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Agence De Publicite Montreal   Le Neuromarketing  Et Publicité Cognitive
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Agence De Publicite Montreal Le Neuromarketing Et Publicité Cognitive



Le neuromarketing : Introduire les sciences cognitives dans le nouveau poaradigm de la publicité _ Pour en savoir plus visitez http://btoone.com

Le neuromarketing : Introduire les sciences cognitives dans le nouveau poaradigm de la publicité _ Pour en savoir plus visitez http://btoone.com



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    Agence De Publicite Montreal   Le Neuromarketing  Et Publicité Cognitive Agence De Publicite Montreal Le Neuromarketing Et Publicité Cognitive Presentation Transcript

    • Breathe a NEW LIFE into your profits
    • See your brand through the eyes of YOUR audience
    • Percentage of consumers that believe companies are telling the truth in their advertising plungeddeeper to 7% - Forrester
    • Discover thenew paradigm shift?
    • The old paradigm:
      • Interruptive advertising and promotion
      • Broadcast advertising: ads speak atyounot toyou
      How were they perceived?
    • We’re all made of the same code
    • The old paradigm:
      Broadcast violates people’s rights• conflict caused a revolution: the unethical behavior becameunacceptable
      Consequencesof the revolution
      • People to take back their power
    • • We decide who gets to market to us
      • We value trust more than anything
      • We actually collaborate
      • We sell our Attention
      • Data becomes enormously valuable
      Collaborate or Die
    • CONSUMERS NOW PREFER PEER reviews to expert reviews by 6 - 1 margin visu corporation
    • Today’s consumers don’t see your adThey feel your adEmotion to a faults is always blind, lawless, unconfined, and breaks all chains verbal seduction.
    • “I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just do not know which half.” John Wannamaker (1876)
    • Emotional responses to commercial messages [below the level of conscious awareness] ...
    • can be successfully monitored in real time and analyzed with sufficient depth and accuracy to provide an invaluable window on their [consumers‘] inner decision making process.
    • Truth is all we ask for
    • See your brandthrough their eyes
    • Packaging
    • Which of the packaging earned their attention?
    • Advertising_ Look at the next ad …
    • Do you know what they‘re looking at? The “mental workspace” is ruled byrelevance
    • Imagine…
      Running this ad for 8 consecutive weeks nothaving a clue:
      What they’re seeing
      what’s stimulating or not their attention.
      The losses you running,
    • Information held in the three separate modules is not consciously perceived, and thus cannot be used, until it is integrated in the “mental workspace,” a specialized brain network that is central to complex cognition:Knowledge, Experience, and Emotion
    • The cognitive ad…
    • Now Imagine…
      knowing the response prior to publishing the ad -
    • Noticed the difference in the level of emotion with that of the previous ad ?
    • Introducing:COGNITIVE
    • The next best alternative to QEEG: [quantified electroencephalography]
    • Is your corporate logo credibility-based? Test your emotional level now
    • A salient [ neuroscientific term: relevance]
      simulation of the human attention andcalibratedemotionalresponselevelA robotic/scientificresearch and itsphysiologic / neurologic relation to humans
    • Which one passed the credibility and emotional metric test?
    • 56 million Websites, 7.5 billion Web pages… Only 5,500 Web sites passed the performance metric test, shocking?
    • Imagine…
      You’re publishing your new website
    • Today, users have developed a short fuse when it comes to Websites, not only they won’t return, but they’ll mark you (not bookmark you) for life.
    • So, do you know what your users are looking at?Remember: Knowledge, Experience, and Emotion?
    • Now imagine…
      The next one is your site
    • Imagine…
      knowing in advancethe relevancy factor
    • Have you tested your Website lately?
      Is your logo credibility-based?
      Does your ad speak to your audience?
      Does your copy calibrate effectively?
      Let us arm you the new success weaponry
    • We can help you: Reclaim your customers trust Rebuild your credibility
      Optimized your visual communicationbreathe new life into your profitshttp://btoone.com
    • We look forward to adding zeros to your bottom line.