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A company dedicated to the pursuit of keeping employees happy, productive and engaged by helping companies understand their people better while turning life at work into something people look forward to. All this in an attempt to create a strong employer brand while enhancing the culture of your organization.

Reach out at to know more on how we can add value to your organization ♛

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The Never Grow Up ® Company Presentation

  1. 1. © Never Grow Up WPL NEVER GROW UP®
  2. 2. A company dedicated to the pursuit of keeping employees happy, productive and engaged by helping companies understand their people better while turning life at work into something people look forward to. All this in an attempt to create a strong employer brand while enhancing the culture of your organization. WHO ARE WE? © Never Grow Up WPL |
  3. 3. WHAT ARE WE GOOD AT? © Never Grow Up WPL | Customized solutions built around your culture. Understanding People > Ideas > Planning > Execution. Our scope of product offering and services would include anything that touches an employee’s life. A plan that works for you!
  4. 4. Idea Consultancy Happiness Surveys Customized Interventions Internal Communication Employer Branding Offsites & Fun @ Work Work Space Design Reward Programs Quirky Merchandise © Never Grow Up WPL |
  5. 5. IDEAS AND EXECUTION © Never Grow Up WPL | Idea Consultancy Devising engagement strategies and calendars with execution plans. Building people friendly policies and understand employees through ‘Happiness’ surveys. Customized Interventions Sessions from 2 hours to 7 days. Unique concepts tailor made to suit teams and your company culture. Turnkey offsite management. Communications & Employer Branding Building an Internal communication plan & campaigns while integrating with internal systems. Designing & Branding Collateral, Employee Handbooks, Newsletters & Content
  6. 6. IDEAS AND EXECUTION Work Space Design Office branding and décor. Making meeting rooms more interesting and workplaces more fun to be in. Rewards & Recognition Strategy and Execution of Reward and Recognition programs from design to platform creation Merchandise Quirky merchandise either through partners or built from scratch. © Never Grow Up WPL |
  7. 7. © Never Grow Up WPL | CUBE FARM Our tribute to the corporate race, ‘the desk jockey’ and our Life @ Work, the official Cube Farm ® Blog is a testimony to our beliefs. We also have our own comic strip ‘Sudha & Suresh’ dedicated to our work lives and the conversations that surround it. We regularly contribute blog posts and syndicate content to industry journals and internal newsletters.
  8. 8. © Never Grow Up WPL | BUSINESS AWARD! Never Grow Up ® has been nominated as one of the top Professional Service Businesses of 2011 at the Small Business awards by Zee business & Franchise India and feature in the Top 100 Small Businesses of 2011 in the Small and Medium Entrepreneur Magazine. The Top 100 Businesses were finalized on the basis of exclusivity, market leadership & growth.
  9. 9. © Never Grow Up WPL CLIENTS
  10. 10. CLIENTS ‘SPEAK’ © Never Grow Up WPL | The team at Never Grow Up ® has been associated as Employee Engagement partners with Shoppers Stop for some time now managing a host of activities and initiatives that have helped create a positive impact. We have found their team to be creative, optimistic and dedicated to the task at hand. Key ideas presented and executed by them have also got us recognition in industry forums and have been well appreciated across the company. Would be happy to recommend Never Grow Up and look forward to a long and healthy association. B V M Rao - Customer Care Associate & Head - Human Resources, Shoppers Stop Limited. Never Grow Up ® is an apt brand name. I would say so since the team never grows up! And that is the best part about the entire team. They have such explosive ideas that can wrap your mind into a whirlpool of thoughts that you would be thinking what to choose from and how exciting this would turn out to be for your organization. There have been quite a few programs that we have been doing with Never Grow Up on the employee engagement front, Shoppers Stop I Pledge event & SSL Radio mainly. Great to have them as a business partner. Rahul Nayar - Customer Care Associate & Sr. Manager HR, Learning & Development, Shoppers Stop Limited.
  11. 11. CLIENTS ‘SPEAK’ © Never Grow Up WPL | We were struggling to get all that we wanted in one shot. With no time left in hand to plan, it was only Never Grow Up ® who made it possible. Arranging for various activities, training, coaching and workshops all in a day's offsite for the leadership team. Unbelievable and that too within my budget! Hats off to them and their creativity! You guys rock! I am confident you are on the right track. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value. Anju Jumde - Training Head at Barclays Bank. It's been an absolute pleasure to have been associated with Never Grow Up ®. I’ve had the opportunity to see this team working with various groups in our organisation across levels. Every time, they've done something unique, whacky and creative. And the good thing is that everything is linked back to the business/organisation objective in a rather interesting way. All the best and never grow up because that's your USP. Apoorva Vig, Talent Partner – Digital, Lead-Engagement and Fulfilment, GroupM. The Never Grow Up ® team is a highly motivated & a passionate team always willing to go the extra mile to solve problems. They listen to problems very carefully and come up with break through solutions. Maxus has been working with them for more than five years and they are our key partners. What I like about them is their frank opinions & willingness to speak their mind & not hide behind words. They are a big asset to anyone considering working with them. Just go ahead. Kartik Sharma - Managing Director,South Asia, Maxus.
  12. 12. This document is disclosed only to the recipient to whom this document is addressed and is pursuant to a relationship of confidentiality under which the recipient has obligations of confidentiality. This document constitutes confidential information and contains proprietary information belonging to Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. (NGU). The confidential information is to be used by the recipient only for the purpose for which this document is supplied. The recipient must obtain consent from NGU before the recipient or any other person acting on its behalf, communicate any information on the contents or subject matter of this document or part thereof to any other third party. The recipient, by its receipt of this document, acknowledges its obligation to comply with the provisions of this notice. The reader/ recipient /viewer of this document agrees that he/she will not use the ideas in any form succinct or direct, in any form whatsoever and that violating this clause would be an acceptance of plagiarism on his/her behalf. The reader of this document also agrees that all/any dispute/s in this regard will be in the favour of the owner of this document i.e. Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. if proven that the document has been shared with at one point of time or other through written/email communication through a letter or marketing/sponsorship proposal/presentation. The contents, ideas and initiatives of this Idea presentation are the sole property of Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. and should not be used by any other party including the recipient unless so specified and agreed upon in writing. 'Never Grow Up ' and the ' Never Grow Up Brown box ' logo are registered trademarks of Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. © 2015. All rights reserved