Gideon Basson: After school I followed my Parent's plan: "Get an education and
                           a Job will look ...
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Testimonial - Gideon Basson


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Herbalife testimonial of Gideon Basson from South Africa

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Testimonial - Gideon Basson

  1. 1. Gideon Basson: After school I followed my Parent's plan: "Get an education and a Job will look after you for the rest of your life". Well after qualifying as a Metallurgical Engineer, I worked in the Mining Industry for 5 years (including my education and practical training). I often found myself working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. I enjoyed the challenge, everyday was different, but the instability of the mining industry and the nature of my job meant that I was retrenched 3 times in 2 years and transferred 7 times in 4 months working on a national project. I had endless disagreements with senior management and to make this worse everyone else got the credit for work I did. I woke-up one morning thinking to myself: "Is this it, is this what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life? The answer: NO. At this time I decided to resign from my chosen career and start out on my own. I started a business, developed my own products and marketing strategy. Everything went well for a time until I lost a big government contract, which forced me to sell my business just to cover my debts. I lost everything in the process, trust in others, self confidence and desire to be more. After a couple of months of total depression and uncertainty I was introduced to the Herbalife Business. The business offered a proven step by step plan of action and support from others who already have succeeded. I could not believe my good fortune. I got serious right from the start and earned: R 17,491 profit in just 7 weeks. Using the Herbalife products I lost 33kg over 9 months and shrunk from a size 44 to 36. My energy levels are though the roof and my health much better. Since December 1998 my life has changed 180 degrees and my income has exceeded all my expectations. I took me 4 years to clear R 680,000 worth of debt. Got my self confidence back, now look at life with different eyes and believe in the promise of the future In the last 8 years I have had the opportunity to travel overseas numerous times. I have visited 24 different countries and have been on 9 full paid vacations. I am not unique; I do not have any special skills or talents. But what I do have is a desire to change, the ability to learn new skills and the understanding to copy other successful people rather that try and do things on my own, and hard work - I live my dreams. My income has exceeded R 35 000 per month and in just one month my income topped R75, 000. I never thought this could happen to me! Living the lifestyle most people dream about.