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Reputation Management at Internet Speed
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Reputation Management at Internet Speed


Published on

Presentation at the Public Relations Institute of Ireland annual conference in Dublin, April 26, 2012. #priiconf12 …

Presentation at the Public Relations Institute of Ireland annual conference in Dublin, April 26, 2012. #priiconf12

Original PowerPoint 2010 deck available on request.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 2. Reputation Managementat Internet SpeedNeville Hobson, ABCDublin: April 26, 2012 #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 3. @jangles #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 4. Meanings #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 5. Social Media is…• Disruptive challenging established orders, hierarchies and cultures• About people what they do with technology tools• About change connecting with changes in society, the marketplace, the workplace• About calculating risk to enable people to confidently engage in the new landscape #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 6. Anyone with an opinionand an internet connectioncan influence someone else about the things you careabout, eg, your reputation. #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 7. You cannot control it #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 8. It affects organizations… …and the guilty… #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 9. …the life in the fast laners… #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 10. …the careless… #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 11. …and the innocent #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 12. Crisis and Reputation1. Everything happens at internet speed − What we used to call “lightning speed”2. People demand – and expect – absolute transparency3. How you say it is as important as what you say − The medium is often the message4. Your critics have the same tools as you and your champions #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 13. Speed is of the essence• Take immediate effective action to stop an issue becoming a crisis − “Issue management” is so much easier than “crisis management”• Look to your communities − Online and offline − Your “nurturing years” will now pay off #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 14. Remember the good old days? #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 15. #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 16. #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 17. #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 18. @jangles #PRIIconf12
  • 19. Investing in “Internal SocialReadiness”• Vision and leadership drive accountability towards business goals• Trained employees reduce potential risk• Increased preparedness for social media crises• A consistent brand experience for customers• Enablement increases ability to scale #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 20. Investing in “Internal SocialReadiness” #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 21. What You Need to Know1. Know – with 5. Know of issues precision – who the before they become influencers and mainstream opinion-leaders are 6. Know the right2. Know your “share of keywords that drive conversation” vs search “share of voice” 7. Know who to follow3. Know where or friend conversations are 8. Know what content occurring that matter your customers care4. Know how news is about shared and by 9. Know who is whom defining your brand, pro or con #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 22. There Are a Lot of Tools… MonitoringTactical Strategic Listening #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 23. Key: Integrated Communication• Social media is not stand-alone or a separate activity• Long-term activity and resource commitment• Integral to your reputation engagement and management mix• Integral to the success of your business #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 24. What Can You Do?RightNow? #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 25. Calculate risk1. Recognize change − Society − Behaviours − Your landscape2. Make a deal with your employees to eliminate FUD3. Know who your advocates and detractors are4. Listen #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 26. Start Here #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 27. Worth reading #PRIIconf12 @jangles
  • 28. Thank You This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. To view a copy of this license, visit original PowerPoint version of this presentation deck is available on request. #PRIIconf12 @jangles