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  1. 1.  CITIZENS OF NEWARK<br /> DID YOU KNOW?<br />
  2. 2. That the current council in the first year<br /><ul><li>refused to go after Grants for water or sewer improvements. The former mayor, Bill Malone before leaving office, pleaded with them to not get out of the loop for requesting these grants. These grants are necessary for this town to keep up with the improvements and repairs on water and sewer. Their reason for not going after the grants was that they would have to pay back 10% of the total grant money. Each of these grants would total $250,000 or $350.000, The 10% would be paid to the consultant for his efforts for getting these grants. The council soon found out that this was a mistake. </li></li></ul><li>That the current council<br /><ul><li> then started spending the money from the General Obligation Bond of $350,000. The previous council had obtained this loan to be used for emergencies only and had never spent any of it but rather used the interest accrued for the installment payments. The current council, because of their incompetence of not obtaining the grants, has spent all or most of this money. TAXPAYERS, this will be our burden!</li></li></ul><li>That last November,<br /><ul><li>this council proudly hung a display check at council meetings that Bill Malone and council had already done all the work and applied for. The monies were actually received by the City of Newark last November when this council tried to take credit for the previous council’s diligent work. So, despite what this council says, they have never applied and been approved for a single grant other than a small library grant which they are putting into the old temporary school building and moving our lovely library into.</li></li></ul><li>That everything that was in storage in the old school<br /><ul><li>was thrown away. Only a very few photos, relics, and card catalog drawers were rescued from the dumpster. Everything from the Community Center is gone. Many relics that former Mayor Bill Malone had in his office at city hall are also gone. Trophies, historic photos, a 1937 W.P.A. plaque issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and many other irreplaceable items are gone… forever. At the most recent city council meeting, Mr. Bounds (son of former Newark mayor, Red Bounds) requested his family’s historic donations to the city. City Council said they were in “storage”, could only locate one item and stated they would continue to look. </li></li></ul><li>That they removed the<br /><ul><li>accountant, lawyers, court clerk (Amy Cromer) and consultant. This consultant, Tim Glendening, was responsible for getting nine of our eleven grants.
  3. 3. That they withhold public records from the citizens in which you are entitled to.
  4. 4. That there is private surveillance at the city hall.
  5. 5. That certain bold citizens are being harassed. Even the past law enforcement was involved in this. They are being harassed because of document requests that the council want to be kept secret.
  6. 6. That a death threat report was removed by Mayor Newby.</li></li></ul><li>Our Library<br />Is this what you want?<br />Is this progress???<br /><ul><li>That they voted to move and downsize the current library to the old library that it once was located in. This move is scheduled for the end of April. Please help to try to stop this. This move will set Newark back at least 20 years. The current library has 5000 square feet; the old school has 1200. Is this council planning to throw away whatever will not fit?</li></ul>Going back 20 years<br />
  7. 7. Good-bye Community Center<br />That the community center, which was a great asset to our community, building and property valued at approximately $130,000 was sold. The building was sold for $2,000, moved off and $12,500 is promised for the land. $22,000 insurance money was collected for roof repairs, but not spent on the community center.<br />
  8. 8. That in order to be eligible<br />to receive grants, this town has to have assets like the police dept., fire dept., community center, buildings, parks, Parks and Recreation Board, etc. <br />
  9. 9. That this council turned down a $25,000 grant<br /><ul><li>for park improvements. This occurred when they dissolved the PARKS and RECREATION BOARD who had spent 6 months working out the necessary details to present to the State of Texas for this grant. All that was needed was a simple survey, estimated cost to the city--$300. (NOT A MATCHING GRANT AS THEY WILL TRY TO TELL YOU) Mayor Newby refused to allow the Parks Board to submit the paperwork for the grant. The city of Newark has lost more park grants since that time simply because there isn’t a Parks and Recreation Board to apply for them.</li></li></ul><li>That playground equipment is missing.<br />Councilman, Bob Wells, said to just get rid of it. He is quoted as saying, “Well, I never had a swing set when I was a kid; the kids in Newark don’t need one”.<br /><ul><li>That every time a citizen asks this council why our parks are empty, why they gave away park equipment (some brand new), and why the park picnic tables are now sitting outside the old school building, this council points blame to the now dissolved Parks & Recreation Board.</li></li></ul><li>That they moved MeagonBeckerwerth's<br /><ul><li>playground equipment, that she raised money for, from the ballpark. She wanted her little sister and other children to be able to play on it during the bigger kids’ ball games. Her GOLD AWARD issued to her from the GIRL SCOUTS is missing from the playground equipment. All of this equipment was moved to the Newark Library. This was not her intentions. In fact, her donation was contingent on it going expressly for the ball park.</li></li></ul><li>That this was reported to the Texas Attorney General’s<br /><ul><li>office who referred it to the F.B.I. On review, the F.B.I. called Katrina Ellis on September 25, 2009 with a theory about this city council. Their theory was this: that moving Meagon’s donation was not just about taking a child’s Girl Scout Award away from her and breaking her heart, but believed a much more sinister plot was brewing. They said their theory was that Councilman Massey, a realtor and the rest of the council were planning to sell the ballpark using Councilman Massey as the realtor (which is illegal) and Meagon’s playground was simply in the way. </li></li></ul><li>Yes, the F.B.I!<br /><ul><li>They believed Robert Wells to be the “ringleader”. The F.B.I. asked Katrina to obtain documents for them and last August turned the file over to the corruption department. Everything the F.B.I. predicted has come to pass. This council used Massey to try to sell ALL the city of Newark’s parks and every available square inch of city property. What they couldn’t auction off, they have simply thrown away. Katrina still has the e-mail communications between herself and the F.B.I. The investigation is still open.</li></li></ul><li>That they have dissolved<br /><ul><li> the POLICE DEPARTMENT which had 4 officers on the force when this council took over and are in the process of auctioning off the police cars and equipment that Bill Malone and his council worked years to get.
