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The worst headache and apprehension of parents and society is caused by excessive virtualization of games and all the occupations of today’s kids and teens. That leads to loss of reality… We at Toytemic believe games should be brought back from behind the screen into here: the real world of tangible things.
Toytemic’s project “Strategy on Carpet”
has won first prize at Skolkovo Innovation Award competition supported by Cisco I-PRIZE. “Strategy on Carpet” technology transfers computer game fantasy into reality. Real toys are being turned into game units, and played and controlled in the same manner as units in computer games.

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Strategy-on-Carpet by Toytemic

  1. 1. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 1. Title: STRATEGY-ON-CARPET STRATEGY-ON- CARPET… extending video- games into reality The winner of «Skolkovo Innovation Award» supported by CISCO I-PRIZE (May, 2011)TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  2. 2. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 2. Summary: PROJECT SUMMARY Technological platform designed to support wireless ad hoc networks Technology of mobile and self-propelled devices in personal area (up to 10 m radius). Electronic sets for game systems of toys, interacting with each other, able Product for adaptive behavior, able to form teams and act in concert Global sales of interactive electronics-containing toys > 185 M pcs (2010) Market Forecast for 2015 > 310 M pcs ($9,4 per year) Global Toy, Game and Robotic companies Client End User – kids (2-12) together with their parents Business В2В: licensing, reference design, OEM supplies, customization. Model $ 1,5 – 3 per copy. Revenue on 5th year - $60MTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  3. 3. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 3. Problem: DEREALIZATION • excessive virtualization of games and entertainments of kids and teenagers • colorful violence • loss of reality • inadequate behaviors Games should be brought from behind the screen back into the tangible world of real toys HAS THE TIME COME?TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  4. 4. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 4. Solution: ESTABLISH THE MISSING LINK Electro-mechanics and electronics used in modern interactive toys are perfect enough for turning these toys into game units. THE MISSING LINK IS POSITIONING SYSTEM Toytemic positioning system: • units (toys) form ad hoc networks • mobile and self-propelled nodes • every unit positions any other unit accurate within 2-3cm/30degrees No beacons, no external detectors Area At first stage - up to 1,5m radius At second stage - up to 10 m radiusTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  5. 5. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 4. Technology: TOYTEMIC PLATFORM Breakthrough technology under development for controlling an arbitrary number of self-propelled units with a single pointer-like remote controller System-on-Crystal Compact built-in navigation module $2 in mass production Toy units may be grouped and act in concert as a unitary teamTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  6. 6. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 6. Business-model: LICENSING & CUSTOMIZATION End Users – kids (2-12) and their parents B2B Customers – Large and medium companies in: - Toys new tech platform for interactive toys - Video-Games new game applications - Service Robotics advanced navigation - Entertainment new features for public entertainmentInvent => Prototype => Patent => License => Customize => Support Royalty Rate 10% from Wholesale price. $1,5 – 3,0 per copy 50% margin for customized electronics sets supplyTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  7. 7. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 7. Market: MARKET ESTIMATION, SALES FORECAST Global Toys&Games Market >$125B CAGR 4%. 15% 9% 10% In the world - 2B children 5% In “Golden B” - 200M children: $250-330/child/year China growth - CAGR 40% 9% 12% MOST GROWING SECTORS 6% 13% ITP (infant, toddler, preschooler) 15 - 20% a year 8% 3% Target 10% HiTech toys 10 – 20% a year segments Action Figures & Action Role Play Arts & Crafts Toy Robotic Kits 50 times in 6 years Games/Puzzles Infant/Preschool Toys Youth Electronics (incl. Robotic Kits) Vehicles (incl. RC Toys) Other Toys (incl. Electronic Edutainment) Plush Dolls Building Sets Outdoor & Sports Toys UNITS SOLD PER YEAR (forecast) RC Toys/vehicles (2011) 100M Electronic Edutainment (2012) 140M Market in 2015 г. >300M units Interactive Dolls & Plush (2011) >50M We want to take 10% or more Toy Robotic Kits (2009 – 2014) ~35MTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  8. 8. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Слайд 8. Competition: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Companies We Can Do, They Can’t We Can’t Do, They Can Freescale and other Develop integrated toy- Reuse and/or quickly modify microelectronics suppliers for specific technologies their own old techs for toy toy industry applications Leapfrog, WowWee, Make a real breakthrough in Sell toy products WowStaff and other interactive toy robotics Provide wide distribution toys’ companies Mattel, Hasbro, Nintendo and Create NextGen toys Buy NextGen technologies/ other toy giants companies LG, Samsung and other home Make perfect robot Make home robots and robotic producers navigation and mapping bring them to the market. Time Domain and other UWB- Create strategy-on-the Sue us for real or fantastic tech leaders carpet and other UWB-toy infringing on their IP. applications Pay litigation expensesTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  9. 9. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 9. Team: TEAM’S COMPETENCE Management Team Worked together in a number of projects – developing and launching products in: Evgeny Smetanin, CEO Producer and developer in digital • radio electronics edutainment, computer games, • bio-implants interactive toys and gadgets. • computer games Licensor to global game publisher. • interactive toys Alexey Chechendaev, CTO engineer, designer, director of projects in microelectronics and • Interdisciplinary engineering RF engineering; sensor networks, interactive educational products team (robotics, adaptive behavior, chip-design) Andrey Gabelko, COO/Biz-dev Ph.D. in Physics, 20-year as • Board of advisors with business driver in software strongest track record in UWB, designing, UWB, Mesh networks, robotics, toys (including telecom and laser; launched 3 Western experts) start-ups (incl. abroad)TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  10. 10. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 10. Key Metrics: 5 YEAR FORECAST Expected indices till the end of 2015 Road Map Quantities of products Prototypes for niche pilots - Q2 / 2012 used Toytemic technology >30M units Niche pilots on the market - Q4 / 2012 Income per unit sold $1,5-3 Integrated platform prototype - Q2 / 2013 Number of patents >20 SoC for mass production - Q4 / 2013 Mass global sales - Q4 / 2014 $K Re v e nue fore cast$70 000 $61 440K$60 000 5th year revenue - $60M$50 000 Investment required - $ 1M$40 000 (1st stage) $25 440K$30 000 - $ 5M$20 000 (2nd stage)$10 000 $4 620K Break-even point - Q11 $- $300K $- IRR (Internal Rate of Return) - 104 % FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  11. 11. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 11. Current Status: PLACE D’ARMES PROTOTYPES TOYTEMIC in 2011 March 2011 - first place winner of “Innovative Toy” Immediate goal is contest at “Toy Russia’2011 Expo May 2011 - first place winner at “Skolkovo to occupy a place d’armes Innovation Award” (Cisco I-PRIZE) on the target market July 2011 - prototype demo and negotiations in two of Top-5 global Toy companies with niche products 5 patent applications through PCT Current Status: FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPESInterface Puppet Bunnies’ Flock Brain TrainTOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC
  12. 12. NextGen Toys for NextGen Kids Slide 12. Reminiscence: NEW LIFE OF THE OLD GOOD GAME The most famous science fiction novelist Herbert Wells playing toy soldiers according to the rules he described in his book. That was the first modern table top strategy game.TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC