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  • One device per switch port No shared wiring as with concentrators / hubs Port security
  • Ethernet network IP network Network print queues for managing printing. No need to install local print drivers. Hersheymed domain login is recommended, but not required (yet).
  • PSU PASS: 500MB can be increased to 1GB Link - infonet/it-our services-file services-PSU file services Web access – portal.psu.edu Available from anywhere and can personal web space used for shared file space M Drive: DFS share (Domain login ) Innominate News – March 2005 Computing Corner Lab Share: AAResearch1 (not in DFS) Link – infonet/it-our services-file services-research file server Department Share: DFS, hersheymed.net/files \hersheymed.netfilesphysiology
  • Data backup: Innominate News – October 2005 Computing Corner
  • Sharing Data Innominate News – December 2004 Computing Corner BioCore – University of Illinois - http://www.ks.uiuc.edu Moving Data eMail, lab shares Sending URL’s (pointers) CD’s, USB Keys


  • 1.
    • COM West, BMR
    COM Network Upgrade Russ Scaduto, Ph.D. Director of Education Technology
  • 2.
    • COM West & BMR Network Upgrade
    • Five Topics for Today’s Discussion
    • Brief overview of IT support
    • The “New” Network
    • The Network Upgrade/Migration Process
    • Data Management / Network Computing
    • A Look to the Future
    COM Network Upgrade
  • 3.
    • IT Web Page
    • http:// infonet.hmc.psu.edu /it/
    • PSU ITS Web Page
    • http:// its.psu.edu /
    • Computer Corner - Innominate News
    • http:// www.hmc.psu.edu/irb /
    • Help Desk
    • 531-6281
    Customer Support
  • 4.
    • This is really a new network, not part of the old COM 150.231.XXX.XXX domain. It is much faster and better managed.
    • It uses local IP addressing for added security. Network devices do not have a true Internet IP address. NAT routing is used. Direct IP addressing should not be used.
    • All IP addressing. Other protocols are not routed (e.g., AppleTalk).
    • All ports are switched 100Mbps. Post-port splitting is not allowed.
    • Ports are secure. Ports are logically assigned to one device via DHCP.
    • Static IP addressing is only allowed for specific devices (printers and shared lab instruments).
    • Wireless is included (PSCOMNET). All local WAP’s will be removed.
    The “New” Network
  • 5. Wiring Topology
  • 6.
    • What to Expect! Four Steps…
    • Closet Build-out (Ken Rudolph, leader)
    • Department wiring (George McLaren, Leader)
    • Migration (old to new network) and WAP setup) (Ron Etheridge, leader)
    • Wiring “clean up” (George McLaren, Leader)
    • Your IT Contact: Jim Shillow (x283830)
    Network Upgrade/Migration Process
  • 7. Data Management / Network Computing
    • To get to network resources (file shares, file servers, etc.), you must login to the Hersheymed domain.
    • Computers (Mac’s, PC’s) must be “joined” to the domain to permit initial login. On a Mac, this requires Admit Mac. On a PC, this also comes with added software (LanDesk, Antivirus, antispyware). The Migration Team will help you if you want to join. Joining is encouraged, but not mandatory (today).
    • Login authentication is not required for an IP address on “wired” devices. Authentication is required for wireless IP access.
  • 8. Data Management / Network Computing
    • Storing and Safe-guarding Data
      • Use the Network (it’s fast!), not your local drive.
      • Data back up. Do your research, let IT help you.
      • “M” Drive (your personal space)
      • Lab share on //aaresearch1
      • Department share
      • PSU PASS
  • 9. Data Management
  • 10. Aaresearch1 Use
  • 11. Data Management
    • Sharing Data
      • Avoid desktop file sharing. Avoid per-to-peer networks!
      • Lab share
      • Department share
      • BioCore - http:// www.ks.uiuc.edu
    • Moving Data – Use a shared space
    • Remote Access (IVE) https:// access.hersheymed.net
  • 12. Future Network Development
    • Enhanced authentication
      • Devices and users will require authentication to get an IP address.
    • Defined access levels
      • Wired network
      • Wireless network
    • Desktop Videoconferencing (here today, see http://meeting.hmc.psu.edu http://infonet.hmc.psu.edu/mms )