ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution


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ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution

  1. 1. ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution Stay Connected with Value
  2. 2. In today’s IT and Networking environments, Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB) represent a unique market segment with unique networking demands. Enterprises and corporations often require the latest and most expensive technology. Home users and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) users seek low prices and high value. SMBs, on the other hand, require networking infrastructures that are more complicated than SOHO networks, but lack the IT budgets and MIS resources that are commonly available to large-scale companies. ZyXEL recognizes the unique demands of the SMB network and provides high- performing, efficient, and cost effective products to meet and exceed every SMB networking requirement. With a wide variety of options and integrated solutions, ZyXEL lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SMBs without compromising network performance and reliability. Stay Connected with Value
  3. 3. Evolving SMB Networks Evolution of Broadband Access Day to day, SMBs are replacing leased lines with broadband to lower costs and to acquire higher data transmission speeds. As a result, keeping broadband connections available, secure, and manageable are continuously becoming more important issues. A variety of changes including new data communication applications and distributed network functionalities are making networking environments more complicated, and consequently more vulnerable. Appliance-based Server-based applications, commonly used in larger networks, need much effort to install and configure. Plug-and-Play networking appliances become ideal solutions for SMB networking environments to save maintenance cost and effort. Limited Budgets SMBs have limited budgets and must have high performing, reliable networking hardware at affordable prices. Outstanding quality and usability becomes a high priority due to a lack of available resources for complicated network service and management. What does ZyXEL offer? Stay The Best Performance/ Total Cost of Ownership Ratio Connected Closely following the evolving trends of SMB Networking, ZyXEL has developed highly functional, attractive, and cost-effective SMB Networking Solutions for every demand. The ZyXEL SMB Networking Solution is with composed of four critical elements — Connection, Protection, Mobility, and Management. Value Connection Protection Management Mobility
  4. 4. Connection High quality SMB connections are the key to network performance. ZyXEL facilitates an “Integrated Networking Infrastructure” by offering products that connect the Backbone & Edge with the Access Network, WAN and LAN. A leading provider of xDSL broadband modems/routers, ZyXEL offers other WAN functionalities such as Multi-WAN for High Availability and Load Balancing, as well as Bandwidth Management for increased efficiency. ZyXEL also ensures quality LAN connections by offering a variety of switch technologies ranging from Layer 2 & Layer 3, to Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, managed and unmanaged. Convenience and versatility are further enhanced with a choice of wireless solutions including Access Points (AP), Bridges, Repeaters, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. Protection ZyXEL security solutions protect the assets and networks of SMBs from harmful threats. Sensitive information and network resources are guarded by extensive network security features including Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall, Denial of Service & Distributed Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS), Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP), Access Control List (ACL) policy settings, and Web Content Filtering. Mobility In today’s work environment, more and more SMBs are mobilizing office operations as a way to increase productivity. Whether for applications inside or outside the office, ZyXEL provides the perfect mobility solution. While in the office, WLAN access to the company Intranet allows employees to work in every corner of the office building. While away from the office, nomadic workers have the power to remotely and securely access the company Intranet via IPSec VPN client to site solutions. Mobile work forces are increasing day to day and are becoming a measure of a SMB’s core competence. Management Due to technological trends and current network demands, SMB networks are becoming more complicated than ever before. With the addition of more functions come more maintenance costs and effort. To reduce support and maintenance overhead, ZyXEL offers Centralized Network Management (CNM) software that allows network administrators to monitor and control an entire network from a single location. The software provides administrators with status information, logs and reports for maximum functionality. The ZyXEL SMB solution product line, built for CONNECTION, PROTECTION, MOBILITY, and MANAGEMENT, include the following devices: • Dimension Switches — 10/100/1000Mbps, L2 & L3, Backbone & Edge Network • ZyWALL Internet Security Appliances — SPI Firewall/VPN gateway, IDP, Web Content Filtering • ZyAIR Professional WLAN — Access Point, Bridge, Repeater, and Antennas • Vantage Centralized Network Management (CNM) Software & Vantage Wireless LAN Controller • myZyXEL.com — Service Registration and Account Management Platform ZyXEL SMB Networking Solutions are high-performing price/performance products, that incorporate innovative design, easy configuration, and effective support tools for reducing the costs of installation, network management, and service. The lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits all users and administrators.
