Mark Neumann's 5-Year Plan to Balance the Budget


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Mark Neumann's 5-Year Plan to Balance the Budget

  1. 1. Pay Off the Debt in 30 Years
  2. 2. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) – The CRISIS 23,000 Total US Federal Debt Debt per Person 21,000 ($ in Billions)  Spain $18,000/person 19,000  France $33,000/person 17,000 $16,351,000,000  Greece $39,000/person 15,000  USA $46,000/person We need to act 13,000 today to stop the 11,000 major economic DEBT % of GDP disaster in 9,000 •Greece 130% America. 7,000 •Italy 118% •United States 100% 5,000 •China 19% 3,000 •Russia 11% 1994 1996 1990 1992 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016America’s debt has increased by almost 50% in the last four years under President Barack Obama.No major nation in history has been able to sustain its way of life long term with a debt in excess of itsGDP.
  3. 3. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) – The SolutionThis Solution BALANCES THE FEDERAL BUDGET in 2017Repeals ObamaCareMakes the Bush tax cuts or their equivalent permanentCalls for $1.364 trillion in spending reductions cumulative over five yearsCalls for $368 billion in tax cut offsets from subsidies, tax loopholes, or additional spending reductions over five years
  4. 4. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) – The Solution This Solution REPAYS THE FEDERAL DEBT by 2041Continues the spending and tax reductions implemented during the first five yearsProvides for annual Federal spending growth of 2.5% after 2017Assumes GDP growth rate of 3.5% after 2022Completes the dream of leaving the next generation DEBT FREE and THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE.
  5. 5. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) – The Solution This Solution STRENGTHENS SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, & DEFENSE Social Security: The Federal Government has taken $2.6 trillion of reserves out of the Social Security Trust Fund and left nothing but an “I Owe You”. Since the Federal Government is now approaching insolvency, like Greece, this leaves the Social Security program in CRISIS. Once the Budget is Balanced the Federal Government can start to repay the debt to the Trust Fund. Medicare: This plan provides for Medicare savings. Medicare benefits for seniors are maintained while program costs are lowered. Defense: Defending America is the number one priority of the Federal Government. This plan ensures America continues to have the best military in the world.
  6. 6. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) – The SolutionMark Neumann - A PROVEN LEADER that Delivers Results 1995 – Mark Neumann Swearing in Ceremony First Freshman in history to serve on both Appropriations and Budget Committees ! “We Balanced the Budget and Generated Surpluses while I served in the US Congress. I will use those same leadership skills and approaches to Balance the Budget during the years I serve in the US Senate. My track record shows I will stand for what’s right and against both parties when necessary to achieve this BALANCED BUDGET result.” “I’ve BEEN THERE – DONE THAT!” Former US Congressman Mark W. Neumann
  7. 7. America’s New Way Forward – Balance The Budget
  8. 8. America’s New Way Forward – Balance The Budget 150 Government Programs to Cut or EliminateEliminate Hollywood Liaison Offices Energy Star ProgramEliminate Studying Connection between Cocaine & Risky Sex Habits of the Reduce Printing Costs of Congressional DocumentsJapanese Quail Reduce Rising Rent Costs by Sharing CourtroomsEliminate 130 Episodes Pakistan Sesame Street Direct Payments for CommoditiesEliminate Amtrak Subsidies Counter-Cyclical PaymentsEliminate Ethanol Subsidy Reduce Duplicative Development FundingThree Year Freeze on Pay and Bonuses Federal Employees Reduce USAID Title 2 GrantsReduce the Federal Non-Defense Workforce by 15% NIF&A by 20%Reduce the Federal Contractor Workforce by 15% International Forest ProgramReduce Government Printing Reduction of Duplicative Forest Service Research and DevelopmentReduce Civilian Travel Budgets by 75% ActivitiesEnd TARP Transfer & Consolidate NOAAEliminate Next Generation High Speed Rail Transfer & Consolidate