Network Services Suite


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Network Services Suite

  1. 1. Network Services Suite Data Sheet ESSENTIAL NETWORK SERVICES FOR DISTRIBUTED ENTERPRISE NETWORKS Underlying every network is a set of core network services that contribute to the reliability, avail- ability, security, and operational efficiency of all networks and applications. This set of essential services includes naming, addressing, authentication, file distribution, and logging. Today’s organizations need an infrastructure that integrates, distributes, and manages these core network services throughout an extended enterprise. Appliance Delivery of Core Network Services in Extended Enterprises Most organizations deploy core network services like DNS, DHCP, and TFTP using an ad-hoc collection of software applications on conventional servers and operating systems. This approach is no longer acceptable in light of the growing demands on these services for availability, security, manageability, and growth. As a result, appliance delivery of these services has become a recommended industry best practice because appliances are inherently more reliable, manageable, scalable, and secure than soft- ware on general-purpose servers. In distributed environments, appliances need to be linked together to provide centralized management, ensure accuracy of data, provide for nonstop service delivery, and enable fast and easy disaster recovery. The Network Services Suite package is available on all Infoblox The Network Services Suite is a software package available for Infoblox appliance platforms. appliances that provides a full complement of core network services delivered using the secure Infoblox NIOS™ operating system and the integrated bloxSDB™ database. The Network Services Suite also includes Network Services the Infoblox Grid module, which connects distributed appliances into unified Grids that provide unparalleled management, control, visibility, and Suite Advantages service resiliency. Infoblox Grids provide a foundation for delivering highly available, secure, and easily managed network services across an • Integrated management of all enterprise, including: network services including DNS, • Protocols (DNS, DHCP, TFTP, NTP, etc.) DHCP, TFTP/HTTP, NTP, • Data (IP addresses, MAC addresses, user credentials, domain names, and Syslog transaction logs, etc.) • Local appliance delivery of core • Files (policies, device configuration files, executable programs, certificate network services with centralized revocation lists, etc.) management • High availability with fast network Infoblox Grids combine the power of nonstop local service delivery with the benefits of consolidated management and control. They provide failover and database synchroniza- the next level of essential infrastructure needed to support all networks tion via bloxHA™ and bloxSYNC™ and applications. technology • One-button software upgrades that make it easy to add new features and to remain secure • Secure management using SSL- based VPN that works from anywhere, through any firewall © 2009 Infoblox Inc. All rights reserved. ds_nss_14dec09 1
  2. 2. Network Services Suite Data Sheet NETWORK SERVICES SUITE FEATURES AND BENEFITS The Infoblox Network Services Suite provides the essential services required by all networks and applications and allows organizations to deploy these services throughout the network to enhance reliability, availability, and security while lowering operational costs. The services included in the Network Services Suite include: • Naming services via Domain Name System (DNS); • Addressing services via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP); • Network visibility and control via IP address management (IPAM); • Configuration services via Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP); • Configuration services via HTTP; • Time synchronization services via Network Time Protocol (NTP); • Logging services via Syslog The Network Services Suite also includes Infoblox’s patented Grid technology for linking distributed appliances into a unified Grid. The embedded databases in all Infoblox appliances within a Grid are intelligently interconnected so that they share a common, real-time view of host names, IP leases, user credentials, and other network data. The Infoblox Grid uses secure communication among appliances and also uses sophisticated database technology to main- tain data integrity. This ensures that all appliances in the Grid have the right data and that the Grid continues to deliver services without data loss or corruption in the face of a wide range of device or WAN failures. Infoblox Grid technology also supports intelligent data replication to minimize the use of bandwidth in the Grid and to enable “right-sized” appliances to be deployed at each location. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS INCLUDE High-availability Services: High-availability (HA) services are supported by bloxHA™ tech- nology—which uses industry-standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for sub 5-second network failover—and bloxSYNC™ technology to ensure real-time database synchro- nization with no loss or duplication of data. Integrated, Zero-admin Database: The Network Services Suite stores all DNS, DHCP and authentication data in the integrated bloxSDB™ database, which is built into the Infoblox NIOS™ software provided on all Infoblox appliances. The bloxSDB database uses sophisti- cated replication technology to distribute data throughout the Grid in real time, enabling key benefits including centralized management, nonstop service delivery, real-time monitoring and reporting, and built-in disaster recovery. Integrated Web GUI: The Infoblox Web GUI allows administrators to deploy and manage the entire DNS, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure with just a few mouse clicks. The powerful, Web-based Infoblox GUI is the only solution that manages all aspects of the infrastructure and data – includ- ing software updates and upgrades, backup and restore, disaster recovery and all services and data management – without resorting to client-based or command-line interfaces. The Infoblox Web UI manages all aspects of the product including DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP, IPAM and Grid management, monitoring and reporting. Wizards and visual tools are available to make configuration and monitoring error free. Granular Administration: Administrators can delegate the management The Network Services Suite includes of particular zones, networks, and devices to other administrators, and the Infoblox Grid Manager. they can also create “read-only” profiles for delegated administrators. This allows companies to grant individuals, in different parts of an organiza- tion, management authority over only a portion of the network’s resources. © 2009 Infoblox Inc. All rights reserved. ds_nss_14dec09 2