  5. 5. Application Diagram Corporate Network Multiple WAN Link • High-speed Gigabit Ethernet • Increase Bandwidth Capacity • Reliable Connectivity • Fail-over between WAN Lines • Enhance Security and Control • Load Balancing between WAN Lines • Backup Support Mobile User IPSec Tunnel Telecomuter Wireless LAN ISP Headquarters Internet ZyAIR ZyWALL Prestige IP Express IP Express Wireless AP Internet Security DSL Gateway Remote DSLAM Master DSLAM Gateway Prestige Branch Office DSL Router Server Farm ZyWALL IDP Appliance Network Printer ZyWALL Workgroup Internet Security IP Phone Gateway 100/1000Mbps ZyAIR Dimension Wireless AP Gigabit Switch ZyXEL Wi-Fi Phone Wireless LAN Illegal Access
  6. 6. ZyAIR Outdoor Wireless Bridge ZyXEL ZyAIR Wi-Fi Phone Wireless WDS/AP Intranet Warehouse Illegal Access ZyAIR Wireless LAN Outdoor Wireless AP/Bridge ZyAIR Wireless Bridge ZyWALL Vantage Firewall Bridge WLAN Controller ZyXEL ZyAIR Wi-Fi Phone Wireless AP Prestige ZyWALL Dimension Workgroup Dail-up Modem Firewall Bridge Edge Switch 100/1000Mbps Prestige ZyWALL Internet ZyWALL Dimension DSL/Cable Modem Security Gateway IDP Appliance Core Switch Dimension IP Phone Prestige Workgroup Edge Switch DSL/Cable Modem ZyWALL Server Farm Web Server IDP Appliance Mail Server DMZ (Public Network) Vantage Centralized ZyXEL Network SIP Server Management LAN (Private Network) Security Gateway Managed Wireless LAN Centralized Network Management • Integrated Security Appliance • Instant Data, Voice Capability • Lower Cost of Managing • Complete Layers Security Architecture • Multiple Security Policy Support Distributed Network • Added-value Security Service • Centralized Network Management • Improve Network Utilization & Efficiency • Centralized Network Management • Increase Return on Investment • Reduce Service and Technical Support Overhead • Increase Return on Investment with ZyXEL Complete Product Line
  7. 7. SMB Connection Speed and responsiveness are key factors to success for Small-to-Medium Businesses. SMB networks require reliable, easy-to-use, high-performing appliances with flexible scalability for when the business network grows. Due to the rapid introduction of new technology, companies with limited technical personnel find it difficult to construct and maintain networks. ZyXEL provides scalable solutions designed for easy management and expansion. High-performance Backbone Backbone network requirements are always critical. ZyXEL Dimension switches support redundancy, scalability and provide the best price/performance solution for SMBs. ZyXEL Dimension switches also support Layer 3 switching as well as block unnecessary broadcast traffic to enhance overall network efficiency. Internet Server Farm Server Farm Co ect o 1000Mbps/Fiber 1000Mbps/Copper 100Mbps High-performance Backbone Resilient and Secure Network Design Resilient and Secure Network Design ZyXEL’s state-of-the-art technology provides a scalable solution with sophisticated end- to-end QoS and prioritized traffic management, which can be adapted for voice IP or Easy Management streaming applications. SMBs can now upgrade a network as the business grows, without 10/100 or Gigabit Connectivity exceeding IT budgets. Easy Management Efficient Server Farms As networks expand, management becomes a challenge. To alleviate the complexity, TM ZyXEL Dimension switches support Web-based iStacking technology, where up to 8 TM switches can be managed by single IP on the network. iStacking makes network management easier and more efficient.
