive at your Self and to see your Self? Do you need any? No, but when thoughts come up... Self is earlier than your body, earlier than what you speak, earlier than the word. How do you reach him? Give up the concept of any practice, any 46
  47. 47. Self method. If you have done this then tell me what is it? Where are you? Don’t give rise to any concept of effort or practice. Don’t make any effort and don’t stir your mind. Don’t think and don’t make any effort. If you really understand what I mean, tell me who you are and what do you want? No practice, no thought, in between these two. Don’t think, don’t stir a single thought in your mind, and don’t make any effort. If you have heard what I speak about, then it is your time to speak. Now tell me, who are you? Don’t think, don’t make any effort. I just want to see God. Therefore, God has brought you here now. Everyone is God, but we do not see it unless we see God within ourselves. If you first see God in yourself you will see him in the animals, birds, and rocks. More and more I do see God biding in people’s eyes. (Laughing) God is not hiding! When you do not see God it is only because you are looking elsewhere. So you must absolutely see God and nothing else. Then it is the God that is looking through your eyes. Surrender to God and keep Quiet and he will take your responsibilities. As long as you take your responsibilities on your own head, God doesn’t take care and it only seems that he is hiding. You say I am God. Is the drop the same as the ocean? There is no difference between the drop and the ocean. It is the totality of drops that make the ocean. Endless drops are the ocean. Are they of the same quality? Is your no-mind the same as mine? Yes, they have the same quality. One grain of sugar and a pound of sugar taste the same. And yes, your no-mind is the same as mine. You say that no-mind is no doubt. (laughing) No-mind is no doubt because there is nothing there to doubt. What is the experience in no-mind? 47
  48. 48. THE TRUTH IS There is no experience. There is only experience out of this, of some object. You have to get rid of the experiences of the past and in this second there is no experience, nothing to experience, and no experiencer. You are free of everything. Experiences happen in time, but in this moment there is no time, this instant is out of time. It seems easy to miss the beauty of ordinary no-mind! There is no ordinary no-mind. No-mind is no mind. No-mind is where you don’t think about anyone. Not about you, not about anyone else! Where words and language disappearf This is no-mind. Let the mind sleep; this is no-mind, Freedom, Enlightenment. But when the mind is awake then you are bound. Let the mind sleep and you stay awake. Please illumine my mind with the Truth which will set me Free. I want to see the Atma Suriya shining in the Heart, which burns away all desires. Please Enlighten me. This Atma Suriya which you are referring to is in your Heart. How to see the Light of this Suriya is right belief, right knowledge, right actions. Then you will see it, it will reveal itself. Your belief should not shake: “I have to see this Sun in my own Heart,” this is right belief. To understand this is right knowledge. With this you have to improve all your actions to all the beings. You must act with love and compassion, so that none is hurt by you. This will take you to see where the Sun abides in the Heart. This Sun abides in the Hearts of all Beings. Once you see your own Sun you will see this same light in all beings, not only in the animals, but even in the insects. But you have to see your own light first. You have a beautiful name: Hari. Who gave you this name? Anandamayi Ma. It means one who steals the Hearts of all beings. One who swallows the Heart of all beings. It is a beautiful name of the Self. $ A wave called Jasmine would love a wave called Papaji to look into her eyes and celebrate That. A celebration will take place if these waves are not separate from the 48
  49. 49. Self ocean. It is only a wave who thinks that he is separate: “I can travel anywhere in the water. I have length and breadth by which I swim to the shore.” But again it falls back and becomes ocean. So know that “I am ocean,” because the water content of the wave is not different than the water content of the ocean. This water is the basis of the unity that is not affected even if the wave thinks it is separate from the ocean. You are not different than the ocean and the ocean is not separate from the wave. This you must celebrate: The end of separation. Nothing arises without Self. All existence is one in one’s own Self. The wave plays on the chest of the ocean, feeling separation, she moves through time. Eventually, she falls back into ocean. As she rises from the ocean, and walks in the ocean, and she falls back into ocean, the Oneness is not disturbed. The movement of the wave makes no difference to the ocean. The ocean, being not separate from you, cannot cheat you. If you know this you can play as you like, Love doesn’t forget. If you don’t know this you will suffer. I bad a very strong dream last light after which there was considerable Silence. I don’t know what it means. This Silence is a border. There is neither waking or sleeping, only silence. This border behind waking and sleeping is the silence in which you do not experience anything. You do not have any memory of the past. It had no name, but if you want to use one, Silence or Emptiness are the best. Not knowing what it means is confirmation of the border, of the silence, because senses and memory are not working and the ego is not there. This is between sleep and waking. Here there is no “I” and no “you” and no “they.” This can be called Emptiness. From Here everything emerges or appears and into this all disappears as well. Would you please speak again of how the Buddha’s face is on every sand grain. In every sand grain you can see the face of Buddha. Everyone can do it. 49
  50. 50. THE TRUTH IS Everywhere you can see your own face. The face of Buddha means the face of your own Wisdom, your own Self, your own Atma. Then you will see the Atman living in all atoms of the universe. But you must first introduce yourself to this grain of sand, to this most minute particle on earth. First of all, remove all desires to see anything anywhere. Then you will see your face everywhere because where are you not present? I cannot actually speak of this, but it is an experience that every Enlightened person has. Everybody will have this experience if they only give up their desire for any object, any person and any idea. When you do it, instantly you will see. Don’t have the desire to meet with any person because every person belongs to past. Any object or concept that you speak about all belong to the past. If you don’t touch the past, then you will see your face everywhere. Otherwise you will think that you are a donkey. I know that I am a lion, but I want to know why I am walking with the donkeys? I want to let my ‘donkeyness’ go and always be a lion. If you know that you are a lion then there is no problem to walk with the donkeys, (laughs) because donkey is the food of a lion. The trouble comes when the lion forgets that he is a lion and thinks that he is a donkey. I will tell you the enlightening story of a lion. Once there was a washerman, a laundryman. In ancient times they would load the laundry of the village onto a donkey and bring it to a riverbank to wash it. One day a lioness came to drink water at the place where the laundryman was washing when a poacher shot and killed her. As the lioness was dying she gave birth. The poacher came and skinned the lioness, but left the newborn cub behind, so the laundryman came and took it home in his basket and nursed it with milk. Now be careful to listen to what happened to this lion. This cub did not know who its mother was and was fed by the washerman, who also took him to the river everyday. Eventually, he was big enough and so the washerman started loading this ‘donkey’ up with linen. This ‘donkey’ started to eat grass with the other donkeys, because one acquires the habits of those that they keep company with, just as a child who stays with smokers starts to smoke. This is how habits are formed. One day, when this ‘donkey’ was grazing with the other donkeys, a lion saw it and thought, “I am confused, how is this lion eating grass with the donkeys? His food is donkeys, but he is eating grass with the donkeys! I will go near and see.” So he went near and all the donkeys fled away including this ‘donkey.’ But the lion was very big and fast and caught hold of the 50
  51. 51. Self ‘donkey’ by the neck and said: “What is the matter? You are a lion and yet you are running with the donkeys and you are afraid of me! We belong to the same community.” “No sir, don’t bluff me, I trembled in the grip of the wise old lion. “I am a donkey. Please don’t eat me. My brothers and sister are waiting for me. Let me go please. Don’t make a joke, I know I am a donkey.” “You are a lion, don’t be so foolish to think that you are a donkey!” said the wise lion. “How can I believe this, that I am a lion? I am a donkey!” So this wise lion took him to the river and said, “Look at the reflection of your face; is your face not similar to mine?” The young lion exclaimed, “Yes sir, my face is like yours!” “Now open your mouth and utter a roar like me.” This lion didn’t know how to roar. He had been braying with the donkeys and had forgotten how to roar because nobody had told him this. But to roar was his nature and so he opened up his mouth and roared! Instantly he became a lion. This roar removed all doubt about who he really was. Then this lion went after the donkeys to eat them, (giggles) Now the question is: how did this ‘donkey’ become a lion? In one instant of time he was a lion. What made this ‘donkey’ a lion? He uttered a roar! Otherwise he was always braying. So you need a Satguru to take you to the river and show you