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Getting An Education
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Getting An Education


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Deck used in scene-setting presentation prior to panel discussion at #DigitalSurry meeting on September 27, 2012.

Deck used in scene-setting presentation prior to panel discussion at #DigitalSurry meeting on September 27, 2012.

Published in: Business
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  • Neville
  • Transcript

    • 1. #DIF12Neville Hobson @ #DigitalSurrey September 27, 2012 @jangles
    • 2.
    • 3. It’s now possible to look at a smartphone and unlock it via facialrecognition, and then talk to it to ask it to find the nearest bank ATM.However, at the same time, we see that the technology is not quite thereyet. We might have to remove our glasses for the facial recognition towork, our smartphones don’t always understand us when we speak, andthe location-sensing technology sometimes has trouble finding us.- Gartner Hype Cycle on Emerging Technologies, July 2012
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    • 6. Zappos users were 13 times more likely to share a purchase onPinterest than on Twitter and 8 times more likely to share on Facebookthan Twitter. Even so, posts on Twitter brought in the most revenue - anaverage of $33.66 an order - while Facebook posts garnered $2.08 perorder and sales from Pinterest were 75 cents on average.- Will Young, Director, Zappos Labs
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    • 8. #Social Media#Social Business#Social Enterprise DNA image:
    • 9.  Profound changes are underway. Skeptics will finish last. Focusing on adoption is a dead- end strategy. Companies must be strategic. Companies must be decisive. Companies must act now. Social software tools include wikis, blogs, microblogs, discussion forums, social networks, social bookmarks, tagging, crowdsourcing, and prediction markets.
    • 10. #SocialEra ? Companies cannot survive (let aloneprosper) without recognizing thatSocial as a phenomenon can allow usto redefine our organisations to beinherently more fast fluid and flexibleby its very design. Not by doing a littlebit more, or slimming down a bit hereor there, or by doing a few things alittle bit faster. No. We will not tweakour way into the future.Nilofer Merchant, author, “11 Rules forCreating Value in the Social Era”
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    • 12. The PanelNeville Hobson @janglesJonathan Hill @1minus1limitedPaul Marden @orcareSheila Parry @sheila_parryChris Towndrow @londoncorporate