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  • This is a general overview presentation about Internet2. Internet2 is a consortium, led by US universities, which is recreating the partnership among academia, industry and government that fostered today’s Internet in its infancy.

USInfrastructureUpdate_RickmSummerhill012404.ppt USInfrastructureUpdate_RickmSummerhill012404.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Infrastructure Update Rick Summerhill Associate Director, Backbone Network Infrastructure, Internet2 Joint Techs, HENP Working Group Honolulu, Hawaii 26 January 2004
  • Outline
    • Infrastructure
      • Abilene
      • NLR
      • FiberCo
      • MANLAN
      • RONs
    • Projects
      • HOPI Project – The Hybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure
        • HOPI is only one of many of the ongoing projects from the International community. Expect to collaborate with other groups working within this arena.
  • Abilene - Upgrade Completed!
  • Abilene Upgrade – Completed!
    • September - November
      • Atlanta - Washington
      • Houston – Atlanta
      • Los Angeles – Houston
      • For Detail, See
        • http://
    • Mid-December
      • Split out of Sunnyvale to Kansas City
    • Upgrade went very smoothly – Kudos to the NOC, Qwest, and Juniper
    • Recent performance experiments and demos
      • During October member meeting, 5.4 Gbps flows from CalTech to CERN
      • Peak rates at SC2003 of 8.7 Gbps in and 9.5 Gbps out
  • SC2003 Bandwidth Challenge
  • Abilene Peering
    • Peering at Exchange Points
      • 10 GigE
        • PacWave, Starlight (2 Connections, one supporting experimental projects), MANLAN
        • LaLaLan, NGIX-East Soon
      • 1 GigE
        • NGIX-West Soon
    • Direct Peering
      • ESnet-Abilene Peering Upgrade – minimal peering of OC-48
        • Sunnyvale, Chicago – OC-48c in place
        • Three additional peering points at OC-48c, minimally
      • MANLAN
        • Partnership with NYSERNET for collocation and support
        • Supports peering with Abilene, but also between other networks
        • Will support an experimental component related to the HOPI project
    • Currently 26 International Peers and 8 Federal Research Peers
  • NLR Summary
    • Disclaimer – I’ve not been directly involved in NLR activities. This is a summary after talking with NLR participants.
    • Largest higher-ed owned/managed optical networking & research facility in the world
      • ~10,000 route-miles of dark fiber
      • Four 10-Gbps  ’s provisioned at outset
        • One allocated to Internet2
        • One an experimental IP network
        • One a national scale Ethernet
        • One a spare
    • Connectivity between the experimental IP network and Abilene will be on a limited basis – much like the TeraGrid and Darpa experimental connections.
    • First & foremost, an experimental platform for research
      • Research committee integral in NLR governance
      • Advance reservation of  capacity for research
      • Experimental support center
  • NLR Current Members and Associates
    • CENIC
    • Pacific Northwest Gigapop
    • Pittsburgh SC
    • Duke Univ./NCLR
    • MATP/Va. Tech
    • Cisco Systems
    • Internet2
    • Florida LambdaRail
    • Georgia Tech
    • CIC
    • Texas University Consortium
  • FiberCo
    • Designed to support optical initiatives
      • Regional
      • National
    • Not an operational entity – supporting project
      • Will not light any fiber
    • Fiber options
      • Holding company for any future initiatives
      • Assignment vehicle
        • Regional initiatives
        • National initiatives (e.g., NLR)
    • Internet2 took responsibility for LLC formation
      • Idea was spin-off from NLR formation discussions
      • National R&E Fiber Company incorporated in Delaware
      • First acquisition of dark fiber for FiberCo through Level 3 Communication – 3/21/2003
  • Available fiber topology
  • Leading & Emerging Regional Optical Initiatives
    • California (CALREN)
    • Colorado (FRGP/BRAN)
    • Connecticut (Connecticut Education Network)
    • Florida (Florida LambdaRail)
    • Indiana (I-LIGHT)
    • Illinois (I-WIRE)
    • Maryland, D.C. & northern Virginia (MAX)
    • Michigan
    • Minnesota
    • New York + New England region (NEREN)
    • North Carolina (NC LambdaRail)
    • Ohio (Third Frontier Network)
    • Oregon
    • Rhode Island (OSHEAN)
    • SURA Crossroads (southeastern U.S.)
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Wisconsin
  • MANLAN Experimental Facility
    • MANLAN Proper is an Ethernet Exchange Point for R&E Networks
    • Addition of Cisco 15454 to support projects such as the Global Lambda Integration Facility (GLIF)
    • Current IEEAF/Tyco Circuit between Surfnet and Abilene will be used for international experimentation
    • Expected connections
      • CA*net
      • Abilene
      • Surfnet
    • There are many other experimental facilities – StarLight, NetherLight, etc.
  • HOPI Project
    • Examine new infrastructures for the future
      • Examining a Hybrid of shared IP packet switching and dynamically provisioned optical lambdas
      • The eventual hybrid will require a rich set of wide-area lambdas and the appropriate switching mechanisms to support high capacity and dynamic provisioning.
    • Immediate Goal
      • Create a plan for a test-bed within the next 3 months
      • Implement test-bed within the next year
      • Coordinate and experiment with other similar projects
  • HOPI Project
    • Resources
      • The Abilene network – MPLS tunnels
      • Wave on the full NLR footprint
      • MANLAN Experimental Component to support international and federal connections
      • Regional Optical Networks (RONs)
    • Look toward future architectures as we go forward
      • Examine Backbone, RON, Campus hierarchy – understand interface options
      • Network operations
      • Measurement activities
  • HOPI Project
    • Assembled a Design Team
      • Linda Winkler and myself as Co-chairs
      • A variety of people from the community
    • Experimental MANLAN Component
      • Installing Cisco 15454 – Expected within two weeks
      • Connection to MANLAN Switch and Abilene to support experiments
      • IEEAF/TYCO Circuit between Surfnet and Abilene (in collaboration with GEANT) an important experimental facility
      • International Connections – Important collaborations with Canarie and GEANT/DANTE
    • Full NLR Wave expected by 3Q2004
    • MPLS Experiments on Abilene
      • Currently have MPLS tunnel between NC ITEC and the NOC
      • Other experiments planned – TeraGrid and International
  • Support
    • Support
      • Our goal at Internet2 is to support the bandwidth needs of the community as networking infrastructures evolve in the future through shared, high-performance infrastructures and dedicated capabilities as required.
    • More Information
      • A HOPI site to be announced in the near future
      • [email_address]