Trade ProgramEnd Foreign Aid to Countries with over $10 Billion In U.S. Treasuries Consolidate NISTReduce UN Contribution by 25% Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyReduce Administrative Expenses for the Department of Transportation Accept Presidents Funding Level for LIHEAPCut Federal Employee Travel Budget Implement Presidents FY 12 Health Care TerminationsReduce Number Limousines Owned by Federal Government to 2008 levels Enact Indian Health Service Agency ReformsState Departments Education and Cultural Exchange Programs Eliminate fraud in Food Stamp programInternational Trade Administrations Trade Promotion Activities Eliminate Unnecessary, Inefficient, and Wasteful HUD ProgramsJustice Department Grants Except from the Bureau of Justice, Statistics & Reduce Community Development Block GrantsNational Institute of Justice Adopt Presidents FY 2012 Reduction in 2 HUD ProgramsNED Reclaim Unspent Fund at Department of InteriorFailed Federal Job Training Programs Eliminate Duplicative Dept of Interior InitiativesReduce NSF Funding to 2008 Level Redirect Funds for Land Purchase to Maintain Current PropertiesOpen the ANWR to Lease for Oil Better Efficiency in Wild land Fire Research and PreventionSTAR Program Prioritize Natural Resource Stewardship ProgramsAllow the Clean Water & Safe Drinking loan fund to function as a Terminate Abandoned Mine Restoration Program Payments torevolving loan fund Completed Projects Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Corrections

  9. 9. America’s New Way Forward – Balance The Budget150 Government Programs to Cut or Eliminate cont. Permit Seniors to Opt Out of Medicare Part A and Still ReceiveDuplicative Forestry Program at Bureau of Indian Affairs Social Security BenefitsCancel DOJs DEAs Mobile Enforcement Team Program Adopt a Comprehensive, Aggressive Plan to Reduce Medicare andNIJ Medicaid Waste, Fraud, and AbuseReduce Construction Budgets for the FBI, ATF, and U.S. Marshals Accept President Obama’s QIO ReformsAdjust NLRB Budget to Current Caseload Peanut SubsidyReduce United Nations Funding by $2 Billion per Year Cap the Number of Federal Political Appointees at 2,000Taxpayer Funding for Asia Foundation and East-West Center Enact Paul Ryan Ag ReformRefocus Economic Support Funding Replace $1 Bill with $1 CoinReduce Administrative Expenses for the Department of Transportation Reduce Number Limousines Owned by Federal Government toPhase Out Air Service Subsidies 2008 levelsMandatory “enhancements” like flower beds and bike paths Close Federal Employee Retirement Systems to new enrollment.Federal Recreational Trails Program Maintain 5% match.Phase Out FHWA Safety Grants to States Equalize FERS Contribution. (Employer/Employee)Development Assistance Program Sugar SubsidiesReduce Administrative Expenses for the Department of Treasury Market Access ProgramIncrease the Number of Paperless Transactions at Dept. of Treasury Weatherization AssistanceExpand TSA Screening Partnership Southeast Power Adm.Require Joint Purchases of Brand Name Prescription Drugs Suspend Federal Land PurchasesNonessential Institute of Museum and Library Services Grants EDA Eliminate Duplication in FP Title II GrantsNST Forest ServiceFunding to Private Sector for Spaceflight Developments Eliminate Duplication in Department of Commerce TradeMaritime Administration ProgramsImprove Healthcare Management by Eliminating Overlapping Reform the Economic and Statistics Administration & Bureau ofResponsibilities the CensusAccept President Obama’s Proposal to Track High Prescribers and Voluntary Appliance Labeling ProgramUtilizers of Prescription Enact EPA ReformDrugs in MedicaidAdjust Subsidies to Teaching Hospitals for Graduate Medical EducationPhase Out Payments of Uncollected Debts to Hospitals