  8. 8. 10/100 or Gigabit Connectivity For enhanced network performance, Dimension switches can allocate network resources to where they are most needed. Departmental users may be limited to 10/100Mbps switch connections, while power users are given Gigabit connectivity. Tiered network performance can be achieved without changing the wiring. Efficient Server Farms Dimension switches support reliable, redundant, and non-blocking Gigabit connections. With a sophisticated QoS mechanism, Dimensions switches allow SMB network administrators to assign different priority rights per application to ensure server performance is optimized. Product Focus Dimension Ethernet Switch High er en Core Switch (Layer 3) d GS-4024 Server Farm (Layer 2) GS-3012 GS-3012F High Edge Switch (Layer 2) er vo lume ES-3024 ES-2024 ES-1124 GS-1008 GS-1016 ES-1016A ES-1024A GS-1024 GS-2024 Fast Ethernet Switch Gigabit Switch
  9. 9. SMB Security ZyXEL’s ZyWALL Internet Security Appliances protect a network on all levels. At the core of a ZyWALL is a high-performance processor and security enhanced ZyNOS operating system. The ZyWALL series appliances support a comprehensive list of security and management features including Firewall, IPSec VPN, IDP, Web Content Filtering, Multi- homing, Load Balancing, and Bandwidth Management functionalities. The ZyWALL series also supports multiple user interfaces such as CLI, SMT, a Web-based configurator, SNMP, and Vantage CNM software. In order to give users the ability to enable or disable particular service features of the ZyWALL series appliances, ZyXEL has established myZyXEL.com as a convenient service maintenance platform. Security Processor Secu ty Protection against Hackers and Attacks The ZyWALL’s ICSA-certified firewall can be set in either gateway (NAT mode) or bridge (transparent mode) mode anywhere on a network for increased security from Protection against Hackers and Attacks hackers and harmful threats. ZyXEL now offers Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP) as a further line of defense to compensate for the weakness of traditional Increase Productivity Layer 3 firewalls. ZyXEL’s new IDP security appliances provide Layer 4 to Layer 7 attack prevention. Secure, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Increase Productivity Internet Access ZyWALL security solutions increase efficiency and productivity by allowing workers to securely access corporate servers from remote locations. The ZyWALL’s ICSA- certified IPSec VPN solution enables sensitive information to be accessed securely and enhances strategic decision making by providing easy access to critical company and customer information.
  10. 10. Secure, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Internet Access As the cost of broadband access continues to decrease, more companies are starting to use xDSL or other broadband access technologies to replace legacy leased lines. The ZyWALL IPSec VPN solution is designed to maintain the same level of security and efficiency as leased lines, but at a much lower cost. As a result, SMBs are beginning to employ multiple Internet access lines, and use ZyWALLs to secure High Availability and efficient broadband access by Load Balancing between multiple WAN ports. Product Focus ZyWALL Internet Detection Prevention Appliance ZyWALL Internet Security Appliance ZyWALL 2 ZyWALL 5 ZyWALL IDP 10 ZyWALL 35 ZyWALL 70
