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Linux status - Computer books you can really use
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Linux status - Computer books you can really use



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  • Who here has ever had a virus on a Windows PC? OK, simpler to ask “who hasn't”? What did it take to stay virus-free? See the NSA paper “Defenses to stop Worms” http://www.nsa.gov/snac/support/WORMPAPER.pdf About 10 M victims of identitytheft annually, $52 Bn/year losses http://www.fbi.gov/congress/congress05/swecker041305.htm Virus attacks are now commissioned by gangs to send spam and do DOS attacks. Viruses attack small numbers of PCs and stop when 5 or 10 K captured. They will be undetected by owners. Choicepoint leaked 40 M credit card account details in 2004 and it only came out because of CA law.
  • Linux has been wholly coopted by business now. IBM is a huge supporter of Linux, and invested more than $1Bn IBM's CIO is switching internal desktops to Linux Many city governments worldwide are switching to Linux and other open source apps. Munich, Vienna, Paris. It's become a very good way to get a (one time short term) price cut from Microsoft – tell them you are reviewing Linux suitability. The entire school system in New Zealand just switched to Linux http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2005-07-14-014-26-NW-SS-PB Novell is moving its 6000 desktops to Linux http://www.cbronline.com/content/comp/magazine/Articles/Features/OnTheMove.asp
  • This is similar to the segmenting that you see in Windows, although without artificial restrictions like “Win XP home cannot be part of a domain network” and “Win XP Starter Edition has max resolution of 800x600, no file sharing, no printer sharing, no multiple accounts, and only 3 apps run concurrently.” Linux isn't about segmenting the market to maximize profit extraction. It's about focusing on the features most required by that sector. And you can always add in any Linux apps that need. Michael Dell invested $100M in Red Hat distro in Jan 2004. http://money.cnn.com/2005/05/10/technology/redhat/index.htm?cnn=yes
  • There's a list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, kept by a university in Germany and updated twice annually. Embedded. Cell phones, TVs, dektop boxes. Linux excels where Joe Sixpack does not have to fiddle with set up. That includes situations where the computer is not visible to the users (embedded and servers) as well as those where someone else completely manages the box (eg. corporate desktops). For the general home user I agree that Linux is a pig. I can't get my PC to play MP3s. The Winmodem needed a bunnch of hacking etc.
  • MSNBC – joint news venture MS and NBC http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7490041/ OS News – aggregator of web OS stories http://www.osnews.com RAM – Reseller Advocate Magazine http://www.reselleradvocate.com PC Pro - UK's biggest PC monthly magazine /
  • 3 components to “being OK with Linux 1. How much effort is it to learn Linux? Not that much. About as much as shifting to a new version of windows. GUIs are pretty mature technology these days and they all do the same thing. 2. Linux has apps that in many cases are better than Windows, and much cheaper too. We'll look at some of these apps in a minute. 3. Installing Linux can be an area where you get less than 100% results. Some stuff will definitely work, like disk, cd, and network. Some stuff may not work, like modem. The reason is devices that only have windows drivers. Often can get a replacement, e.g. Modem. Or just buy preinstalled linux system.


  • 1. Desktop Linux ready for prime time and on a screen near you
      • Peter van der Linden
      • July 2005
  • 2. What we will cover
    • Why Linux?
    • What is Linux?
    • Myths of Linux
    • Example GUIs & app's
    • Summary
    • Q&A
    • Demo
  • 3. The Background
    • Uncle Josh
    • Viruses, Trojans, Spyware
    • US CERT says “dont use IE”
    • www. kb.cert.org/vuls/id/713878
    • www. us-cert.gov/current/current_activity.html
    • Shift: sold for 5c per zombie
        • www. news.zdnet.com/2100-1009_22-5772238.html
    • It will all be fixed in win98 ME NT 2K XP SP2 Longhorn...
    • The frog in the pot
  • 4. The Windows Security Tango http://securitytango.com/tango.php
    • Delete temp files, empty trash
    • Turn off system restore
    • Download Ad-adware, Spybot, Stinger
      • http://www .lavasoftusa.com/
      • http://www .safer-networking.org/
      • http://vil .nai.com/vil/Stinger/
    • Reboot into safe mode
    • Run stinger, your anti virus, adaw, spybot
    • Check firewall is on
    • Reboot normally
    • Download latest updates, and repeat all!
    • Run Windows update
    • Repeat at least weekly , and after each attack
    • ... Or... try Linux!