  10. 10. America’s New Way Forward – Balance The Budget150 Government Programs to Cut or Eliminate cont. Transit Starts Programs Enact NASA Reform NCSP International CTF Increase NIH by 1% per year cap Consolidate Global Climate Change Funding Increase Payments by Tenants in Federally Assisted Housing Consolidate Region Dev. Org. Banking with World Bank & IMF Reduce Funding for Certain DOJ Grants Reduce Funding for World Bank Replace Farm Subsidies with Farmer Savings Accounts & Improved Legal Services Corp Crop Insurance International CTF Foreign Agriculture Service Consolidate Global Climate Change Funding Job Corps Consolidate Region Dev. Org. Banking with World Bank & IMF Eliminate Duplication in Ag Agencies Reduce Funding for World Bank Business Subsidies from NIST Legal Services Corp Consolidate Rural Housing and Development Programs & Convert Sell Excess Federal Property into Block Grants AmeriCorps Double Pell Grant Funding from 2007 Transfer Tennessee Valley Authoritys Electric Utility Functions & Reduce Education Department Bureaucracy Associated Assets & Liabilities Energy Subsidies for Commercialization & Research Activities Prohibit New Enrollment in Conservation Block Grant & Devolve EPA Grant Programs Limit Enrollment in Conservation Stewardship Restructure Power Marketing Administrations to Charge Market Premium Subsidy in Crop Insurance Based Rates Reduce Share of Farmer Base Acreage Eligible for USDA Payments by Reduce waste and fraud in Medicare and Earned Income Tax Credit 20% Errors Subsidized Loans to Grad Students Rescind Unobligated Balances Change Interest Rate Structure for Student Loans Reduce Maintenance on Vacant Federal Properties Limit Medical Malpractice Torts (Mandatory Outlays) Suspend Acquisition of Federal Office Space Limit Medical Malpractice Torts (Discretionary Spending) Trim Federal Vehicle Fleet by 20% Increase Defense Appropriations by 1% per year cap Tighten Controls on Federal Employee Credit Cards Energy Funding for Energy Technology Development Reform Medigap International Trade Administrations Trade Promotion Activities Eliminate Health Professions Grants Airport Grants Eliminate Christmas Trees Promotion Intercity Rail Subsidies
 Reduce House and Senate Budgets to 2008 Level Reduce Non-Limo Fleet by 20%
  11. 11. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) Pay Off the Federal DebtPaying Off the Federal Debt by 2041 – The Details :  America’s total debt crossed the $3 trillion number in 1990. Over the course of the last 20 years, less than one generation, we have run that number up over $16 trillion. Over $4 trillion was added in the last four years alone under President Obama’s leadership. The debt was $10.6 trillion on the day he took office and his plans will take it to $27.6 trillion in 2021.  America’s New Way Forward repays the national debt over the course of the next 30 years. America must Balance It’s Budget and then start down this path of repaying the national debt now. It will get easier to repay the national debt as time moves along : • The interest payments are continually reduced. • The economy will be stronger which further enhances revenues. • The stronger economy will produce more private sector jobs.  The correct LEADERSHIP AND POLITICAL WILL POWER are the only things preventing repaying most or all of the debt. Former Congressman Mark Neumann was part of the team that Balanced the Budget in the 1990’s. He demonstrated then that he has the will power and he will lead America’s New Way Forward as a US Senator. He has BEEN THERE – DONE THAT ALREADY as a US Congressman !!
  12. 12. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) Pay Off the Federal Debt $9,000 Americas New Way Forward - The Solution Balance the Budget by 2017 & Pay Off the Debt by 2041 $8,000 ANWF Pays Off $19 Trillion $7,000 of Debt & Repays the Social Security Trust Fund $6,000 $5,000 $5.8 Trillion Added to Federal Debt $4,000 BUDGET IS BALANCED Obama Revenue $3,000 Obama Spending Plan ANWF Revenue Projection ANWF Spending Plan $2,000in Billions 2016 2027 2041 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040
  13. 13. America’s New Way Forward (ANWF) Pay Off the Federal Debt28,000 $27,600,000,000 ANWF will Pay Off $1926,000 US Federal Debt ($ in Billions) Trillion of Debt and Repay24,000 the “I OWE YOUs in the22,000 Social Security Trust Fund.20,000 ANWF will Pay Off or pay18,000 down the Federal Debt until16,000 $16,351,000,000 it is about 15% of GDP like14,000 China and Russia.12,00010,000 8,000 Total Federal Debt to Date 6,000 Obamas Projected 4,000 Total Federal Debt 2,000 ANWF Repay The Federal Debt Plan 0 1990 1993 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 2011 2014 2017 2020 2023 2026 2029 2032 2035 2038 2041