your own face. You are not a donkey, but you are living in the society of donkeys, which are the people who are body-bound and say, “I am bound.” Those who say “I am bound, I am suffering, I am dying,” are all donkeys. The Guru tells you that you are not bound. Utter a roar that “I am Free.” That makes the difference. But you have only been bleating because this is the habit of the society that you live with. Lions become donkeys when they are in evil company. When you come here I will forcibly part your jaws and make you roar. You have been born to parents who are donkeys and this made the difference, but a donkey cannot stay in front of a lion. Stop staying in your own shit which you have shat for lifetimes and be a lion. It is up to you. Wait, grow up, suffer and do what the donkeys are doing. Somebody will put dirty linen on you and you will be under the charge of the laundryman. No! Someday some lion will look at you and you will become a lion because you have always been a lion. No donkey becomes a lion. a donkey,” the young lion said as heam Only stupid foolish wicked society turns you into a donkey. Senses are the donkey, but you really are a lion: 51
  52. 52. THE TRUTH IS Eternal Unborn Consciousness. The lion Satguru takes you to the lake of Consciousness to show you your own face. You are already That, and this is all the teacher has to say. Anyone who identifies themselves as individual is a sheep and has very big arrogant ego. Lions have no “I,” no ego, and no identification. Sheep are led to the slaughter house to be butchered, but butchers are the food of lions. My dear friend you are a Free man. Who told you that you were bound. Think about this, no one has bound your hands, no one has chained your feet. You simply think that you are bound and so you are bound. If you think you are Free, you are Free. It is up to you! I am Free and you are Free. This is a thought only. When you don’t think, you are a Realized person. Thank you for bringing me to the river. I have only been yawning, not roaring. A yawn is when you are going to sleep. A roar means you are Awake. When the lion roars it means that it is awake and all the animals of the forests like the deer and rabbits run away because it is awake. But when the Lion yawns everybody says, “The lion is sleeping so let us go and find our food.” Hearing the roar everybody goes back to their holes. So when you roar all the tendencies of the mind, of the laziness, and all thieves of Peace which keep you from finding your Self will run away and not be there! Now you are awake. The roar is “I Am Free.” Looking for something to only feed your body, or your mind, or just your eyes means that you are yawning. Therefore, you have to make the roar, “I Am Free!” Where to go? The ego is sleeping and so this is the perfect time to go and attend Satsang. Those people who are sleeping have not yet heard the roar of their Self and, therefore, have been sleeping and will keep on sleeping. There is no way to bring them to Satsang because it is not the time for those people. Let them sleep, but you stay awake, come to Satsang, and roar like a lion. 52
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  54. 54. The Satguru The Self is the Satguru, you will get help from Within. Here your true Guide is, Here all wisdom and knowledge is, but due to your preoccupations you do not see it. The Satguru is Within, meditate only on That. The Satguru is greater than all else, even God. The Satguru is Truth-Awareness-Bliss, and is like the sun; you no longer need a torch to see. Because you do not understand the language of the Self, the Satguru manifests as the outer Guru. If you think that you have a body you need a teacher with one. Stay with the Holy one who gives you Peace. He is like a shade tree in the desert of samsara. This Guru is the butcher of the sheep ego. His function is to tell you, “I am within you,” and to give you the conviction that you are Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. Every true teacher tells you: “Look Within, there is no difference between yourself, Self, and Guru.” The Guru shows the Treasure which is already always there. The Teacher will not be recognized by the diamonds on his head or by the number of students he has. Know the Teacher to be the one whose presence gives you Peace and removes all craving, attachment, and desire. The Jnani’s torch burns down the house of false convictions, but, as Kabir says, nobody takes this fire. The Teacher is one who knows the Truth and can transmit this Truth to a humble one by look, by touch, by thought, 55