  11. 11. SMB WLAN According to recent WLAN surveys, there are three major issues that concern WLAN business users – Management, Security, and Wi-Fi Standard. ZyXEL recognizes these concerns and offers the key solutions needed to safely deploy an efficient SMB WLAN. • How to centrally manage WLAN traffic and status • How to separate and prioritize different user groups (i.e. Employees vs. Visitors) • How to identify WLAN access per user account basis • How to prevent hacker attacks on the intranet from the WLAN edge • How to implement a the latest WLAN technology to get the best ROI • To address the benefits of SMBs adopting WLAN technology, ZyXEL has created the ZyAIR Professional series of WLAN solutions, uniquely designed for the WLAN requirements of the most demanding SMB applications. Centralized Management of WLAN Networks By using the new ZyXEL Vantage Wireless LAN Controller (Vantage WLC) for WLAN management, the status of all wireless APs on a LAN may be monitored and controlled. The Vantage WLC also eases administration duties by enabling firmware and configuration updates to all APs simultaneously from a central location. As an added feature, the Vantage WLC can fine-tune the transmission power of each ZyAIR AP to get the optimum coverage range. Authentication and Authorization by User (Group) WLAN Through features such as User-based Authentication and Access Control, the Vantage WLC can offer tiered WLAN service to different users and groups by differentiating WLAN service and access security levels. Different users and groups get different network access rights based on their qualifications and privileges. Better Utilization of Access Points Centralized Management of WLAN Networks Better WLAN utilization may be achieved through Load Balancing when ZyAIR Access Authentication and Authorization Points are used in conjunction with the Vantage WLC. When excess WLAN clients access one AP, the load balancing feature redirects WLAN clients from one AP to by User (Group) another to reduce congestion and minimize network traffic. Illegal Access Points and Hacker Prevention Better Utilization of Access Points To detect illegal Access Points around the WLAN coverage area, ZyAIR APs can Illegal Access Points and Hacker Prevention automatically scan the environment and send a report to the Vantage WLC. The Vantage WLC then alarms the administrator and supplies the location of the illegal Easy Deployment Access Points on the network. Additionally, the Vantage WLC is equipped with a DoS/DDoS firewall, which helps prevent hackers from gaining WLAN access. Best Fit for Best ROI
  12. 12. Easy Deployment Cabling is often one of many issues for SMBs that wish deploy or expand their networks. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality eliminates the necessity of power line implementation and reduces the expense and labor of installing cables when deploying WLAN APs and Bridges. Best Fit for Best ROI ZyXEL provides all kinds of WLAN equipments for every SMB networking requirement. A wireless Access Point, Bridge, Repeater, and a choice of external antennas are just a few of the ZyXEL WLAN solutions from which SMBs can benefit. Support for multiple Wi-Fi standards and applications, including IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g, as well as indoor and outdoor solutions, means there is ZyXEL solution for every SMB installation scenario. Select the preferred solution for the best ROI. Product Focus ZyAIR Wireless LAN Solution Vantage Wireless LAN Controller ZyAIR B-5000 0 ZyAIR G-4000 ZyAIR G-4100 ZyAIR G-5100 Vantage WLC 200
  13. 13. ROBO & SB Solutions While ZyXEL SMB solutions are highly effective, they are equally well suited for deployment in Remote Office (RO), Branch Office (BO), or Small Business (SB) environments. ZyXEL offers cost-effective, integrated solutions to meet the exacting needs of these cost-conscious users. Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use ROBO & SB network demands are usually similar to the functionalities required in SMB environments. However, the required functionalities tend to be less complicated in terms of installation, configuration, and management. Consequently, ZyXEL has combined all the necessary features into one integrated device for a simpler box and cheaper price. To maintain ease-of-use and low cost in the ROBO & SB line of solutions, ZyXEL only gives users the exact features that are needed. Unlike SMB solutions, which are designed with extra performance, ROBO & SB solutions offer