  • 5. Origins of Linux
    • Began as student Project,
      • opened up to the world,
      • now backed by big business
    • Scientific cooperation model
    • open source implications
        • Better security, anyone can improve,
        • open to all, improved competition, cheaper, faster
    • matured over 14 years
        • WinXP (3-12 years),
        • Solaris 2 (15yrs),
        • MAC OS (26 years)
  • 6. Linux is like spiders
    • Stanford/VW's robot car for the DARPA race 2005
    • Seven Linux cpus drive the car
  • 7. What is Linux?
    • Kernel
    • + cmds/libs
    • + apps
    • + installer = a DISTRO
  • 8. Distros
    • Business
    • Embedded
    • Webserver
    • Home Desktop!
  • 9. Sweet Spot Linux Use
    • Supercomputer clusters
    • Web servers
    • Firewalls, routers, caches
    • File servers
    • Mail servers
        • What's the obvious next piece?
    • PDA, cell phones
    • Embedded real time (gas pumps, Tivo etc)
  • 10. Linux Myths
    • Zero cost
    • Difficult to learn
    • Only for servers
    • Less secure than Windows
    • Invulnerably secure
    • Always suitable
  • 11. Myths debunked
    • Without cost
      • A few distros free, most are commercial. Support is important
    • Difficult to learn
      • Linspire is easy for anyone to learn & use
    • Only for servers
      • Linspire well-proven on laptops, desktops
    • Less secure than Windows
      • Linux has secure alternatives to IE, Outlook, and the registry – 3 of the buggiest virus propagators around. Still should follow good security practices
    • Always suitable
      • Works very well for surfing/email/Word
  • 12. Reqts for a Desktop Linux
    • Compatible with your data
    • Popular applications
    • Secure
    • Easy to use
    • Plays all media
    • Paid support
    • Reasonably priced
    • Easy to install
  • 13. What is Linspire?
      • What is Linspire?
      • Linspire facts:
      • Linux distro focusing exclusively on the Desktop
      • 85-person company; HQ in San Diego, CA
      • Offices & partner-offices worldwide (Japan, Europe, Mexico, South America, Australia)
      • Formed 4 years ago
      • Mission statement:
      • “ To provide the world's easiest-to-use affordable personal computing solutions.”
  • 14. Press Comments on Linspire
  • 15. Worldwide Linspire “Light-ups”
  • 16. Am I going to be OK with Linux?
    • That boils down to 3 questions:
    • Can I learn Linux?
        • GUIs are all the same these days
    • Will Linux run the apps I need?
        • What apps do I need?
    • Can I install Linux OK?
        • Buy it same way you got windows – preinstalled
        • www. linspire.com/featured_partner/featured_partner.php
  • 17. Windows XP
  • 18. Vista
    • Win release after XP (Oct 01)
    • Desktop only release
    • Currently in Beta
    • Minor release scaled down from Blackcomb
    • Originally 2004, now 2006
    • WinFS (NTFS add-on) OUT
    • Avalon 3D GUI layer, XML-based
    • Based on .NET APIs WinFX
    • Digital Rights Restrictions
  • 19.  
  • 20. MacOS X
  • 21. Linux
  • 22. It's the applications!
    • email
    • web browser
    • Office suite
    • DVD playing
    • cd burning
    • image editing
    • photos, MP3s, etc
  • 23.  
  • 24. Popular Linux Apps
    • Lsongs Music Manager - Rip your favorite music, organize it, play it, sync it to portable music players, and burn
    • Lphoto Photo Manager - Download, organize, edit, save, and share your entire photo collection.
    • Nvu Web Authoring - Create web pages and manage their web site with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML
    • And more!
  • 25. Office Suite
    • You don’t need to spend more for a complete office solution.
    • Linspire comes with an Office Suite, included.
    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations
    • Compatibility - 100% compatible with other suites including MS Office and Corel Wordperfect.
    • Demo Microsoft PPT and .doc file.
    .doc .xls .ppt
  • 26. What is the Click N' Run Service?
    • CNR means “Click and Run”
    • Online software warehouse with more than 2,000 Linux programs
    • Easy, one-click installation
    • Automatic updates for your software and PC
  • 27. The 3 Big Wins of Linspire Linux
    • Desktop focus, with commercial support
    • Click N'Run Service for easy apps install
    • Superb customer forums
    • http://forum.linspire.com
  • 28. Summary
    • Linux = viable alternative
    • Linux = secure
    • Linux = lower cost
    • Linux = feature parity
    • Linux = no restrictions, activation etc.
    • Choose a desktop distro like Linspire, for home use
  • 29. Next steps
    • Live CD
    • zero-effort experiment
    • demo boot
    • Try Linspire!
    http://tinyurl.com/9ax45 http://afu.com/