How Did I Discover Empower Network?


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Empower Network was not just another business opportunity for internet marketers and network marketers. It is also an extremely impressive internet marketing training portal. Empower Network sets you up with a sound business where people are making 100% commissions. Visit:

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How Did I Discover Empower Network?

  1. 1. How Did I Get Here?We had just celebrated my 45thbirthday the night before, and I waschecking my emails in UdonThani which is located about 1hrs flightnorth of Bangkok, Thailand.It was the usual 100 or so emails that I get every day, as I was scanning the email list tosee which ones I was interested in opening first. I then read a very interesting subject line.It read “[Free Video] Make $645 to $1,450 Daily – OV readers Only”You may be wondering to yourself what was significant about this email that piqued my interest andlured me to read more. Well, OV stands for Offervault and if you were to google “offervault”, this iswhat you’ll find;
  2. 2. Essentially, OfferVault is a premiere offer listing service where you can compare over 20,000 offersand payouts from top affiliates and CPA networks. Like a search engine that displays offers fromseveral affiliate networks & CPA networks.Anyway, if we type their URL into we can see how popular this site is;We can see that is an extremely well visited site with a US ranking of 3,387. Anythingbelow 100,000 meaning if you have a ranking under 100,000 then your website should be producingsome good traffic.The lower the ranking, the more popular is thesite.So, what about their website?You can see that offervault is an extremely successful website that has a google pagerank of 3/ has a pagerank of 9/10, so offervault is pretty popular you have to assume.So What About This Email?
  3. 3. After knowing how successful offervault is, I began to wonder what could they possibly be suggestingto me … “OV Readers Only”?So, 8 months ago, which must have been early June 2012, he had seen a video and didn’t pay anyattention to it.But now, back in January 2013 a close friend messaged him with this awe inspiring hook line …..$21.4 Million Has Been Paid To Those Who Have Seen This VideoHe was absolutely dumbfounded and so needed to test the water for himself and see if it couldpossibly be true or whether it was nothing other than BS!!!
  4. 4. So he said he decided to test it and HE WAS AMAZEDThe best part was that it was just for regular folks like you and me as he called it a “DONE FORYOU” …. SYSTEM IN A BOXHe goes on to say that it’s made for the beginner in mind. Tweaked and Refined to start makingabout $645 to $1450 every day.I just had to re-read that sentence once again to understand the essence of what he has here. Forhow many times have you heard that something would Explode Your Income and all that guff?I’m sick of that …. Aren’t you?I want something that will work now.I don’t want a website that looks prettyI don’t want an autoresponder that is “possible” to email 2 million leads per dayI don’t want a system where you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to “invest” inI want, and I need, a system that’s straight forward and easy to understand that excites me.I don’t just want another shiny object or 1000 ebooks to sit in my hard drive either.I’m sure you’re the sameI’m sure you’re just like me, looking for a way out of this rat raceHe goes onto say that The Money is Deposited Directly into Your Bank Account,DAILY !!!But what he doesn’t tell you in this email,that you’ll soon discover in the video,is that all commissions are 100% yours.That’s right. 100% Commissions.So here’s what I did …….I clicked the link and proceeded to enroll
  5. 5. But they wouldn’t accept my credit card!!!!My credit card wouldnt work, so I tried another, and then another….Nothing would workSo here’s what I did.I wrote to their support desk and waited ………My Mother always said The Best Things in Life Are Worth Waiting ForSo …I went back to the Empower Network salespage and reread every word.I also watched the videos they hadI began to like what I saw and heard even more each time.At no time did any warning signs go off in my mindAnd then …..
  6. 6. A few days later, I received their reply.