security and WLAN functionalities uniquely designed for less demanding applications. As a result, configuration and management are made easier and features such as L2 unmanaged switches are used for simple Plug-and-Play functionality. In the ROBO & SB networking environment, ease-of-use and low cost become the most critical factors. Highly-integrated All-in-One Box for One-stop Shopping ZyXEL also provides all-in-one access devices that integrate ADSL, WLAN, Firewall, VPN, and a four-port Switch. With all these features included into one Solutions compact device, all ROBO & SB networking demands are easily solved. Inter-communications between SMB and ROBO/SB Remote offices, branch offices and small businesses often require a lot of communication with SMB corporate headquarters. ZyXEL networking solutions Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use facilitate this communication by allowing VPN tunnels that share the same Firewall policies, and which are controlled by the same management and Highly-integrated All-in-One Box for authentication systems. One-stop Shopping Inter-communications between SMB and ROBO/SB
  14. 14. Network Management With the increasing amount of equipment in today’s SMB networks, the SMB Account-based Topology Management of Information Systems (MIS) needs a simple method of controlling Device Status Monitoring the associated hardware and activities. In addition to built-in Web GUIs or standard SNMP tools, ZyXEL offers Vantage CNM 2.0, a brand new Centralized One-to-many Firmware Upgrade Management Network Management tool, for quickly and conveniently installing or managing a distributed network. One-click VPN Establishment Account-based Topology Alerts and Reports With the Vantage CNM 2.0 GUI, the MIS can see all account, device, and configuration information in one hierarchical page. Supporting Security, WLAN and ADSL Solutions Device Status Monitoring Vantage CNM 2.0 can show the status of all managed devices on a network. The displayed information includes ON/OFF status, Firmware being upgraded and device being attacked. One-to-many Firmware Upgrade Management The MIS can simultaneously load the same firmware to multiple selected devices or all devices at one moment. This minimizes the required manpower and eliminates the necessity of having to upgrade device firmware one by one. One-click VPN Establishment ZyXEL’s CNM management tool offers one-click establishment of VPN tunnels. This feature simplifies the process of initiating a VPN tunnel and helps eliminate complicated, detailed VPN settings. Network administrators may simply connect two points with a line as shown on the GUI, and a VPN tunnel is N k instantly established. Alerts and Reports Having detailed information available to network administrators enhances network management. The ZyXEL CNM management tool can generate detailed analysis reports as well as monitoring and management reports. The alert mechanism further improves management by also supplying attack and system error information. Supporting Security, WLAN and ADSL Solutions The current Vantage CNM 2.0 supports the management of ZyXEL’s ZyWALL security appliances, ZyAIR WLAN devices, and Prestige all- in-one ADSL gateway. Please visit ZyXEL Web site (www.zyxel.com) for supported models. Vantage CNM 2.0
  15. 15. Product Introduction Ethernet Switch Unmanaged Switch Ethernet Switch Managed Switch Model Name & Product Description Features Model Name & Product Description Features Dimension ES-1016A • 16-port 10/100Mbps Dimension ES-2008 Series • 8-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged 16-port • Auto-MDI/MDI-X Managed 8-port Layer 2 Ethernet Switch • 1 Fixed Uplink port on optional model Ethernet Switch • Support 802.1p CoS • VLAN offers both security and performance • Plug-and-play • Multicasting and Broadcast Storm Control • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable optimize bandwidth utilization Dimension ES-1024A • 