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Won't you join me in helping build a new concept in retail, a technology learning and discovery center. This will be a non-profit focused on helping busy people overwhelmed with all the constant stream of new technology blasting into their daily lives, learn, leverage and even master the world of social media, social networking, content creation and publishing.

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The Networlding Center

  1. 1. Your technology learning and discovery center for life!
  2. 2. Chicago: The Gateway to “The Experience Economy” *Best-Selling Authors, Pine &Gillmore,The Experience Economy
  3. 3. The Networlding Center will be a non-profit technology discovery center for individuals, companies and families to learn about and create new technology through one-on-one and smallgroup facilitated experiences. The first center will be located in Chicago because it is one of the top “experience economy” centers for retail in the country. (Pine and Gilmore: The Experience Economy, one of the top 100 business books of all time)
  4. 4. The Future Is Now! © The Spark Center4
  5. 5. Thrive in this busy, noisy tech world
  6. 6. Our Values •Making a Difference •Integrity •Innovation •Collaboration
  7. 7. The Networlding Center Main Offerings Our offerings will be thoughtfully planned out, presented, and rotated throughout each week to create a high degree of engagement and ongoing interest and participation. A breakdown of the offerings are as follows: • Spark Start:Get previews of all the offerings in the center where many are free while others will have a fee. • Spark 1-1:Wework with you to discover your specific technology needs and interests and then create a simple, cost-effective, tailored learning plan so you can learn at your own pace. • Spark Tank: Experiencethree unique products or topic-learning sessions from a variety of thought leaders in various fields. ($30 a session or 4 sessions for $99.) © The Spark Center4
  8. 8. Spark Start Learn about the latest offerings and discoveries in the Center. © The Spark Center4
  9. 9. Spark 1-1 TheSpark Bar • Info Concierges – people with masters in library science and/or technology will help visitors learn about the newest discoveries in technology. • Spark Menu – The menu of services offered in the center. • Consulting –From social media support to learning about the latest on a particular product, you can get answers to your daily tech questions. • Spark Plan – A tailored learning plan for optimal learning. Each person who buys a membership will also receive a three-month planning session. © The Spark Center4
  10. 10. The Spark Tank The Spark Tank will begin by offering learning in: Social Media Social Networking Entrepreneurship Publishing © The Spark Center4
  11. 11. The Spark Tank – How Does It Work? (1)You see the Info Concierge at The Spark Bar but you are also helped by Spark Guides on the floor. (2) You’re directed to Spark Start to get a free overview or you go directly to The Spark Tank if you have signed up online. (3) In the Spark Tank you get to visit 3 of 5 different tables for 25 minute segments for a total of 1 ½ hours. Each table will have a different expert host providing a facilitated learning and connection experience on a variety of topics. The cost of these sessions are $30 or 4 for $99. (4) Learn and connect with others at each table. After each session you will receive power points of your sessions via email as well as links to other interesting, complementary resources and sessions within The Networlding Center. © The Spark Center4
  12. 12. Marketing Plan The SmartShoppe Small clusters of workstations will enable both individual and small group access to the center’s online resources as well as collaboration with the experts in this center and in other centers as they open. Here you can also purchase experiences. We will continuously invite local software developers to load both their commercial and prototype software products under development into these workstations to gain real-world testing and expose visitors to nextgeneration technology tools. . © The Spark Center4
  13. 13. The Spark Advantage Community: developing relationships creates community and sustains it. Hands-On Experiences: interaction with new, innovative products and services helps move from ideation to product creation faster. Cross-Country and Global Connections: we will partner to create centers in top innovationcentered cities to help accelerate the success of centers insub-prime areas to gain more of a level playing field really bridging the ever-growing digital divide. In this unique collaboration between leading non-profits. Affiliate Relationships: YWCA of Chicago, World Business Chicago, The State Street Alliance, SBA, State of Illinois and the Women’s Business Development Center, The City of Chicago: Treasury Office are just a few of our many partnerships where we will help support decreasing The Digital Divide through our offerings. © The Spark Center 10
  14. 14. Timeline Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug © The Spark Center 11
  15. 15. JOIN US! JOIN US!
  16. 16. A NEXUS for consumers to meet technology product creators at an earlier development stage as well as to create their own new tech products. Igniting Innovation!