  55. 55. THE TRUTH IS or as Arunachala does, by Silence. This Silence is the Light that does not move. The true Teacher has no students, all is BEing and only Silence speaks. The perfect Teacher has no teachings because he knows that you are Free already. So the true Teacher’s non-teaching is that there is no teacher, no student, no teaching, and that Nothing has ever existed. This teaching must be without words and must land in your Heart. If you try to understand, it will only land in your head. The true Teacher removes all names and forms and concepts. The preacher adds them like a noose around your neck. The preacher clings to you like a vulture clings to a fresh corpse. The true Teacher will teach only to the extent that can be absorbed and then send the student away. So you must test the Teacher. Look at the Guru’s lineage, it is very important. And their answers must be backed by practical experience, because all the Saints sing from Emptiness, not from the mind. Association with the mind is not beautiful or worthwhile. $ Approaching the Self is like walking on a razors edge: two cannot go there, you can’t even bring your mind or a thought. So the only one who can help you is Self. Anything that touches this flame becomes flame. Touch a Sage and you become a Sage, knowing Self you see only Self and this Self is your Teacher. Eventually you have to get rid of the name and form of both your Master and yourself, you have to reject the finger in order to see the moon. Where there is name and form there is falsehood, there is an impediment to Freedom, because nothing that you see will give you Freedom. 56
  56. 56. The Satguru Hold on only to Self when you are drowning, reach for anything else and you will die. The Satguru is Within, meditate only on That! The true Teacher is Self, all else is pointing to Self. Don’t cling to anything made from the five elements. The Guru has no body, visible or invisible. Do not depend on any body, which are just fingers pointing to the Truth! The Guru is your own Self, not ego-self, Self Here and Now. Reject the form of the Guru and only the Supreme is left. It is not possible to lose your own Self, you only have to be told by the Guru who you are. This pilot is Love-Beauty, this Freedom is the Master. Just sit quietly: all is taken care of. $ Questioner: What is the Gum? Papaji: The literal meaning of this word is “The one who dispels darkness,” so the Guru is that which opens your Heart, that which shows you Light. The Guru is Wisdom and Light itself. How can one identify a true Masterf Is it true that the Master is the one who stops your mind? A true Master cannot be identified through his words or his actions, but your mind will likely become quiet around him. Often people propagate signs and symptoms of the Teacher, but the true Teacher has no symptoms at all. Somehow He can convey his message silently. Some people once came to me and said they would only accept me as a Teacher if I could stop my heart from beating. They got what they came for, but really there is no question about stopping the heart or any other siddhi that anybody can attain. Why are so many masters male? There is only one Master, that is neither male nor female. That Master shines within you as your very Self. Identifying as male or female keeps you from knowing this. What about Buddha and Jesus and... There is no male or female for the teacher. The teacher is within your 57
  57. 57. THE TRUTH IS own Self. He is neither male nor female. You only speak about what you see. This male and that female is created by your mind. When you sleep are you male or female? Do you need a guru, a living Guru to be Realized? You cannot realize the Self without the Grace of the living Guru. If you are in a body you need a physical guru. If you are in a body you need a guru in the body, otherwise the Guru is within, but you don’t understand his language. So the Guru in the body is necessary for the student in the body so that they can converse with each other and remove the doubts of the student. Then the student will know that the Guru is within. You need a Guru without Just to tell you, “I am within you.” The Guru is formless Within you and you also are formless. If you know this you don’t need a Guru with a body. If you are fortunate enough to find a Teacher with a body do not miss the chance! Do the Masters who are not in the body have the power to be my Master? If you have that power so that you can listen to the Master who has no body, then you do not need an embodied Master because that Master is always there without body. It is that through which you speak. It is in your Heart. Do you listen to him? Do you listen to that formless teacher who is teaching within you? Yes, I do. If you did you would not have asked all these questions! So how about Christians and Buddhists who have no living guru? You must find a living Guru, whether in the West or the East, and test him. If your mind is quiet in his presence, then obey him and stay with him. If you think you have a body you need a Guru in the body to help you. You will find this Guru when you have an intense desire to be Free. Then you will see that the Guru will come to your door, as it happened in my case. I had such an intense desire for freedom that no other desire was in my mind. Why are some people like Ramana Maharshi able to find the Truth without a physical Guru? 58