Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009
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Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009



Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009

Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009



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Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009 Law Firms & Social Media - A Event - June 24, 2009 Presentation Transcript

  • Thank you for coming Shashi Bellamkonda Social Media Swami Raj Malik The Social Media Lawyer Hashtag : #GrowSmartBiz
  • Hi ! I am Shashi Bellamkonda (@shashib)
    • Social Media Swami / Chief Community & Social Media Evangelist at Network Solutions
    • Network Solutions listening post in the Social Media
    • Network Solutions won
      • 2008 SNCR Excellence in New Communications Award for Online Reputation Management
      • 2009 a Gold Quill Award of Excellence in Social Media from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  
    • Speaker - `How to Sell Social Media to Your Boss' and 'Social Media Tools for Small Business, at national and regional conferences like IABC, SXSW, Affiliate Summit, American Institute of Writers, and Podcamps.  
  • I am Raj Malik (@rkm2929)
    • Sr. Director, Legal & Business Affairs at Network Solutions
      • Champion for the Social Media efforts at Network Solutions along with the Swami
      • Active Twitter User
      • One of main legal points of contact for all social media matters at Network Solutions
    • Speaker at 2009 SXSW
    • Ex-Wal Mart Greeter and Ex-Subway Sandwich Engineer
  • Network Solutions
    • Domains
    • Find-a-domain services
      • Certified Offer
      • Backorder
      • Premium Domains
    • Domain Web Forwarding
    • Private Registration
    • Communication
    • Business E-mail
    • Secure E-mail
    • Sell Online
    • E-commerce website packages
    • E-commerce Tools Merchant Account
    • Do It For Me E-Commerce Website Design Service
    • Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Optimized Press Releases
    • Directory Services: Monster Marketplace & ThinkLocal
    • Enhanced Business Listings
    • Link Building
    • Content Creation
    • Security
    • SSL Certificate
    • PC Security
    Small Business Lifecycle
    • Websites
    • Website Hosting
    • Statistics and Website tools
    • Professional Website Design Services
    • Professional Logo Design Services
    • Mobile Websites
    PR Measurement Summit June 2009
    • We service over 3 million SMB customers and manage 7.5 million domain names.
  • Social Media – Hard Sell to Your Boss and Legal?
  • Don’t let the skeptics win
      • No way to measure? Is there any ROI?
      • All these will pass
      • They are not mainstream, nobody pays attention to them
      • We cannot not control the message, lack of consistency, danger of going haywire
      • You can only promote the company or products
      • Multiple stake holder approval of the message
      • Tools are expensive
      • Legal will never approve
    Photo Credit :
  • Challenges - Who is responsible
    • Jimmy Gardner
    • Everyone is responsible for social media – YOU!
    • How do you share the ownership? - EVERYONE
    • Who are your internal social media people? – MOBILIZE A TEAM AND COORDINATE EFFORTS
    • Can they write? Express yourself well and know your writing also reflects the company
    • Who should approve? – set up a process
    • Can we trust them? – start slowly, build trust then unleash the fury
    • Where should they engage? Wherever company is mentioned and customers are
  • Opportunity : Who owns the conversation?
    • What if they say bad things about the company ? – Look at it as a challenge to turn opinions around
    • Which networks should we participate? – Most popular, but keep eye out for where customers are
    • Are our customers on social networks? – Ask customers where they are
  • What do we call this position
  • Taking the Lawyers to Lunch
    • The legal department is your friend
    • Electronics Frontier Foundation list of some of the legal liabilities issues that can arise from a blog:
      • Personal and Business Defamation
      • Intellectual Property (Copyright/Trademark)
      • Trade Secret
      • Publication of Private Facts
      • Publication of Sensitive Financial Data
    • Don’t have a legal department see our post on standard social media guidelines
  • Legal can help you from making mistakes
  • Social Media Guidelines
    • Get everyone in the company on the same page as to social media best practices
    • Compliance is mandatory
    • Failure to meet the guidelines can result in job loss and expose the company to liability
    • Guidelines
      • Do’s and Don’ts
        • Do not disclose confidential information; Do no post negative or defamatory content; Do not plagiarize material etc.
      • Topic Taboo List
      • Continually review and update guidelines
  • Network Solutions Strategy
  • 4 Point Social Media Strategy
      • Brand / Reputation Management
      • Connecting with Customers
      • Community Outreach
      • Get new business
  • Network Solutions Strategy : Changing Perceptions
    • First Half 2008:
    • Approximately 60 percent of Network Solutions social media conversations negative
    • Perception of Network Solutions as domain registrar only
    • Changing perception become critical for long term health
  • Planned Approach
    • Listen and engage customers directly
      • Online
      • At conferences
      • General participation
    • Respond to feedback, calls for help and knowledge
    • Build positive equity through valuable content
    • Community member
  • Network Solutions Swami’s - 3 Word Mantra Photo: courtesy: LISTEN PARTICIPATE Photo Courtesy: CONTRIBUTE Photo Courtesy:
  • We started by listening
  • Commenting where we were mentioned Blogs Media Podcasts Answers Forums and Niche Social Networks Video
  • Communities and conversations
    • Earn Credibility as an expert by helping others
    • Commenting is a way of conversation
    • Traffic from your comment to your blog
    • The Huffington Post Allows Top Commenters To Become Bloggers
  • Content and Conversations
  • Twitter Conversations
    • Reply to all the people who @ you
    • Retweet or tweet interesting links
    • People like conversation
    • 3 tweets a day keeps the doctor away
  • Built online relationships offline
  • Results : Online Positive Reputation Grows
    • Network Solutions won the Society of New Media Communications and Research Award for Corporate Online Reputation Management
    • 2009 a Gold Quill Award of Excellence in Social Media from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  
  • Results : Google Juice Our Blog is Google Result No. 6 Our Blog is Bing Result No. 5
  • Karmic Marketing also gets results
    • Referrals
    • Coupon requests
    • Traffic to
  • Sometimes the Competition helps too
  • What Does the future hold
    • More community engagement
      • Events
      • Online monitoring
    • Content: Seeking to help small businesses, web companies during recession
      • Smart Business Success Index :
    • Continued blogging with new voices
    • Expanded offerings
      • Women Grow Business
      • Webinar
      • Small Business Conference
    • Small Business Conference Oct 1 st in Washington DC (tbd)
  • Training other advocates
    • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Blogging
    • Bookmarking
  • Your Social Media Plan
    • Setup Alerts
    • Join and setup profiles in 3 social networks
    • 15-20 minutes a day tracing the alerts and responding
    • Choose 3 blogs on your field to read and comment
    • Converse, don’t sell
    • Answer questions and become an expert in your niche on LinkedIn
    • 2 hours a week - Learn and write about the products you promote
    • Measure your efforts
      • How many times were you mentioned
      • How many people read your posts
      • Inbounds links
      • Are your customers evangelizing
    • Attend one local event a month
    • Ask for help from the community if you need it
  • Questions ?
    • Shashi Bellamkonda [email_address]
    • Twitter: @shashib
    • Raj Malik [email_address]
    • Twitter: @rkm2929
    • Small Business Success Index :
    • Network Solutions Blog :
    • Web Community Network :
    • Small Business Network :
    • Women Entrepreneurs :
    • Personal Blogs:
      • Technology & Social Media:
      • Digital Thoughts:
      • Restaurant Reviews: