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Introductory presentation at #SocialCEO in London, Sept 20, 2011.

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  • Eliminate FUDThe Scream by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, 1893.
  • It's A New Game

    1. 1. It’s A New Game<br />Neville Hobson, ABC<br />@jangles<br />London<br />September 20, 2011 <br />#SocialCEO<br />
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    3. 3. What We’re Going To Talk About<br />Social media is…<br />Disruptive, challenging established orders, hierarchies and cultures<br />About people and what they do with technology tools<br />About change and connecting with changes in society, the marketplace, the workplace<br />About calculating risk to enable employer and employee to confidently engage in the new landscape<br />
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    9. 9. Anyone with an opinionand an internet connection can influence someone else about your businessand the things you care about.<br />
    10. 10. Life of a 15-29 Year Old<br />Content is on-demand and mobile<br />Don’t read newspapers<br />Mobile phone is the central device<br />The internet is social<br />Trust peers more than experts<br /><ul><li>Email is for parents
    11. 11. Text is the way to chat</li></li></ul><li>Life of a 15-29 Year Old<br />Your New Employee<br />Content is on-demand and mobile<br />Don’t read newspapers<br />Mobile phone is the central device<br />The internet is social<br />Trust peers more than experts<br /><ul><li>Email is for parents
    12. 12. Text/Facebook/Twitter is the way to chat</li></li></ul><li>“Enterprise 2.0”<br />[Harvard Business School Professor Andrew McAfee coined the term "Enterprise 2.0" in 2006 to describe how Web 2.0 technologies could be used on organizations’ intranet and extranets.]<br />
    13. 13. The benefits of taking a calculated risk to embrace social media as a legitimate business tool are clear and compelling to many companies who have taken the first steps.<br /><br />
    14. 14. Today, 67 members of the FTSE 100are actively engagedin social media.<br /><br />
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    17. 17. Fearof perceived security risks in allowing employees access to social media tools and channels<br />“What if someone stole our secrets or released them without permission, or brought a virus into our network?”<br />Uncertaintyover the effects of losing control<br />“Isn’t there a huge risk that employees will say something they shouldn’t if we don’t monitor what they’re allowed to do?”<br />Doubtover productivity<br />“Surely it increases the chances for employees to waste time?”<br />
    18. 18. Investing in “Internal Social Readiness”<br />Vision and leadership drive accountability towards business goals<br />Trained employees reduce potential risk<br />Increased preparedness for social media crises<br />A consistent brand experience for customers<br />Enablement increases ability to scale<br /><br />
    19. 19. Investing in “Internal Social Readiness”<br /><br />
    20. 20. Permit not Prohibit<br />Companies most ready for social media don’t block, experience fewer and less damaging crises1<br />None of the top 100 best US companies to work for blocks employee access to social media: not a single one2<br />1<br />2<br />
    21. 21. Employees Don’t Need Your Network<br />
    22. 22. “<br /> You can’t just dabble in social media. You can’t use them only when things are good. You have to deal with rain as well as sunshine. And I’m convinced that the upside outweighs the downside.<br />If a company, or even its chief executive, doesn’t have a presence on social networks today, that company risks not being in the conversation at all. Over time, I believe, that can be fatal to a business.<br />”<br /><br />
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    25. 25. Key: Integrated Communication<br /><ul><li>Social media is not stand-alone or a separate activity
    26. 26. Long-term activity and resource commitment
    27. 27. Integral to your marketing and communication mix
    28. 28. Integral to the success of your business</li></li></ul><li>Thank You<br />It's A New Game by Neville Hobson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.<br />