  7. 7. Even though at the time I was itching to get into Empower Network, the fact that they have securityand anti-fraud protection measures in place like this just reassures you that they have a solidfoundation.So once your money’s in the bank, it is safe and has come from a legitimate and safe place.You want that in a business.So what now?I couldn’t go back to Australia just yet as I needed to go back to work.I was due to fly out to Namibia which is on the West coast of Africa.I was making myself ready to go for a 7 week job.I had to put Empower Network on hold.The Best Things in Life Are Worth Waiting ForMeanwhile, while working in Namibia I went back to the Empower Network salespages quite often.What I enjoyed reading were the comments that are refreshed regularly as people from all around theworld who are reading the salespages are asking questions and receiving help from those who are inbusiness within Empower Network.
  8. 8. On one particular day in March I read a post that stood out very clear from all others.Here’s what I read ….Here’s How This Post Stood Out From The Crowd
  9. 9. Terry has just recently joined and he’s having a wonderful experience and he’s loving it.He said he is experiencing leadership from the group that he has come in with.The group have tools and systems that will help guide you to learning and understanding the greatbenefits to what you have.And most importantly, these tools and systems are already in place and FREE to our members.So here’s what I did …..I got straight on the email and contacted Terry immediately.I have circled the information regarding the TEAM BenefitsThis is so very important because it will mean that when YOU join our Empower Network, YOU will beso well placed with a great support line to guide and help you.
  10. 10. You Won’t Be Left To Figure It Out AloneIt was a no brainer for me!!You’d have to be as mad as a 2-bob watch to not want to jump on Terry’sClick Here linkAnd so I didAnd here’s what I did …1. Blogging System $25 per month + $19.95 per month for payment processor fees etc etc ...2. Inner Circle $100 per month3. Costa-Rica Intensive for $5004. 15K Formula $1000- I stopped there. I didnt want to get too overwhelmed with information overload just yet. Butas my business grows, I will expand my income potential by obtaining the resale rights of the biggerticket items. …. Don’t you just love that … instant future growth potential?- I wanted resale rights on the first 4 packages so that I could build a recurring income withbonus $500 pay days. Or as Offervault mentioned in their email …. $625 per day ….. Actually, theyreally said $645 per day, but they meant $625 …..And I also have the potential for $1625 days as well …. Even though offervault wrote $1450So What Do I Recommend You Do?But Wait,Let’s sit down and see what we have in this package. Blogging System for $25 per month.This is the foundation of your business. It’s the blogging platform that sits on their EmpowerNetwork URL. That has enormous benefits.Just take a look at how valuable that will be to you
  11. 11. First thing that stands out is Empower Network has an incredible Alexa Ranking of 157And secondly it has a google pagerank of 4/10This means that you’ll get serious bang for your buck when it comes to google authority.Just try going out there and building a blog on a site that isn’t even indexed in google, let alonehas a pagerank of 4/10$25??? This could easily go for $97 p/m Inner Circle $100 per monthThis is where you gain all the business knowledge from those who have been successful. Thisis something that you will want to use on a daily basis.Without this, you may not be able to get your business out of first gearSeriouslyWith this you also have the Resale Rights to offer this product to your customers and bank$100 payments instantly.This is what will grow your business 4x as fast. Costa-Rica Intensive for $500They say these videos should be essential if you are serious about growing a lasting business
  12. 12. But once you see them, you’ll understand they should be a requirement for any business. Andthe best thing is that as soon as you purchase this – ONCE OFF PAYMENT then youwill also get RESALE RIGHTS too.With resale rights you can legally sell this package and keep 100% of the incomeThat’s $500 straight to your walletNo questions asked. 15K Formula $1000Who wants to learn how to grow their business into a $15,000 per month empire?Then this is essential, if you ask me and this is why I also included this in my business.Here’s The DealI’m not asking you to do anything above what you are comfortable with. The good news is that allthese options are open for you as you grow your business.So What’s Your Next Step?It’s simpleGo and Watch the Video …….CLICK HERE
  13. 13. PS. Remember,You Won’t Be Left To Figure It Out AloneYour Link to the Video is here …….CLICK HERE