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New Europe Events, a Warsaw-based event organizer, would like to invite you to New Europe Venture Contest (NEVC) for the most promising investment projects in the CEE TMT sector. The contest is a series of pitch events held across 12 Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries. Six semi-finals will be held in 2011 in 6 CEE capitals and will lead to the great finale in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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New Europe Venture Contest 2011

  1. 1. New Europe VentureContest 2011<br />12 CEE countries, 7 events, top 30 CEE companies<br />ContentPartner<br />
  2. 2. New Europe Events<br />CEE conferenceorganizersince 2001<br />Target industries – TMT sector<br />Technology (ICT / internet, clean-tech, bio-tech)<br />Media (digital) <br />Telco<br />Target audience<br />Entrepreneurs<br />Investors<br />Consultants, media<br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. More of TMT Events photo coverageat:<br /><br />
  5. 5. New Europe VentureContest(1/3)<br /><ul><li>Contesthistory</li></ul>2008 - hosted as ‘7 minutes’ pitchcontestsin 5 CEE countries<br />2009 & 2010 - as ‘7 minutes’ pitchcontestin Warsaw, Poland<br />2011 - newcontestformula – bigger, better, VC/IPO oriented<br />NEVC’11 – pitchcontest for 12 CEE countries<br />April-December– SEMI-FINALS: 6 regionalevents for 12 countries<br />TMT.ReStart Warsaw – target market: Poland<br />TMT.CzS– target market: Czech Republic + SlovakiaTMT.Baltics – target market: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Western Russia<br />TMT.Ukraine – target market: Ukraine<br />TMT.BlackSea – target market: Romania + Bulgaria<br />TMT.Balkans – target market: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia itd.<br />February 2012– FINALS: TMT.CEE in Warsaw, top 12 finalistscompeting<br />
  6. 6. New Europe VentureContest(2/3)<br />NEVC objectives<br />Collecthundreds of projectsubmissionsfrom CEE<br />Top 30 will pitchtheirbusinessesduringSemi-Finals<br />Top 12 will pitchduringthe CEE Finalsin Warsaw<br />Chosenprojects will be invited:<br />to be incubated by TMT Incubator and its industry Partners<br />to be marketedintheirhomemarkets, CEE, EU, globally<br />to raise capital – fromBAs, VCs, IPO atNewConnect<br />Awards and incentives for entrepreneurs<br />MainAward– take on IPO atNewConnect, WSEsunregulated public market (moreinfo)<br />Moreover – legal, IP protection, marketing services, networking and recognitionamong TMT sectorplayers<br />
  7. 7. New Europe VentureContest(3/3)<br />Partners benefitingfromtheprojectare:<br />Investment projects / Management teams<br />Advisoryfirms (legal, capital, marketing)<br />Investment funds (seed, early-stage, VC)<br />Stock brokers<br />Banks creditinginnovativeprojects<br />Entrepreneurialorganizations<br />Academiccenters and institutions<br />
  8. 8. Whatisouroffer to Partners?<br />Marketing and leadgenerationcampaignin CEE<br />NEVC 2011 biggest CEE marketing projectreaching TMT industry entrepreneurs, opinionleaders, media<br />Partner representative as a NEVC Jury member<br />Partner business profile and offerbeingpromoted<br />Severalnetworking and meetingopportunities<br />Investment projectpipelinebuild-upin CEE<br />Access to all New Europe VentureContestapplications<br />Pitchscreening of submittedprojects<br />Investment processpreparation by TMT Incubator<br />
  9. 9. NEVC inpreviousyears<br />
  10. 10. Bottomline…<br /><ul><li>NEVC 2011 isthebiggest Central & EasternEuropean marketing projectreaching TMT industry entrepreneurs, opinionleaders, media</li></ul>We findthe most promising investment projectsinthe Central & EasternEuropean TMT sector:<br />Technology (ICT / internet, clean-tech, bio-tech)<br />Media (digital) <br />Telco / mobile<br />We enableour Partners to fund / raise capital for theseprojects and do business withthem…<br />
  11. 11. Let’s do some business together!<br />Ewa Stepien<br /><br />+48 607 805 239<br />Michal Faber<br /><br />+48 607 144 001<br />
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