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  • Tarang Patel commented on Battlefield agility Battlefield agility 1 month ago
    Tarang Patel
    • Tarang Patel Tarang Patel My problem with this is the fact that Army isn't a self organizing unit. In fact it relies on being very structured and driven by hierarchy and command and control. To postulate work environment as a battlefield, and team as a platoon stretches the imagination. For one armies wage war, their role is to defeat the opposing forces. In the process much destruction takes place and based on longest wars about to wind down, those of us who are civilians recognize they can not nation build. Armies are hardly agile - they have a great deal of upfront planning, as they often have to build supply lines and mini cities to host the encampment. - It doesn't allow for the lowest level of troop to say what is possible and what isn't. - It doesn't hold concept of self organizing as a means of achieving a goal - it isn't sustainable as in no army is in constant battle The true lessons from War are that it doesn't solve deep rooted problems, creates a lot of technical debt that won't be solved for a very long time to come. There are armies that one may considered to be agile, often guerrilla groups, many of the terrorist groups but then so are many of the deadliest forms of viruses. Sure isn't out to make the system of work better and joyful.  1 month ago
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