24-port 10/100Mbps • MAC Address Filtering enhances network security Unmanaged 24-port • Auto-MDI/MDI-X • Manageable through local console, Telnet or WEB Ethernet Switch • Support 802.1p CoS Dimension ES-2024 • 2 Gigabit Uplinks shared by 2x RJ-45 and • Plug-and-play Managed 24-port Layer 2 Ethernet Switch 2x mini-GBIC • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable • 8.8Gbps non-blocking switching capability Dimension ES-1124 • 24-port 10/100Mbps • Support port-based and 802.1Q VLAN Unmanaged 24-port • 2 mini-GBIC ports • Manageable by web/telnet/SNMP/local console Ethernet Switch • 2 Gigabit ports (RJ-45) shared with • Support iStacking™, up to 8 switches can be with 4 Gigabit Ports mini-GBIC port managed by one IP • Support 802.1p CoS Dimension ES-3024 • 2 Uplink Slots and 1 Stacking Slot • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable Managed 24-port Layer 2 • 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX, Dimension GS-1008 • 8-port 100/1000Mbps, copper Stackable Ethernet Switch 100FX uplink module for option Unmanaged 8-port • Auto-MDI/MDI-X • 12.8Gbps non-blocking switching capability Gigabit Switch • 802.3x Flow Control • Manageable by web/telnet/SNMP/local console • Plug-and-play • Support iStacking™, up to 8 switches can be • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable managed by one IP Dimension GS-1016 • 16-port 100/1000Mbps, copper Dimension ES-4024 • Layer 3 wire speed IP switching Unmanaged 16-port • Auto-MDI/MDI-X Managed 24-port Layer 3 • 2 GBIC Slots and 1 Stacking Slot Gigabit Switch • 802.3x Flow Control Ethernet Switch with 2 GBIC ports • Support static route, RIP v1/v2 and OSPF routing • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable protocol • Sophistic rule-based QoS Dimension GS-1116 • 16-port 100/1000Mbps, copper • Support iStacking™, up to 24 switches can be Unmanaged 16-port • 2 mini-GBIC ports managed by one IP Gigabit Switch • Auto-MDI/MDI-X Dimension GS-3012 • 24Gbps non-blocking switching capability with 2 mini-GBIC Ports • 802.3x Flow Control Managed 12-port Layer 2 Gigabit Switch • 12 Gigabit copper with 4 mini-GBIC • 1 RU high, 19” rack mountable with 4 mini-GBIC Ports • Support iStacking™, up to 24 switches can be managed by one IP Dimension GS-1124 • 24-port 100/1000Mbps, copper • Sophistic rule-based QoS Unmanaged 24-port • 2 mini-GBIC ports • Manageable by web/telnet/SNMP/local console Gigabit Switch • Auto-MDI/MDI-X • Support power redundancy with 2 mini-GBIC Ports • 802.3x Flow Control Dimension GS-3012F • 24Gbps non-blocking switching capability •1 RU high, 19” rack mountable Managed Layer 2 Gigabit Switch • 12 mini-GBIC ports with 4 Gigabit copper ports with 12 mini-GBIC Ports • Support iStacking™, up to 24 switches can be managed by one IP • Sophistic rule-based QoS • Manageable by web/telnet/SNMP/local console • Support power redundancy Dimension GS-4024 • Layer 3 wire speed IP switching Managed 24-port Layer 3 Gigabit Switch • 24 Gigabit copper with 4 mini-GBIC with 4 mini-GBIC Ports • Support static route, RIP v1/v2 and OSPF routing protocol • Sophistic rule-based QoS • Manageable by web/telnet/SNMP/local console • Support power redundancy
  16. 16. Product Introduction Internet Security Appliance Wireless LAN Model Name & Product Description Features Model Name & Product Description Features ZyWALL IDP 10 • In-line real-time intrusion detection & ZyAIR G-3000 • IEEE 802.11g standard compliant Detection Prevention Appliance Intrusion prevention 802.11g Dual-R • WPA security access • Support Multiple Anomaly & Attack Patterns Detection Business Access • WDS Bridge & Repeater • Signatures automatic update Bridge/Repeater • Support IEEE 802.1x/non-802.1x authentication • Over 1,300 IDP signature and defense policies simultaneously • Peer-to-peer application filtering • Power over Ethernet • Log & Alert • Slot for another PC card • 8,000 concurrent sessions ZyAIR G-4000 • IEEE 802.11g compliant ZyWALL 2 • 2 IPSec VPN