Neva Camp 2009 Post Release (Eng)


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Neva Camp 2009 Post Release (Eng)

  1. 1. Post release
  2. 2. Partners Sponsors and partners Information partners Organizer
  3. 3. NevaCamp 2009. Future Web NevaCamp was the first international (un)conference on internet technologies and startups in St. Petersburg (Russia). It was during White Nights, June 26-28. Karelia business-hotel
  4. 4. Event Format NevaCamp is the largest international barcamp in Russia. BarCamp is an international series of open conferences. Conferences of this type commonly include presentations, training sessions, guest's speeches, and discussions. Schedule of presentations is formed «on the fly» by participants who choose topics of their presentation in the scope of the general idea. Everyone has an opportunity to express himself. Participants: Startup entrepreneurs, bloggers, Internet enthusiasts • Russian and international Internet and New Media experts • Business People • Software and hardware developers • Students and post-graduates
  5. 5. Main points of NevaCamp 2009 • Future Web and New Media • Technologies • Startups • Venture Investment Organization model: • Networking • Informal and creative communication • Participant-driven
  6. 6. 4 Threads Ladoga - A large hall for 300 people. "Onega" - Audience of 150 people. "Vuoksa 2" - audience of 40 people. "Vuoksa 1" - audience of 40 people.
  7. 7. Networking Registration zone Networking zone Coffee-break in Art zone
  8. 8. Agenda For 3 days User-generated agenda
  9. 9. Investor Day and StartupVision (Friday)
  10. 10. Agenda 1st day - Friday - 26 June. 10:00 – Registration. 11:00 – Grand Opening of NevaCamp and Startup Contest – StartupVision. 11:30 – Panel discussion: “Early stages - from idea to innovative business, could Russia absorb foreign experience”. 12:30 - Evgeny Marchenkov: Microsoft BizSpark - Program for startups. 13:00 – coffee-break. 14:00 – Pitch Elevator (1st part of the contest). 15:30 – Startup Crash Test Piter 1.0 (2d part of the contest). 17:30 – Closure of StartupVision and summarizing outcome. 18:30 – 20:00 - "Dinner with investor". 21:00 – Cultural program for participants – City Tour (on the ground) and City roofs tour (above).
  11. 11. Experts and keynotes • Denis Dovgopoly (CEO, IDCEE, Ukraine) • Gleb Kaplun (CEO, startup-center Web2people, Russia) • Eugeny Pluzhnik (CEO, Moscow business school, Russia) • Alexandra Rasskazova (Investor, eVenture Capital Partners GmbH, Russia) • Mikula Catherine (Investor, eVenture Capital Partners GmbH, Ukraine) • Ryabyh Andrey (entrepreneur, investor, Russia) • Chebotarev Maxim (manager, Softline Venture Partners, Russia) • Popov Dmitri (expert and serial entrepreneur, Russia) • Alexandrova Louise (Petersburg organization of business angels) • Kiril Bolgarov (manager, QD, Russia) Also: • Will Cardwell (CEO Technopolis Ventures, Finland), • Artur Surov (Technopolis Ventures, Finland), • Teemu Arina (founder and CEO of Dicole Oy, Finland), • Tommi Rissanen (Finland)
  12. 12. StartupVision – startup contest First in St. Petersburg Annual International Award in the field of Internet startups, Media, Augmented Reality. 22 projects from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus were presented. Sampling took place in two (on the event): Stage 1 – “Pitch Elevator”: each contestant made a presentation for 2 minutes. Stage 2 – “Startup Crash Test 1.0”: the best 3 selected at 1st stage make a full presentation and discuss their projects with the experts and the audience (during 30 minutes each). Startup Crash Test is very popular in Ukraine, now in Russia. The best project received Expert Board the prise: • grant from Moscow Business School for a 2-year business education MBA. • participate in an International Investor Day of Central and Easten Europe 2009.