  3. 3. Network Services Suite Data Sheet Hardened Security: The Infoblox NIOS Software is hardened and consistently withstands security scans and attacks from the most demanding government and military organizations. DNS, DHCP and authentication services can be upgraded easily, ensuring minimum exposure to security threats. In the event a new exploit is discovered, the underlying Infoblox NIOS software can be upgraded in minutes via a single, simple operation. This makes it much more difficult to penetrate than general-purpose operating systems with known vulnerabilities. All data distribution and management communications are secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-encrypted VPNs for protection against management compromise. NONSTOP INFRASTRUCTURE FOR CRITICAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS Infoblox network services appliances include a range of special capabilities that serve key network applications: Network Services for Voice over IP The Network Services Suite delivers a combination of features that provides an easy-to- manage, high-availability solution for IP voice applications: High-availability DHCP Infoblox supports industry-standard DHCP failover that works across distributed WANs. In addition, pairs of Infoblox appliances can be easily configured in “HA mode” to provide fast failover and real-time data synchronization without requiring inefficient allocation of IP addresses. This ensures that IP phones are always able to receive IP addresses and connect to the network. Built-in FTP, HTTP, and TFTP IP phones require periodic updates to firmware and configuration files using either FTP, HTTP, TFTP or HTTP services. The Networks Services Suite extends the benefits of Grid technology to managing IP telephony by providing a distributed, centrally managed FTP/ HTTP/TFTP configuration service. Firmware and configuration files are uploaded to the Grid master and automatically delivered to all appliances in the Grid with a single opera- tion. In Cisco environments, the Infoblox Grid Connector automatically synchronizes firmware and configurations between Cisco Call Manager and the Grid master. This greatly reduces the time required to manage IP phone firmware and ensures that all devices always have the right software and configurations. Reliable DNS Infrastructure for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Infoblox is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the Infoblox DNSone package includes special support for easy integration into Microsoft AD environments. This enables enterprises to ensure that the critical DNS services needed for their Microsoft and non-Microsoft applica- tions are always available and secure. IP Address Management (IPAM) IP addresses are one of the most critical resources that need to be managed in any network. Having immediate access to information such as which IP addresses are in use, when they were allocated, which devices they were assigned to, and who is using them is critical to eliminating conflicts and network outages, tracking critical assets, ensuring network security, troubleshooting network problems, and enabling regulatory compliance. Infoblox IP address management lets customers manage DNS and IP address data at a compa- ny-wide level, delivering unified management, monitoring, and administration—and providing for appropriate levels of centralized auditing and reporting. The Infoblox IPAM module, in combination with the DNS and DHCP modules included in the Network Services Suite, delivers the world’s first and only appliance solution that integrates DNS and DHCP with built-in IPAM. © 2009 Infoblox Inc. All rights reserved. ds_nss_14dec09
  4. 4. Network Services Suite Data Sheet DNS Technical Specifications DHCP Technical Specifications RFCs supported 1034 and 1035 RFCs supported RFCs 3046, 2131 and 1531 Dynamic update, RFC 2136 BOOTP, RFCs 1534, 2132 and RFC 4388 Incremental zone transfer, RFC 1995 Notification of zone changes, RFC 1996 Protocol engine DHCPD 3.1 Secret key transaction authentication Additional • VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Mask) (TSIG), RFC 2845 Capabilities support Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA delegation, • CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) RFC 2317 support • Multiple subnets per segment Protocol engine BIND 9.3.4 (supernetting) • “Static leases” based on MAC address Additional • Secure dynamic DNS updates using (manual allocation) Capabilities TSIG • MAC-address-based filtering • Conditional forwarding • Address availability checking before • Microsoft Active Directory support assignment • Infoblox Views • DHCP relay agent/Option 82 support • IP-address-based access lists on • DHCP Vendor Class Identifier/Option queries, zone transfers, and dynamic 60 support updates • Secure DHCP-DNS integration updates • Zone import tools DNS when leases are issued • Customizable TTL settings • Advanced DHCP Options Editor • Windows, Unix, and Mac OS compatibility • External syslog server support Part Numbers Infoblox-250-A with NSS Package, 100 Leases IB-250-A-100-NSS Infoblox-250-A with NSS Package, 300 Leases IB-250-A-300-NSS Infoblox-550-A with NSS Package IB-550-A-NSS Infoblox-1050-A with NSS Package IB-1050-A-NSS Infoblox-1550-A with NSS Package IB-1550-A-NSS Infoblox-1552-A with NSS Package IB-1552-A-NSS Infoblox-2000 with NSS Package IB-2000-NSS Infoblox product warranty and services The standard hardware warranty is for a period of one year. The system software has a 90-day warranty that will meet published specifica- tions. Optional service products are also available that extend the hardware and software warranty. These products are recommended to ensure the appliance is kept updated with the latest software enhancements and to ensure the security and availability of the system. Professional services and training courses are also available from Infoblox. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Infoblox Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors that appear in this document. Corporate Headquarters: +1.408.625.4200 1.866.463.6256 (toll-free, U.S. and Canada) © 2009 Infoblox Inc. All rights reserved. ds_nss_14dec09 5