  10. 10. This council continues to slander those who come out with these truths that can be proven.</li></li></ul><li>That they built a maintenance building,<br /><ul><li>costing approximately $60,000, at the sewer plant on WATER BOARD property. The WATER BOARD is probably thankful for this. The public was told this building would be for storing city trucks however, the city employees are told to take their trucks home with them every night and NOT to store them in the building. Adam Farguson, new city employee also takes the city truck home every night to his home in Justin. It is still unknown what is stored in this building.</li></li></ul><li>That the city hall,<br /><ul><li> located on FM 718, is up for lease or sale. The land was donated to the city and has a water well on the property. Also the Royal Park would have been sold if it had not been donated with the provision that if the city attempted to sell or stop using the land as a park, that the land would automatically go back to the Jennings family.
  11. 11. That they threw away irreplaceable City artifacts. Hence dumpster diving.
  12. 12. That they ARE in the process of selling the HISTORIC ODESSA BALLPARK.</li></li></ul><li>That there are attempts of the city<br /><ul><li>to encroach on private citizens' properties.
  13. 13. They (the council and CERTAIN chosen individuals) have also been seen using city lawn equipment and the dumpster for their own private use. Remember citizens, you are not allowed the same privilege as “the chosen few” but YOU PAY FOR ALL THIS!
  14. 14. That they are guilty of: Misuse of power, holding private council meetings at different locations, disrespect for the citizens of Newark at council meetings and other places, holding a fraudulent trial, overcharges for document requests that once was available and free to the citizens of Newark, overcharges for water for some citizens, charges for animal tags when there isn't animal control, nor doing street repairs or replacing street signs that are in disrepair or are missing. </li></li></ul><li>That our town has lost its integrity<br />(we are a joke to the surrounding communities), its peaceful existence, sense of security, law & order and citizens' trust.<br />
  15. 15. Despite numerous attempts<br /><ul><li>to obtain help from various agencies at local, state, and federal level, the only thing certain citizens have been able to do to stop the mass destruction of our little town, is slow it down. We have been told frankly that our town’s tax base simply doesn’t reach the minimum for a full blown investigation and prosecution. Thus the recall petition was dealt with not by bringing it before the district judge as the law states, but by the accused stating their innocence to a grand jury hoping it would simply go away. It has not however according to the Texas Secretary of State’s office. So far, Sheriff David Walker has been the only local official who has helped. Among other things, he called the Attorney General’s Office trying to get them to help us obtain the federal loan documents. The AG office then referred it to the F.B.I. </li></li></ul><li>If you still think this city council<br />is doing such a great job, then<br />why have they cut so many city services?<br /><ul><li>Why is all the city property up for sale? Why did they sell our community center and not replace it as state law requires? Where are the federal loan documents? Why have so many documents been taken to Ms. Pixler’s home? Why have city council meeting tapes been erased? (7 and then we quit counting). Why are communications between council members gone? Why is it so difficult to view bank documents (esp. copies of cancelled checks)? </li></li></ul><li>Where is the money?<br />Ask them to show you. <br />It’s your legal right as an American citizen!<br />Not just tell you, but really show you the documents.<br />
  16. 16. Citizens of Newark<br />PLEASE VOTE ON MAY 14TH!<br />
  17. 17. Bill Malone, Jerry Palmer, and Katrina Ellis subscribes to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices. <br />