Marek Werulik, Johnson&Johnson


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Presentation of Marek Werulik, Johnson&Johnson at the TMT.CloudComputing'11 Warsaw conference organized in Warsaw, Poland on February 10th, 2011 by New Europe Events

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Marek Werulik, Johnson&Johnson

  1. 1. Customer implementation and use overview atthe world’s premier consumer health company Marek Werulik Warsaw, 10th Feb 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Project goals & history• How the goals were achieved• The success of the business driven project• Lessons learned• The future
  3. 3. The VisionThat our CRM system becomes the SFE tool that gives all the information the SF needs, to deepen customer relationships and sell with knowledge of all the customer interactions with JJVC, to ensure customers recommend our products to more patients. CRM Programme Vision
  4. 4. Project goals• Single, 360 degrees, view of the customer• Improved customer segmentation and targeting• Better pre-call planning• Offer a tool that’s easy to use, anytime, any place, anywhere…• Unification of CRM tools used locally
  5. 5. Project history• June 2008 – Oracle CRM on Demand has been selected• Life Sciences edition• Project team formed: • Project management on the global level • Development team in India, Singapore and Poland • Regional teams devided geographically supporting local business needs• 340 users from 33 countries are active • Target ~ 500 users
  6. 6. How the goals were achieved• Decision to Start Small and add the next components in subsequent phases• Start with the Sales Process and enhance the application usability to engage other departments • Sales representatives and Sales managers • Marketing managers • Training program coordinators• Simultaneously implement markets along with enhancing the application
  7. 7. How CRM is used• Territory planning• Managing the appointments with customers • Pre call planning • Post call analysis• Medical professionals trainings management
  8. 8. Success of business driven project• Only business drives the project• All requirements come from the business • IT only supports the tools and makes necessary technical decisions• Regular meetings with Key Users and selected top management • ensure the goals are achieved • agree on solutions satisfying all parties
  9. 9. Lessons learned• Global application hardly support local needs• Virtual Team geographically spread over the globe can’t cooperate easily• Product expertise (CRM OD) is a key to spot the problems early, mitigate risks and support business needs in a best possible way • Some things can’t be achieved at all
  10. 10. The future• 2011 and beyond – successfully migrate SFDC markets and complete all countries implementation• Increase the user adoption level• Enhance the application to measure sales force effectiveness• Optimize the customizations to increase the speed of the application• Transition to the support phase
  11. 11. Any Questions …?