  13. 13. StartupVision contestants All details here:
  14. 14. Videos You can find videos of all projects on our YouTube Channel. Use this short URL to visit one:
  15. 15. Venture Capital Investments in the early stages. Is it possible to use in Russia foreign experience? Early stages - from idea to innovative business, could Russia absorb foreign experience (Panel discussion) Will Cardwell, Denis Dovgopoly, Gleb Kaplun, Evgeny Pluzhnik, Technopolis IDCEE, Ukraine Web2People, Moscow Business Ventures, Russia School, Russia Finland
  16. 16. BarCamp (Saturday and Sunday)
  17. 17. Agenda Day 2 - Saturday - June 27 10:00 – Registration. 11:30 – Grand Opening of NevaCamp, presentation of barcampers from ex-USSR countries. 12:00 – Charles McCathieNevile. Opera Software presentation. 13:00 – Coffee-Break. 14:00 – Presentation of participants, 4 parallel tracks. See 8 slide. 18:00 – Ending of the second day. 21:00 – Fire Party in Derzis Club. Day 3 - Sunday - June 28 11:00 – Registration. 12:30 – Sun Microsystems. Ivan Chirkov. Technology JavaFX: Rich Internet Applications on the mobile platform. 13:00 – Ilya Antipov. Presentation of business-incubator INGRIA. 13:30 – Coffee-Break. 14:30 – Presentation of participants, brainstorming. 18:00 – Official closing of NevaCamp.
  18. 18. Venture Capital Trilateral roundtable - the government, investors, entrepreneurs. Denis Dovgopoly (Ukraine) The dynamics of the industry Technology entrepreneurship in Ukraine.
  19. 19. Presentations Charles McCathieNevile, “United Standards” (Spain, Opera Software) The participants preparing presentations themselves made up the schedule for the day (4 threads).
  20. 20. Presentations Softline Venture Partners, eVenture Capital Partners GmbH Everything you wanted to know about investing - Investors respond to questions. Ivan Chirkov, Sun Microsystems Technology JavaFX: Rich Internet Applications on the mobile platform
  21. 21. Presentations Gleb Dolotov (Germany) Accessibility Award Teemu Arina (Finland) “Real- time Web. The future web in the enterprise” Valer Batcu (Moldova) “Blogging – Shaping the Social Visions”
  22. 22. Presentations Bashmakov Pavel (Ukraine) Inessa Shlapak (Kazakhstan) Using iPhone-applications business, Moija zarplata project marketing, PR Julia Mandryka (USA) Alexey Dovgikov (Russia) About starting project in USA E-lama – secrets and tricks of context ads.
  23. 23. Presentations Nechiporenko Dmitry (Ukraine) Alexandr Zverev (Russia) Creating network of sites MetaInternet Igor Andreichin (Ukraine) Dibrova Vitaly (Ukraine) Online home accounting Future Web: New services
  24. 24. Accesability Award Our partner and sponsor - german company Dialog Web Design organized jointly with NevaCamp competition to design a barrier- free internet initiative «Life to Learn Accessibility Award». The prize fund is 1000 euro. Winners here: Purpose: To award the project which removes the obstacles in obtaining and using information.
  25. 25. Results 250 people from 10 countries (Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Spain, Germany, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) attended in NevaCamp. 22 start-up from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus presented their projects at the first international Russian startup competition StartupVision. Participants were held 35 sessions for 2 days (in Russian and English languages).
  26. 26. Responses in blogs and press Some press articles: Some posts from blogs:
  27. 27. What’s next? NevaCamp 2010 | New Reality It is about all changes that were happened in the Web and real world under the influence of the Web and technologies. It is connected with technologies (mashups, augmented reality and even internet of things, location-based, new media, real-time web, etc) and Reality. It is about combination virtual and real things. It will be a place for connecting people and sharing ideas, receiving vision and making real things. You should be here! We are going to astonish you …
  28. 28. Fill power of smart mobs
  29. 29. City roofs tour 2009 Want to get unforgettable impression? Visit St.Petersburg again … in 2010!
  30. 30. Contacts Please contact with Vitaly Vlasov to get more information +7 (905) 285-6996