What Will It Take


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Are you looking to create a better life?
Do you just know you need to make a change?
Maybe your not sure what you want any more?
Learn how our beliefs, our emotions and chemistry interact to create the way we behave.

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  • What Will It Take

    1. 1. WHAT WILL IT TAKE? To Make Lasting Change for Someone Who Maybe Struggling
    2. 2. DO YOU WANT MORE FROM LIFE? Better Health Slimmer, Stonger More peace of mind - less anxious More confident, free from doubt and worry To have more certainty about the future
    3. 3. DO YOU WANT MORE FROM LIFE? What about having more money, less debt To know what it is to feel truley loved, not lonely To enjoy your work more or grow a business How about developing a sense of freedom To be yourself or a better self To feel truley fulfilled
    4. 4. HAVE YOU WORKED HARD... BUT.... Are you feeling apprehensive about the future, having to start all over again? Are you struggling to keep your chin up and keep the ball rolling or to keep all of your plates spinning? Sometimes do you want to just run away?
    5. 5. DO YOU CATCH YOURSELF... Doing or saying things that you promised yourself you wouldn’t do? Maybe to do with what you eat? Or perhaps how often you drink? Maybe it’s around how you communicate with your partner, the kids, your folks Or around how there’s never enough money.....
    6. 6. ARE YOU AT AN AGE WHERE... BUT..... You feel like your running out of time You feel like you were meant to have more than this More from Life More from Yourself More for yourself and your family
    7. 7. AND HERE’S THE KICKER... But you either don’t know what you want or you feel that what you want is out of your reach......
    8. 8. WELCOME TO BEING HUMAN It’s perfectly normal to feel uncertain at times What we believe is true, achievable and attainable is only deteremined by ourselves However, often our own beliefs are shaped by experiences and influences that we did not choose These beliefs can be altered, systematically, rapidly and permanently
    9. 9. IT’S ALL CONNECTED How we act and behave is simply a blend of what we; Believe (based upon beliefs formed over time) What we focus our attention on Our body and brain chemistry at any given moment Our emotions - how we feel
    10. 10. BE MORE SPECIFIC MAN.... Events are the periods of our lives and the circumstances that cause us to create values and beliefs The Significant Formative Periods 0 - 7 years - Sponge / Unfiltered 8 - 13 years - Mimic / Model 14 - 21 years - Relationship / Social
    11. 11. IS IT CLEAR NOW? Focus - Is what we pay attention to mostly.... Attention versus Intention RAS - Reticular Activating System - Awareness Time and Space
    12. 12. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Beliefs - including and comprising Self Values Attitudes Rules Expectations Meanings
    13. 13. EMOTIONS Emotions are key, they are; Your Personal Feedback System Messages Not Commands Interpretation is Everything Change the meanings - you change your life
    14. 14. THE CHEMISTRY SET - THAT IS US.... Two Types of Chemistry at play; Body Brain Both influenced by; Age Gender Diet Sleep Exercise, Sunlight and Stress
    15. 15. CONNECT THE DOTS! To make rapid, lasting change you need to; Remove and replace old unconstructive beliefs Become absolutely clear on what you want Reprogram your auto-pilot so move towards those goals automatically and effortlessly
    16. 16. IT’S EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW Core-Resourcing.com Utilizes leading edge Personal Transformation Strategies to help people prosper - to learn more goto www.Core-Resourcing.com/vs1