tunnels 802.11g Wireless • IP plug-and-play Internet Security Appliance • PKI/Digital Certificates Hot Spot Gateway • RADIUS client for central authentication • Web Content Filtering • Multi-billing mechanism • Secure access of 4-port switch • VLAN isolation • Vantage CNM support ZyAIR G-41 • IEEE 802.11g compliant ZyWALL 5 • 5 IPSec VPN tunnels 802.11g Wir • IP plug-and-play Internet Security Appliance • Transparent Firewall Hot Spot Gat • Built-in authentication server • 4-port LAN/DMZ switch with Printer • Built-in billing mechanism • Extension card slot for 802.11b/g and other services • External thermal printer for billing • HTTPS, SSH, SFTP support for secured remote • VLAN isolation management ZyAIR G-5000 • IEEE 802.11g compliant • Vantage CNM support Outdoor 802.11g • Point to multi-point bridge ZyWALL 35 • 35 IPSec VPN tunnels Wireless Bridge • Power over Ethernet Internet Security Appliance • Dual WAN ports for High availability and Load • High transmission power Balancing • Cost-effective solution • Transparent Firewall ZyAIR G-5100 • IEEE 802.11g compliant • 4-port LAN/DMZ switch Outdoor 802.11g • Reliable RF performance • Extension card slot for 802.11b/g and other services Dual-RF • WPA security access • Bandwidth Management Access Point/ • High transmission power • Vantage CNM support Bridge/Repeater • Robust outdoor facility ZyWALL 70 • 70 IPSec VPN tunnels Internet Security Appliance • Dual WAN ports for High availability and Load Balancing • Firewall Bridge mode Network Management • 4-port DMZ switch Vantage CNM 2.0 • Remotely and centrally control comprehensive • Extension card slot for 802.11b/g and other services Centralized Network Management network security policy • Bandwidth Management • Lower cost of network deployment/ • Vantage CNM support maintenance • Scalable architecture Wireless LAN • Intuitive management interface ZyAIR B-3000 • Wi-Fi certified • Improve network utilization and efficiency 802.11b Wi • IEEE 802.1x anthentication, MD5/TLS/TTLS/PEAP • Currently support models: Access Poin • WPA security access ZyWALL series, Prestige 652HW • Multiple ESSID with VLAN tagged Vantage WLC 200 • SMB WLAN central management • Power over Ethernet Business Wireless LAN Controller • Per user-based security policy management • WDS, AP/Bridge/Repeater Mode • 802.1x/SSL/PPTP VPN authentication server • Configurable output power • Easy deployment with wired network • SPI Firewall ZyAIR B-5000 • Reliable RF performance • Rouge AP detection Outdoor Access • AP and Bridge in one box • Remote AP configuration and firmware upgrade Point & Bridge • High transmission power • Robust outdoor facility • Power over Ethernet
  17. 17. Corporate Headquarters North America ZyXEL Communications Corp. Tel: +1-800-255-4101 Tel: +886-3-578-3942 Fax: +886-3-578-2439 +1-714-632-0882 Fax: +1-714-632-0858 Stay Connected with Value Email: sales@zyxel.com.tw Email: sales@zyxel.com http://www.zyxel.com http://www.us.zyxel.com http://www.zyxel.com.tw Denmark Norway Tel: +45 39 55 07 00 Tel: +47 22 80 61 80 Fax: +45 39 55 07 07 Fax: +47 22 80 61 81 Email: sales@zyxel.dk Email: sales@zyxel.no http://www.zyxel.dk http://www.zyxel.no Finland Spain Tel: +358-9-4780 8400 Tel: +34 902 195 420 Fax: +358-9-4780 8448 Fax: +34 913 005 345 Email: sales@zyxel.fi Email: sales@zyxel.es http://www.zyxel.fi http:// www.zyxel.es France Sweden Tel: +33 (0)4 72 52 97 97 Tel: +46 31 744 7700 Fax: +33 (0)4 72 52 19 20 Fax: +46 31 744 7701 Email: info@zyxel.fr Email: sales@zyxel.se http://www.zyxel.fr http://www.zyxel.se Germany Tel: +49 2405 6909 0 Fax: +49 2405 6909 99 Email: sales@zyxel.de http://www.zyxel.de © 2004 ZyXEL Communications Corporation. All Rights Reserved. ZyXEL, the ZyXEL logo, NetAtlas, ZyNOS, ZyWALL, ZyAIR are registered trademarks of ZyXEL Communications Corp. Other trademarks and service names referenced are properties of their respective holders. All specifications are subject to change without notice. 65-100-900005