  17. 17. Marketing Plan Spark Networking The Center will also offer special networking sessions to help visitors innovate and collaborate with one another most effectively. Melissa has been offering live networking sessions throughout the Chicagoland area since 1990 when she had her second book, “Make Your Connections Count” published by Dearborn Publishing. Since then Melissa and her team at Networlding have provided hundreds of live, facilitated networking events both in and outside of Chicago. Her clients have included: Motorola, CNA, Accenture, Deloitte, CDW, American Express, Office Depot, The University of Chicago, Loyola, Depaul and Northwestern MBA Alumni as well as The Chicagoland Chamber and many non-profits that serve in the city. © TheNetworlding Center
  18. 18. TheCenter and The Experience Economy Pine and Gilmore, authors of one of the 100 best selling business books of all time, The Experience Economy, state that one of the biggest problems today is that "the world is saturated with goods" but the wrong kinds of goods. The authors propose that adding "transformational experiences" to new products and services creates value and the higher dollars needed to grow the economy better and faster. © The Spark Center4
  19. 19. TheIdea Made Tangible I began working on this idea more than ten years ago. Over the past decade I have worked on developing the concept through partnerships and facilitated networking events with many of my clients, top organizations inside and outside the city of Chicago. Opening up a physical location for new technology learning and discovery will increase the economic impact of innovations in Chicago and around the world. Melissa G Wilson
  20. 20. Marketing Plan Melissa G Wilson Timeline 1987: I start Service Showcase, Inc.–a marketing and management consulting firm with a unique focus–helping consumers and businesses find trusted service providers. The company was an early “Angie’s List.” 1988: I bring on an angel investor and grow the company to about 8 employees, starting in the Chicagoland suburbs. 1989: Service Showcase grows to more than 100 services represented on the consumer side and, after getting some major national press, I decide to expand to also market business services. 1989: Service Showcase grows to more than 100 services represented on the consumer side and, after getting some major national press, I decide to expand to also market business services. 1993: I decide to downsize my business and reinvent myself as a speaker, consultant and trainer on the subject of marketing for entrepreneurs. I also sell a number of people, nationwide, my process for starting a service-based referral network. © The Spark Center4 1994: I secure another book contract, this time to write about my newly-found passion–networking. My book, Make Your Connections Count: Six Steps to Build Your MegaNetwork is published again by Dearborn and, this time, I am asked to work at a major accounting firm and teach accountants around the country the science of networking. 1997: I partner with colleague, Dick Whitney, to bring out a book that, to this day, still sells very well called 75 Cage Rattling Questions to Change the Way You Work: Shake-Em-Up Questions to Open Meetings, Ignite Discussion, and Spark Creativity. 1998: My book, The Power of Two: How Companies of All Sizes Can Build Alliance Networks that Create Business Opportunities, is published by JosseyBass,co-authored with John Conlan, at that time head of Internal Alliances for Accenture.1999:
  21. 21. Melissa G WilsonTimeline, Continued 1999: I collaborate with Jocelyn Carter Miller, first Chief Marketing Officer of Motorola, to writeNetworlding: Building Relationships and Opportunities for Success picked up by Jossey Bass. 2000: Networlding is released and hits the #10 spot on Amazon (in Chicago) for an entire year. I partner with The Chicagoland Chamber bringing 1000 people through the Networlding process at the chamber’s offices. 2006: The Wisdom Network: An 8-Step Process for Identifying, Sharing and Leveraging Individual Expertise comes out published by the American Management Association. This is a book I co-authored with the Chief Knowledge Officer of UBS at the time, Steve Benton. The book is a model for building successful collaborative networks within organizations. 2007: I am gifted a center on Michigan Avenue for a year by Regus shared office space centers called The Networlding Entrepreneur Center. I am able to pre-test my ideas for a support center for entrepreneurs. © The Spark Center4 2008: The Nanosecond Networlders: Changing Lives in An Instant Forever -A Modern Business Fairytale comes out by my publishing division, Networlding Publishing, set in the form of a powerful business fable that takes place from New York to Spain to Paris. Melissa wanted to further help people understand the power of networking in the new digital age. 2009 TheNetworlding Guidebook: Building Strategic Relationships Through Networking is published by Networlding Publishing, a division I created to publish additional books that would support the the thought leadership I was creating around the science of networks. 2012 Networking is Dead: Building Relationship that Matter is released at the end of the year and hits #5 on The Wall Street Journal best seller list and number #1 on Barnes and Noble. 2013: Networlding and Networlding Publishing continue to grow where I assist ten top thought leaders a year write, publish and market their books. I decide it is time to work on The Networlding Center.
  22. 22. Sponsorship Packages Our sponsorship packages offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your product allowing consumers to interact extensively with your brand on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Options include: • • • • • Unique, exclusive pop-up stores or kiosks in the center Facilitated product discovery Merchandise sales Food and beverage sales Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a topic table within the Spark Tank • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of theme events • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of the week, month or months © The Spark Center4
  23. 23. The Networlding Center Sponsorships We’re looking for top, innovative companies that want to get closer to their customers to realize the best return on their marketing dollars. Investments will range from as low as $5,000 for nonexclusive, monthly sponsorships to $100,000 to $500,000 for exclusive, six-month sponsorships. Sponsors receive daily promotion of their brand both in the center through ongoing activities and showcases offered in the center six days a week, from 8-8 daily as well as online, 24/7. © The Spark Center4 Future Sparkster
  24. 24. JOIN US!
  25. 25. Contact us at: (312) 560-0982